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100 days of productivity - [003/100]

Today wasn’t as productive as expected since a friend visited unexpectedly and we went mountainbiking and skating. But I did work on my research paper and wrote down a lot of notes for my analysis which will writing actual text a lot easier now.

In the picture above you can see my ‘future board’ as I like to call it featuring my telescope and my TV. Basically it’s my waderobe and I just put my to-do list as well as some notes regarding the subjects which I consider studying after graduation.

First I wrote down what my interests are and then what my strenghts but also my weaknesses are. Then I did some research and picked out the subjects which fit my interests, strenghts and weaknesses the most. I also pointed out what I have to learn or to improve to study that subject. So I’m currently figuring out which subject I could study.

Above all that there are pictures of where I wanna go to motivate me. I think I’m gonna make a whole seperate post to that later or in the recap of tomorrow. ^^

note to myself: always take strenghts and weaknesses into consideration when making an important decision

Do you want me to talk about my motivation and inspiration? ❤️

To Do List

Hey! So…what should I do today? Swimming? H.W? Either way I better get started soon. Idk what I’m gonna do when I go back to school but I’m not gonna look foward to going back to Art History. It’s gonna be awkward. I should at least get started on some of the essays. Oh! LAUNDRY! That def needs to be done. I want to go swimming though and the rest can be done later in the day…Maybe I’ll swim for however long and do H.W for and hour. And Laundry will maybe be done tomorrow after another swim session. After laundry tomorrow I’ll do H.W again for an hr. Sounds like a plan. Who knows if I actually stick to it though…

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Recording guitars at home.

Just recorded my first acoustic guitar track, and I’ve realized I’m really bad at recording to a click!! The drums are all out of time, and I just figured I would use beat detective to somewhat quantize them, but now I’ve realized how beat detective works and that it wouldn’t work because it cuts up each beat then rearranges them. Unlike Logic Pro X, that stretches the audio to the next beat, so if it’s not quantized too much, still sounds natural. 

I just need to focus on the tempo I’m playing at, because I forget to when I focus too hard on what notes I’m playing. I went into this recording expecting it to just be a test.

Now, I think the key to fixing this problem is playing to the drums from now on, rather than a click. At least that way everything is relatively in time. 

Anecdote time: I was doing a remix assignment, and I wanted to rearrange a Green Day song as they’re my favorite band and know the songs like the back of my hand, but it wasn’t until I copied a bass line to a different part of the song, that I realized they don’t actually play to a click, and there’s tiny tempo fluctuations everywhere, but they’re tight enough to not sound out of time. 

I’m going to re record the guitar track tomorrow (it’s 11:30pm now), because it’s all out of time. But so far, it sounds good, it just need to be cautious of low noise sections of the song, because I’ve noticed the mics pick up the click through my headphones, and the drum stool I sit on creaks heaps, so I’ll find a new one! 

I’m really behind on everything now and it’s stressing me out. I haven’t even started on my research, and I’m pretty sure it’s due in two weeks. I also have a sonic arts sound art installation project that I’ve only thought about, I haven’t written any ideas down. 

I’ll get there. I hope. 


You don’t have to make big changes. Just small actions make a huge difference.


Behind the Scenes | April 10 - 14th, 2019

Sound foam has arrived. I got 3 packs of black foam with a spike design. For the whole matt, it should be a total of 49 squares, however I might make it a bit bigger on the day depending on space. I will be constructing it on the day, to make it easier to transport. For construction, I am going to connect the square together using masking tape. I don’t really want to ruin the square too much. To make sure the mat does not slide and move on the floor. There will be some tape on the floor. The tape should not damage the floor and come safely off. 

For the audio aspect, there will be two headphones connected to a splitter from the monitor. Therefore two people can sit and listen to the video. It would be a collective experience. 

For the video, it would be similar to the videos that already accompany the audio. There will be different point of views however. As well, I have been given access to a sound booth to record some of the equipment lighting up. As a back up, I am also planning on making another video. The second video would be incase the first video messes up. I have learned the hard way, and always make some form of back up just in case. 

09:41PM | 20.04.2019

writing my homework for CAE preparation course

till the date of the exam I have to go every Saturday and Sunday


kill me please

btw,I’m with a new nickname, so if you wanna check one of my older posts, write #salatastudies

April Showers

April is highs and lows. Rainy days and warm sunshine. Everything is reborn, everyone starts to come out of a wintery funk. It feels disorganized and a little chaotic. It also feels refreshed and optimistic. Everyone and everything seems to be stirring within, in preparation for new opportunities and change.

It’s hard to stay focused on any one thing, and instead I find that I have to take a more laissez-faire attitude and spread myself a bit thin across all things which need my attention. 

Making lists is helping, both the mundane To-Do’s and the more fun Goals for Spring. They’re kind of blending together now, which is creating a nice balance. 

To-Do: yoga on the deck, planning a bachelorette trip, buying wedding gifts, finding new sunglasses, spring shopping, a haircut, baking a carrot cake, writing letters.

For Spring: practice architecture and landscape photography, read more books, pick bouquets, make waffles, plant herbs and veggies, work on calligraphy

The motivation is strong, the disorder is hopefully manageable, the prospects are bright.