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“Smile, baby!” (g.d.) (blurb)

in which they’re both bored, so she does his makeup.

Pairing: Grayson DolanxReader


based on the video, “Doing It For The First Time”, from september 18,2018

this is mega short, you’ve been warned.


“Babe, why are you doing this to me?” My bored boyfriend groaned loudly. “Ow!”

“Shhh.” I shushed him, taking out the mascara that I planned to apply to his long, goregous lashes. “You let James do it.”

“But James doesn’t almost blind me in the process.”

“If you’d be still, you wouldn’t be almost blind.” I shrugged. “Be still.” I applied a thick coat of mascara to his lashes. “There.”

“Now what?” He shoved the hair from his face.

“Now I’m gonna put some lipstick on you.”

“Okay, but make it matte— the glossy ones are sticky.”

I chuckled at his statement before finding a matte, blush-toned lipstick in my lipstain pallete, putting some on a small brush and applying it to his lips. “Pucker your lips.” I instructed.

He puckered his lips and held up a peace sign. “Guess who I am?” He asked. When I didn’t respond, he rolled his eyes. “You. Duh.”

I scoffed playfully. “I do not do that!” I exclaimed as I spray setting mist on his face.

“You do! I’ve got proof!”

“Whatever.” I laughed. “Okay, I’m done.”

“Finally.” He groaned, getting up from the toilet seat in out bathroom.

“Waitwaitwait! I wanna get a picture.” I took out my phone and opened my camera. “Smile, baby!”

He gave my camera a close-lipped smile, me taking the photo.

His face dropped after I took (what he thought) enough photos of him.

“Now wipe this off of me.” He grumbled.


This week’s Weird Wednesday, 10 places that probably have no reason existing.

People who keep talking about jelena, ethma, & jayson/grames are so annoying. Please shut up already. Jelena is long over; he’s moved on & I’m pretty sure she has too. Nobody knows whether E & Emma are dating. I doubt they are, but even if.. it’s their lives, not ours. Regarding Grayson’s sexuality, stop assuming shit about him as well. Honestly who cares if he’s gay, it doesn’t change who he is; but it’s still rude to assume. Just like people always get mad about assuming genders. If Grayson is gay, eventually he’ll speak up. They tell us what they want us to know, otherwise it’s their business; respect their privacy.


Heh, one of my less proud moments is featured in Planet Dolan today. AND NO IT’S NOT THE TITLE PIC

My prize for entering the #DolanKart contest! I got a T-shirt! :) Thank you so much to Planet Dolan! I’m glad you liked my Ned Kelly design for Zaraganba!

I’m still having a little trouble playing the game myself, since it’s not working n any of my devices. I’ll need to email the company to see if they can help out. But if anyone unlocks the Ned Kelly skin, can you please send me a screencap! I really want to see what he looks like in-game and I’m curious to how many of you unlock him.


but do not Repost.


Back in May 2018, I entered Planet Dolan’s Dolan Kart art contest. Tasked with designing a dark/spooky themed skin for a member of the PD cast for their mobile-app racing game. I drew Zaraganba as Aussie outlaw, Ned Kelly - in all his armoured glory! Complete with Zaraganba’s purple Cassowary steed. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from drawing this, it’s that I bloody love that purple cassowary. I’ve included a speed-paint video with commentary detailing the thoughts and process behind the design. #DolanKart

I was so honoured to be named as a finalist in the top 10 and put alongside all these other incredible designs. A big thank you to those who liked my design enough to vote for me.


but do not Repost.

Pancake. (g.d.) 🥞🥓

in which (Y/N), Grayson, and baby GiGi have breakfast. What’s for breakfast in the Dolan household? Pancake.

Pairing: Grayson DolanxReader


much love to @boujeebailey for being the baddest biddie and for reading this and assuring me that my writing isn’t trash. also thanks so much to @rockstardolan for this concept idea.

love you both! 🤧💘


(photos aren’t mine)

(pictured: Yara Shahidi)



Grayson smacked my arm from next to me with his eyes still closed. “She wants you.” He grunted, quickly falling back asleep. 

I stretched my tired body, wriggling out of my husband’s grasp and walking into our daughter’s Lion King themed bedroom. “Mama, mama!” she whined, standing up in her crib with her hands wrapped around the white railing. 

“Good morning, pretty girl!” I cooed to her, scooping her up in my arms and cradling her to me and kissing her chubby cheeks. 

“Hi, mama.” she grinned happily.

“Hi, baby.” I kissed her forehead. “How are you today?”

“Good.” she mumbled, resting her head on my shoulder. “Wanna see Daddy.” 

“You wanna see Daddy?” she nodded against me as we walked back into my room. “Well, Daddy’s sleeping.”

“Daddy need get up.” 

I shushed her, setting her down on Grayson and I’s bed and laying back down. “You have to be quiet, G. You don’t wanna wake Daddy, do you?”

She gigged into her hand, “Yuh-huh, Mama. I wake Daddy.” She crawled across our bed over to Grayson’s sleeping figure and laid on his back while he rested on his stomach. “Daddy.” 

“What?” he grumbled without a stir.

“Get up, I wanna play.”

“Just play with Mama.”

She sat up. “Nooooooo, Daddy. Wanna play wit’ you.”

He groaned and pushed himself up, turning over with a dramatic thud. “C’mere.” He opened his arms to her and she laid her head on his bare chest. He picked her up and laid her back down on him. 

“Mama.” GiGi mumbled with heavy eyes. “Eat.”

“You ready to eat, baby?” I pushed her curly mane from her face. “What do you wanna eat?”


Grayson snickered. “That’s my girl.”

“Honey, we had pancake yesterday. You don’t want anything different today?”

“No, Mama.” she yawned. “I eat pancake.”

“Daddy, what do you think? Pancakes?” I looked to my husband. 

“Pancakes sound like a great idea. Let’s see– GiGi, chocolate chip or blueberry pancakes?”


He laughed then nodded. “Alright then, cookie. We’ll have “burbelly” pancakes, with bacon.”

“Okay! I gotta go potty.” she said to her dad. “Potty, Daddy, potty!”

He hopped out of bed, holding her at arms’ length and walking quickly to the bathroom. “C’mon, cookie, let’s go potty.”

“Gray,” I called into the restroom, “I’m gonna go downstairs and start breakfast. Can you wash her up?”

“Got it!”


“Where’s Mama?” She asked from Grayson’s grip on her ankles as he held her upside down. 

“She’s making your pancake.” The two children (one of them being my husband) entered the kitchen and immediately interrupted my few moments of silence.

It was fun while it lasted, right?

“Mama!” GiGi exclaimed as Grayson put her in her highchair. “I eat pancake now.”

I made she and Grayson’s plates, making sure to cut up her pancake in small bits so she could eat it. I set Grayson’s plate in front of him and I sat close to her highchair. “You want syrup, cookie?”

“Yes, Mama.”

I put a sea of maple syrup over her pancakes, coating as much of the pancake as I possibly could; because, as Grayson’s daughter, she’s weird

And as part of this weirdness, she won’t eat pancakes without syrup but will eat waffles dry.

I got her Dora fork and scooped up some bits of pancake on it and put it to her mouth. “Here you go, cookie.”

She ate her pancake and hummed. “Mmmmmm. It’s yummy, Mama.”

“Baby,” Grayson mumbled with a full mouth. “what do you have planned today?”

“Nothin’. What about you?” 

“Nothin’. Do you wanna take her out to p-l-a-y in the p-o-o-l?”

I chuckled as I continued to feed GiGi her pancake. “Yeah we can do that.”

“Mama,” GiGi patted my arm that rested on her highchair. “want juice “peas”, Mama.”

I elbowed Gray, making him choke a bit on his coffee. “Your turn.” I looked at him sweetly. 

“Nuh-uh! I had potty duty!” He retorted defensively. 

“And I made all of us breakfast.”

“Well, I–” I shot him a look and he paused, scooting his chair back and going to the refrigerator, taking out the apple juice and filled GiGi’s slippy cup. He set it down in front of her. “Here you go, sweetie.”

“Tanks, Daddy.”


Yes, this is going up late. Sorry. It happens. I honestly got caught up in watching a live stream!

Anyway, I was so happy when I saw this go up! I’ve been following this channel for a long time and it’s so cool to see them make an animated series! I will always miss their classy pink cat, but will always be excited to see what they do next!

Have a good night everybody and don’t forget to keep on smiling.