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Peony Painting Pink Lilac Flower Bud Original Large Acrylic flowers painting interiordesign

Every day I'm grindin' 毎日 働きっぱなし I don't even get a weekend 週末のお休みもないの Champagne

's is a collection of 3 made of firm smooth for a good time! Features base & retrieval ring for wearability & easy removal. Available in & .

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New color and feeling like my weird and whimsical self again! 💗 Thanks @atomicseanartist
#pink #pinkhair #fabulous #color #myspiritcolor #newhair #pinkfordays

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So I just made this for me, but thought I could share it cause why not.

In case anyone wanted to know, I did it on canva, it’s very easy to use if someone wants to make something there.

If you can’t see it that well, I can give you the PDF file to print it.

Also, the days of the week are in spanish, that’s why it isn’t S-M-T-W-T-F-S


Little Girl’s Dress, ca. 1955

Little girl’s dress of alternating pink linen and sheer organdy fabric in scallop design. Round neckline; sleeveless. Bodice has four round plastic buttons down center back. Skirt is gathered at natural waist; piping detail in pink linen at front waist seam. Pink linen sash attaches at side seams and ties in back. Fully lined in sheer organdy fabric.