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Tuesday's Lunch Special is our Bar-B-Q Pork Sandwich. Smoked, Sliced, and Piled high. JOIN US! 🐷 (additional charge for sweet potato fries)

The Vienna Coffeehouse is the best spot to start your morning.

Fish, festival, and an ocean side coconut drink....This is the way to start the weekend!

Experience while dining at . The restaurant launched an all new menu to celebrate 's milestone of heading towards their 100th year celebration.

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Restaurants that you will enjoy

There’s a lot of restaurants who sell this food in different points of the region and here we just point out some of them known as Picadas (Also, various are awarded and recognized for their commensals). So, if you have money and you want to taste more of our gastronomy, try to go to these places! 

  • Restaurant Don Paulo (9 Oriente 3 Sur, Talca)
  • Las Viejas Cochinas (near to the Claro river, Talca)
  • Bar Don Carlos (10 Sur, 12 y 13 Oriente, Talca)
  • 21 de mayo (5 oriente 3 norte, Talca)
  • La Picada de la 6 (6 oriente, 2 y 3 norte, Talca)
  • Casa de campo (2 norte, 6 y 7 oriente, Talca)
  • Los Olivares (near to the Claro river, Talca)
  • La Buena Carne (2 norte, 6 y 7 oriente, Talca)
  • Quinta la chancha (2 oriente #1339, Talca)
  • Toro Bayo (Camino Las Rastras, Talca)
  • La Casona de Salomón (Camino Las Rastras 2450, Cruce Las Rastras, Talca)
  • Teno Sandwich (Km 177 Route 5 South near to Curicó, Teno)
  • Cecinas Soler (Km189 Route 5 South, Curicó)
  • Miguel Torres (Panamericana Sur Km. 195, Curicó)
  • Restaurant Mi Casa (Pena 847-885, Curicó)
  • Tortas montero (Arturo Prat 659, Curicó)
  • Restaurant Colo Colo (Avenida Chile 462, Romeral)
  • Germania Restaurant (Maipu, 1899, Molina)
  • Los Acacios (Km 270 Route 5 South, San Javier)
  • Pacifico inn (Padre Samuel Jofre 509, Curanipe)
  • Restaurant El Tumbaito (Chacabuco 303 Con Valentin Letelier, Linares)
  • Restaurant Hotel Parador Vichuquen (Calle Comercio #329, Vichuquen)
  • Restaurant and residential Las Malvinas (2 Norte 20, Longaví)
  • Terra Costa (Echeverria 495, esquina montt, in front of Maule River, Constitución)
Places you just can’t miss for a perfect bon appétit in Rishikesh

Around 8 hours by road from Delhi, Rishikesh – the “Yoga Capital of the World” is as much a place of worship and meditation as it is for its beautiful cafes. The Beatles once stayed in Rishikesh in the 1960s, composing many songs and putting it on the global map. Being one of India’s holiest cities doesn’t stop it from housing some great cafes and restaurants that grow on to become a traveller’s delight.

Since it attracts travellers from all over the globe, there’s no cuisine that one won’t find in Rishikesh. It caters to coffee drinkers, vegetarians, healthy and clean eaters, and tasty food lovers. It is a place where a traveller goes to a restaurant and comes out satiated and with a new friend.

Let’s look at all the eateries one must check out on their visit to Rishikesh:

Pyramid Cafe

If you’re looking for multi-cuisine in Rishikesh with home-cooked Indian food, Tibetan and Western dishes including pancakes, and ever-smiling family as hosts, this is the place for you.

Ganga Beach Restaurant

Who doesn’t like a meal with a view? This place has a great riverside location, with a spacious terrace and a detailed menu including crepes and ice-cold lassis. Couldn’t ask for more.

Bistro Nirvana

This is a joint that hits the right note with a shaded patio, elevated tables and cushioned bench seating. The multi-regional food is quite nice but the ambiance here takes the cake.

Little Buddha Cafe

It is a quirky and funky looking tree-house cafe near Lakshman Jhula, with the tables overlooking the Ganges River serving great international food. The best items on the menu are pizzas and mixed vegetable platte.

Chatsang Cafe

If you’re one for fusion food, this place whips up Indian and international dishes with an innovative twist. The best bet however, would be trying the many varieties of khichdi(spiced rice cooked with lentils), the open-kitchen here serves the freshest food.

Devraj Coffee Corner

This German bakery is one of Rishikesh’s most loved cafe and for a reason: perched on the bridge and looking across the river to Shri Trayanbakshwar temple, it’s a favourite among people for unwinding and relaxing. It serves the best coffee in town and the top-picks in the menu range from brown bread with yak cheese to soups and sizzlers, and of course croissants, and apple strudel.

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I’m sitting here thinking about how many plants I could fit on this tiny balcony, which colour I should paint my toenails and yesterday’s donuts (from Boneshaker Donuts). It’s been a tough week but the beginning of spring is giving me so much hope