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【告知】 GOOD COMIC CITY 26のDIGIコレ9にてサークル参加致します! よろしくお願いします! 沢山の方に見ていただけますように...!!!!☀️☀️☀️

【告知】 GOOD COMIC CITY 26のDIGIコレ9にてサークル参加致します! 頒布物は勿論、デジモン観光アンソロジー vol.2とその他色んな物を準備もしております!! 引き続き行きますのでよろしくお願い申し上げます。

Magnifique travail d’orfèvre sur pièce, je vous laisse admirer, si vous trouvez de belles créations envoyez les moi en MP. Oeuvre de Roman Booteen.

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01.) Teenage Kicks by PieceRecordings

Piece - Teenage Kicks (The Undertones cover) Max Robertson: Guitar/Vox Nick Mitchell: Drums

I you kill yourself, they’ll win

Sometimes I feel like dying… No…

Often times I feel like dying

There’s never a day I wish I could no longer wake up anymore.

I’ve forgotten how many times I’ve felt like living in hell.

I no longer try to seek to find love.

Because I’m dead…

Well, part of me is.

Funny how a 6 year-old boy learned the way how life truly is.

How ugly reality can be.

If anyone ask you of your memories when you were a kid you’d feel nostalgic on how you miss those feeling

Well for me, they were all hell.

I was bullied as early as Grade 1… Up until now

I looked back and asked, how did this happen?

The answer I find would still be the same.

It was because of my father

Imagine how your very own parent never believed in you.

When you though you could trust them and be protected by them.

How he ate those words he once said to me.

“If school ever felt like hell, you can rest and have a day off”

How those words I trusted betrayed me

How it all began.

No one was ever my ally in the first place

How naive of me to think that my parents would protect me.

When even God himself abandoned all hope of me… Of mankind

Strange how despite all of that, I’m still alive… Faking it at least

When I could think of a million reasons to kill myself

But everytime I’m at that point in life

My mind begins to say

“If you kill yourself, they win.”



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where are the flowers that you promised to grow inside my heart. you touched my soul and planted the seeds but you never watered them. where are the flowers. because you planted the seeds and before they ever had a chance to grow, you decided to leave.


“Bossa nova pour Abel”, pour violon & piano, de Jean-François Gonzales. Joué par Jean-François Gonzales, violoniste. Publié par les éditions Hit Diffusion dans “Violonrama” vol. 1A (livre + CD) ou, séparément, dans la collection Musique au bout des doigts vol. 7 (sans CD). “Bossa nova pour Abel”, for violin & piano, by Jean-François Gonzales. Played by Jean-François Gonzales, violinist. Published by Hit Diffusion in “Violonrama” vol. 1A (book + CD) or, separately, in the collection Musique au bout des doigts vol. 7 (without CD).