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World's largest gathering is on the way...

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We march along toward Santiago de Compostela with the common goal goal that unites us all. I loved to meet new friends every day because we already shared something in common. Peregrinos of the bovine kind make an appearance as well

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‘The stars come down,’ she thought, 'down to the hills and the darkness. The darkness lifts up to the hills and the stars. And here on the porch is a me-sized empty place trying to Become. It’s so hard to reconcile darkness and the stars – but what else are we but an attempt at reconciliation?’
—  Zenna Henderson, Pilgrimage: The Book Of The People

I’ve slowly started piecing together a new album.
I just arranged the 3rd track and the lyrics are almost done.
This will technically be my 8th album since I started making music in high school.

I’m actually really proud of the 3 songs I have so far which can be found here:

2 things will make this album different than everything I’ve done
1. I am trying to be a bit more conscious with how I compose so that I may eventually be able to play this music live.

2. My voice… I will finally start singing…. I’m still getting over the self-consciousness (I care less now than in the past) There’s also the technical aspect of recording vocals which is new to me, it’s different than doing instruments. We shall see how all that goes.

The album name “The True Measure of Weirdness” came while Kris and I were returning from chicago. Whenever me and that dude get in a car it’s always just rambling about creative projects and life and philosophizing about all the weird craziness in the world and jokes and laughing and so at one point we were talking about an official unit to measure weirdness.

The “Kevin”. kilokevin, megakevin, gigakevin, terakevin….

That’s that….