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Roughing out a plan for a light deprivation box. I think it may a little over engineered but should work.

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A structured method of rolling out your critical business transformation projects lends itself to a greater chance of success. Supplement your governance structure with a strong [preferably automated] decision making system.

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How to Parent's Back to School Time-off. August issue of Management, Time & Attendance Excellence is live. This publication encompasses all solutions; topics include , scheduling, attendance, absence and more…

How to Parent's Back to School Time-off. August issue of Management, Time & Attendance Excellence is live. This publication encompasses all solutions; topics include , scheduling, attendance, absence and more. 

Keeping a track of is necessary to reduce unnecessary expenses and cost overheads.

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The most important part of a job search is to create a plan. Organize yourself and your time to achieve your goal.

De en heeft invloed op de . In deze blog lees je welke factoren nog meer invloed hebben op de medewerkerstevredenheid:

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23rd August 2019

Prepping a busy tomorrow with @emmastudies ’s study planner

I have a lot to get through, because Sunday is an open day, last one for me, second last I’m visiting though

Small Update

So sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Work has been tiring and my RN to BSN program started and lots of planning and stress going on with this wedding and reception.

My FIANCÉ (🙊) is getting his wisdom teeth taken out today and his oral surgeon requires someone to stay at the office during the whole appointment. I will be doing school work, updating my queue, and giving y'all a very late update on more details of everything that’s been going on!

the fact that the world is rapidly dying scares me. I’m so young & I desperately want to live in a better world where I can grow up not worrying about not living past 2050. but when I can, I’m gonna do my best to save our world.

here’s some things I’ll do for the environment.

- I’m gonna start recycling everything I can.

- I’m gonna reduce the amount of plastic I use by not using: plastic shopping bags, plastic straws, plastic cups, stop buying soda can packs w/ six pack yokes, plastic wrap & ziploc bags, and plastic water bottles.

- try to reduce the amount of water I use. we don’t have as much freshwater as we like to think.

- donate to trustworthy charities.

- volunteer at wild life sanctuaries & other organizations.

- reduce my paper usage !!! too much lumber goes into paper.

- buy an electric car! oil really harms the environment.

- reduce my meat in take! eating meat really does effect the environment.

- plant as many plants as I can !!!

and here’s some things I can do for my general health, to ensure that I can actually do these things in the future.

- eat healthier.

- exercise every day.

- try and reduce the time I spend on the internet.

- go outside!

- set a general routine to ensure that I will get everything i need to do, done.

- brush my teeth & shower everyday! (I know it’s hard sometimes & Thats ok)

- develop some more hobbies !!!

Current Goal

Let me preface this by saying I am severely out of shape. That, coupled with excersize-induced asthma means I cant run for more that twenty seconds.

You know what I can do? I can walk.

My goal is to walk 50 minutes a day, every day. It’s the two and a half mile walk to either end of my road and back, and my dog loves it. I have had him over a year and didnt give him many exercise opportunities, so this will be good for both of us.

So I'm sitting here in mandatory lecture...

Reading the 2019 Step 1 Scores and Experiences thread on SDN. Definitely a good use of my time bc it’s helping me to plan how I’m going to approach studying for step over the next two years, especially leading up to dedicated and during dedicated. After I finish, I’ll be checking the corresponding thread on reddit. 


From journals to last minute plans

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Planning doesn’t ensure a smooth sailing and the best laid plans can get astray, but it does make sure that you know your path. Quiet often we know our destination but the unknown path creates fear of action. Hence, plan ahead for the clarity of path and thus confidence. Take a few minutes everyday at the end before the end of the day to plan.

Day 3 of 100: Days of Productivity

Today didn’t really feel that productive, so hopefully tomorrow will be better. It was overall a pretty good day though.


  • Worked on my AP World Notes for Asia: 600 CE to 1450 CE
  • Gave two speeches in Model UN today (one on the crisis in Sao Paulo and the other on the cover up of the recent Russian Missile Test explosion)
  • Started looking into precollege programs at University of Tampa and University of Virginia for Political Science
  • Did some, but not all homework, so I’m already falling behind (I hope to fix that tomorrow and in the coming week)
  • Had my final driving lesson

To Do:

  • Finish all notes for the AP History Classes (Friday Night and Saturday)
  • Plan for babysitting on Sunday
  • Make a spreadsheet on how to find tuition for BosMUN, state conferences, and the two precollege programs I am set on (UVA and CCAD)
  • Make a commissions chart to help with funding those projects
In the place of today’s commissioners or the earlier ministry-appointed technocrats, we can imagine community health councils that combine representatives elected from the general public, members of local health advocacy groups, and experts in medical science and provision of medicine, as well as representatives elected by medical workers themselves. People elected from the community could go through basic training in health policy and health science. We could imagine a council of councils, which could handle questions of priorities, of preventative health and of system-wide rationing. In some matters where technical knowledge is more important, votes could be weighted. For the patient in the doctor’s office, there is also space for genuine participation in decision making. The results of the aforementioned patient survey show that people want not specific healthcare services from specific providers, but simply to be healthy. A healthcare system that has sufficient resources and distributes them equitably could start down this path by at least giving doctors more time with patients, thereby encouraging relationships to be less paternalistic. Further down the line, health could be integrated into planning outside the healthcare system—plans for neighborhoods and workplaces—integrating formal healthcare with democratic planning surrounding the social determinants of health.
—  Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski, The People’s Republic of Walmart

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