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warm up of best girl!!!!!

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Its a difficult thing to want to recover when all youve known is your trauma. Currently looking for reasons to stop letting my boyfriend determine my happiness.

A teacher in need of help!!!

Hey guys so this week I was in charge of the lesson plans and doing the lessons or whatever…..and I decided that this week was going to be about rainbows and colors.

So I read to them “The Rainbow Fish” today

And tomorrow we’re going to color or piece together our own little book cover like this. I also have these

But aside for this I have no idea what else to do for our rainbow week. Help!! They are two and three and they don’t know how to color at all so I’m stuck.

I fucking Hate you pintrest.

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That’s Not Fashion, You’re Just Skinny

check out my depop @yhchels I ship uk only



varuma aesthetic

wheres the special edition bitey t. villain fuck machine shirt


y’all : if Corrine’s not on Eden we can steal her aesthetic! Repins too!

me: 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪


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