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Der Frühling kann kommen!! Gelb ist die Trendfarbe!!

DahMittens, , [Loud obnoxious WHISTLE], “Hey, !!! How the F do you one-armed *take back* something that doesn’t belong to anyone? That sounds like some straight up horseshit cooked up @ /Troll Farm U!”

フィレンツェ歩いてたらめっちゃ見覚えのあるトップス目について、一瞬で店の中吸い込まれてったwwwピンク試着したけど私服に合わせずらかったから色違い購入しました〜〜☺️💕 幸せ🥺🥺🥺 #29

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Blazers are having a moment & we ❤️ this tweed blazer (size 8, £230)🍎 paired with a red frill oversized blouse by (£60, S)🍎 grey fabric Mary Janes (£200, 38.5)🍎 navy croc stamped bag (£550)🍎

Un trend che sta spopolando nelle ultime stagioni è proprio quello dei tessuti in "vinile", in "latex"...

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Victoria's Secret modeli , 'nun ilkbahar/yaz 2019 kampanyası için objektif karşısına geçti.

」が提案するスプリングスタイル♪ ハードなイメージのレザーバイカージャケットも、ホワイトなら女性らしいエレガントな印象に。ビビッドなカラーブロックが映えるプリーツスカートにTシャツとスニーカーをプラスして、爽やかなカジュアルスタイルの完成です♪ ■A館4階=PINKO

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If you havent checked out any of the Hungarian Folk Tales, you should at least check out Pinko because it’s one of my favorites.

They’re all so uniquely designed though it always feels like a treat to watch one.

Apology Nuggets || Pinko


So the weekend was a bloody mess.

Apparently, so the word was on Swynlake’s gossipy streets, the weird flowers that had been bloomin’ throughout the weekend were some kind of euphoria flower that led to people acting high-as-a-kite outta their minds. It felt like a practical joke to Paul– garden fairies or something thinking it would be a laugh to plant the things during the weekend of Pride and see what kinda folly befell the foolish mortals of Swynlake. And plenty of folly had struck. Paul had lost the plot, snogged Tink on a dance floor, and then watched with his own two eyes as his girlfriend snapped his friend’s wrist.

It’d ended with tears, cursing, drama, Perdy reaming him a good one before they did it in the back alley of Pixie. Most of it was a blur. But when he woke up, he remembered just enough of it to know that he was fucked if he didn’t do something.

Because Tink? Tink was a mate. Tink was a good mate, with good standing in this town, who had, just a few days ago, agreed to testify on behalf of Paul in the trial coming in July. And Paul couldn’t afford to lose her support.

So? He had some groveling to do.

He pulled up at Pixie’s early in the day, carrying with him an entire basket of goodies. He’d poured out a pretty penny putting it together, full of movies, bath salts and bubble baths and junk food and hair dye and even a box of treats for ol’ Bowser. In the other hand he was carrying with him the reason he and Tink were friends in the first place: Nandos.

Fresh, delicious, freshly made Nandos chicken nuggets.

He saw Tink at the bar and took a deep breath, steeling himself for what was gonna be…possibly a terrible conversation. But maybe, just maybe, Tink would look at him and remember that past the bullshit, past magical flowers– they used to be there for each other. When it counted, they always would be.

He walked over to the bar and put his gift basket and the Nandos down on it. “I’ve come bearing gifts,” he said.