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Oh ok! I was just thinking of a cute little fluffy gray fic of different times of him realizing how in love with you he is. It’s that’s not okay no worries. I’m so sorry I’m annoying

not annoying at all love!! 🥰

i’m actually working on one like that now, just in time for the holidays! stay tuned!! 💓💓


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Okay so,

I found some very old art I made of:

mystery skulls animated/mlp/batim/pd/ptp/iz

On my old Deviantart account

Going in order from 2016 to 2017

(I hate alot of these)

First ever fanart of Ghost right here


Then the others


15 Weirdest Places Animals Have Been Found

Sweatshirt. (g.d.)

Drabble #14: “Take. It. Off.”

Summary: Why do Grayson’s hoodies, shirts, and jackets keep disappearing? He thinks his girlfriend is the culprit.

Pairing: Grayson Dolan xReader

Warnings: mm… idk.

thank you (again) to kristina for sending in this drabble request!! @deluxedolans i lub yoooooou :)

it’s edited now :)

(she sent this before she changed her user)


He doesn’t understand where it went.

He doesn’t understand where any of it went, really. 

And he’d just bought three new jackets yesterday; so why are they already missing?

“Yo, E!” Grayson yelled from his bedroom as he rummaged through his dresser. How could they call magically disappear?

“What?” Replied his brother from the living room.

“Where are my hoodies?”

“I dunno, man.” 

He groaned out loud, putting on his tee from yesterday, making sure to sniff it and be certain that it didn’t smell dirty or ripe. 

Just then, his gorgeous girlfriend entered the room from the store, her hair pulled up in the cutest puff he’d ever seen, even if it was super messy and half-assed.

And also wearing his DT-brand hoodie.

“Hey, bub.” She said cheerily, her smile dropping when she saw her man seated on his bed with a frustrated look set on his face. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t find my hoodies.  Do you know where they…?” He stopped his sentence. “You.”

“Me?” She responded with a slight nervous chuckle. She knew she’d been wearing all of his hoodies, but could he blame her? They smelled so good and were so cozy, they made her feel like she was home. 

Because he was her home, and she was his.

But that didn’t divert away from the fact that she’d been stealing his clothes.

“Yes, you.” He stated. “You’ve been takin’ my shit.”

“Nuh-uh!” She lied.

“Yuh-huh. If not, tell to me where my stuff is.” he folded his muscular arms across his chest. “Where are my hoodies, love?”

“I–” She sighed in defeat, head dropping in shame. “I didn’t want you to not let me wear them.”

“(Y/N), honey… where are my clothes?”

She sighed again, going to a crevice in between his dresser and the wall by his closet. There were shoeboxes stacked in the crevice; their sides facing outward and tucked vertically in the space. She set them down, opening the lid of one and unveiling three jackets, neatly folded and stuffed next to each other.

“You little..” He slumped onto the floor in front if her, and yanked the jackets out of the box. He unfolded them one by one, and lifted them up in the air. “(Y/N), really? These are my favorites!”

“I like to wear these ones the most.” She shrugged. “So I hid them.”

“You hid my favorite hoodies… because they’re your favorite to wear?”


“And why, might I ask?”

“Because they smell like you.” She mumbled sadly. “And you smell like home.”

“I smell like home.” He repeated for confirmation that that was what he’d heard.

“Mhm.” She pulled sleeves of her—his— hoodie further down her arms, and she wrapped her arms tight around herself. “It’s kinda like you’re… you’re home.”

He grinned at the idea of him being her home. And he was almost forgetting that she’d been committing theivery against his clothing.


“Angel, you’re exactly that for me.” He sighed, taking her hand. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, G.”

But,” He continued. “you’re wearing my shit. And, specifically, that’s the hoodie I want.”

She whined childishly, crossing her arms across her chest. “But I’m wearing it!”

“I’ve noticed. Take it off.”

“What? No!”

“(Y/N), take it off.”

“I don’t wanna.”

“I wasn’t asking.”

“Grayson!” She exclaimed, then hissed at him in a whisper. “I don’t have clothes on under this.”

“So? I don’t care. If anything, that’ll make this situation much easier. Take. It. Off.

“I’m not taking your hoodie off, Grayson.” She directed.

“Fine. Take it off, or I’ll take it off of you— your choice.”


Heh, one of my less proud moments is featured in Planet Dolan today. AND NO IT’S NOT THE TITLE PIC

My prize for entering the #DolanKart contest! I got a T-shirt! :) Thank you so much to Planet Dolan! I’m glad you liked my Ned Kelly design for Zaraganba!

I’m still having a little trouble playing the game myself, since it’s not working n any of my devices. I’ll need to email the company to see if they can help out. But if anyone unlocks the Ned Kelly skin, can you please send me a screencap! I really want to see what he looks like in-game and I’m curious to how many of you unlock him.


but do not Repost.


What the fresh fuck I just wanted to watch Planet Dolan