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The most peaceful and serene place during my entire trip to Rajasthan! . . . . . . . . . . . .

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We march along toward Santiago de Compostela with the common goal goal that unites us all. I loved to meet new friends every day because we already shared something in common. Peregrinos of the bovine kind make an appearance as well

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150 million pilgrims, 8 weeks, 1 festival. #india #festival #society #culture #celebration

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#india #hindu #hinduism #pilgrim #pilgrimage #culture #travel (at Toronto, Ontario)

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So, I just started reading the Voltron graphic novels (out of order, long story), and in Volume 2 Pilgrimage Hunk has two badass warrior cat sisters fighting for his affections! And Lance is SUPER salty about it!

5:22 AM EST January 17, 2019:

Om - “Pilgrimage"
From the album Pilgrimage
(October 2, 2007)

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