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Just discovered this on ! Spooky. Seems ideas just get recycled.

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The Entity

Writer of stories, giftbringer to the masses, mystery to all.

The entity has the power to bring humans into other realms of their own creation. The entity shares their power by giving the humans choices in the created realm and power to make themselves into a completely different person, with limits of course.

With each new word the entity writes into existence, the more the humans enjoy, and that makes the entity content. Sharing happiness and power of the realms to humans comes with a price though: the entity has human problems. One of the worst elements being migraines.

(Hey hey! Ever since @3150dahliast said they wanted to remain a faceless entity, I had a great idea to show my appreciation! I also like making these and had some time inbetween college and work. 31 also makes other interactive stories too! One called Omens I think! I highly recommend checking out both WIP’s! They are great. 🤗)

(Photo creds to pintrest! If you see something that’s yours, message me! )

This always happens

Me: I wanna say something possitive about Whitely Schnee

Me: *Goes on Tumblr*

Me: *spends the next hour on Tumblr*

Me: *skims by a post that reminds me*

Me: Shit…

Me: *goes back and writes about this experience*