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1000+ Text Overlays in 22 Popular categories to create original and stunning photos

Had fun doing this quick shop while listening to the real 'The Sound of Perseverance' by Death

: n’est pas l’outil le plus facile à maîtriser. Alors, pour faire des publications rapide et efficace, sans expérience en graphisme, il y a . Le service propose de très nombreux modèles adaptés aux réseaux. 0€/mois. ➡️ .

One Spiral Line Art action - - convert any image to one line image!

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If you have an Instagram, it’d be awesome if you could follow me there! I’m more active there and I have a small following!

Help!!! All my brushes have this super weird jitter when i pull lines at anything but a breakneck speed.  Anyone have a fix?  I’m using photoshop CC 2015 and a brand new Intuous Pro (though I was having this problem on my old one too before it gave out)

Every Friday (that I can) I make an art stream on twitch where I spin a Roulette of Fanart and see where it lands. Today’s landed on Ami, from Sailor Moon!

I love all of her good fashion on the show so I wanted to illustrate one of my favorite outfit’s she’s been in. In honor of the fashion, I studied a pose from a fashion shoot.


Some of them ♥️

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