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Our new stats - 328.3k monthly - Thanks folks. We appreciate the support. Now buy something already! lol ,

The Emerald Green City 💚 Watching 🎥 Australia Listening to 🎶 Somewhere Over the Rainbow (Top to bottom, left to right), “Emerald City - Wizard of Oz by Charlene Murray Zatloukal”, “Emerald City by GoldenDaniel deviantART”, and “emerald 9 by Blonde Episodes “.

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As promised, more photos from this apartment by Richard Lindvall. Photos: Mikael Axelsson     ”The assignment was to turn an old embassy in Stockholm into a private apartment. Three walls were tak :

"Let's talk about Pinterest communities. They’re still very new and when we have something new in the Pinterest world, we tend to go a little crazy over it."

I'm a wine enthusiast. The more wine I drink, the more enthusiastic I get. ❤🍷

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