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Catwoman by Bill Sienkiewicz *

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🌸 new watermark. Still in the process of picking one. This ones just my initials in a fancy set up. Eventually I’ll have a watermark β€œsticker” or something 🌸

We lost the plot somewhere but um here’s something that started as a funny story be made leap.

I just wanna let you all know that upon hearing a girl who I’m romantically involved with’s best friend was taking stained glass as like an art elective, and I was like" cool I don’t know much about the process of stained glass but I consider Harry Clarke a major artistic influence and am familiar with his illustration work"

And guess what she hates that class. HATES IT. And I proceeded to get crazy hammered because I really wanted to fucking die. And I walked to the bar so I didn’t have my bag I DIDN’T HAVE MY SKETCHBOOK, WHAT WAS i GOING TO DO BUT GET HAMMERED AND PLAY POOL.

And this is just made worse by me looking like jeff the killer and Stephen King’s IT WHEN YOU SEE ME IN GOOD LIGHTING.

And I am being a somewhat responsible person right now. My rent is paid, I need to double check my printer ink, and decide what I wanna use for what, and then I’m going to try making some stickers. Like I keep meaning to post more art and attempt to actually market it, but when I feel like I can focus on that I don’t draw I post maybe 3 percent of what I draw and that translates very poorly when you only draw a couple times a week.

And I am trying to be less active on social media bc I’m trying to ease out of the soft tumblr blue so I can act like a person on any other socail media.

Like I was trying to use Reddit and it didn’t process that it’s just a forum. Like a crazy one rivaling the ones by those bitches you used to rp on Gaia online with. That’s what Reddit is liek.

She posted dialogue in it’s own post. And then made a new post for her actions. I didn’t like turning off signatures bc people would post their own artwork there and it was always super cool to see even if it wasn’t the greatest. So I had to scroll all the way passed all these unrelated Blingee-ed Naruto edits of Sasuke going to kiss a purple haired cat girl with rainbow eyes. That’s just what forums are like and I don’t know how to handle that stress anymore.

Reddit is the new fourchan. Little dudes think that it’s cool. Like teenage boys bragged about fourchan at me when I was a teenager, and I remember that my little sister mentioned more than a few years that it was like a right of passage, like a coming of age thing for boys now. Like you use reddit 14 year old child, You are still a dumbass kid. You are not edgier or cooler or more mature because you use reddit now instead of Call of Duty to talk to strangers on the internet.

Like and this is a direct comparison to us girls on the internet of 2007. We didn’t know what Pinterest is, but it looks just like our PHOTOBUCKET ACCOUNTS.

Full of Reaction images. So many many color splash pieces. Rainbow daisies and then BLOOD ON ROSES.

Omg so you know how Sin City has that color splash thing going on? You know who I think would work wonderfully with that? Nicolas Winding Refn ( WHICH WHEN I GOGGLED THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT SPELT “REFN”. I FEEL A LIKE GOOGLE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE OUT WHICH PART I WAS STRUGGLING WITH).

setting some shit up ^.^

so I deleted my entire gallery on my phone thanks to google photos…………

but also thanks to google photos I was able to get them back, I’ve since moved my photos to google drive as I’m already used to the concept. I’m planning on posting a fuck load of [watermarked] pictures. 

seeing as no one will see this, I’m gonna tag random tags. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m just trying to shout myself out. 

If you’re interested; I am a photography person and I enjoy taking pictures of shit that makes me happy. I moved here from Instagram because I felt it was too complicated to post pictures to because I felt the need to keep up with the “Post three in a row” aesthetic. The account is still up here’s a link. 

I’m posting this because there’s gonna be a huge influx of pictures by the end of next week and probably the week after that. I’m hanging out with some friends and we’re all photography hoes so we’re gonna take like 6478296537 pictures each >.<