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Jan 2019, I helped a client to pass his PCI scan (customers enter card numbers) =>

Just found out that there is Users Group that meets up right by my house! Figured I'd check it out! – at Younique Corporate

Every time I spend hours in and then jump into , it’s like going from an Aston Martin to a Citroen.

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RT @LaraconUS: Sitting at about 70% sold out. 😅

RT @taylorotwell: We’re doing some initial exploration on Forge for allowing individual sites to run as their own isolated users instead of the “forge” user. Could you favorite this tweet if you would actually use this feature? 👍 #Laravel #PHP

@phpstorm : @GnatNoblet Could you please confirm that you have alphabetic order sort enabled now? You may want to check small blue “pi” or “A” sign in the bottom right corner of auto-completion list.