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Wrecked by a Stone Guardian. YOU DIED.

My teenage daughter Emerald drew this and wanted to throw it away but I kept it because I think it's painfully relatable.

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Fun fact: On just about every .psd file, I always write my signature on a new, named layer. See if you can spot it... πŸ§πŸ€“πŸ˜…

What steps would you take when changing the colour of elements in a photo?

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anonymous asked:

hi, on your latest oliver and felicity gifset how did you put the two scenes into one gif? love your work.

Hi Anon, thanks so much!! I think this is my first tutorial ask. Very exciting.

Not sure how familiar you are with gif-making, but I tried to keep this as succinct as possible. Essentially, what I do is start out by making two gifs–one gif per scene–and then merge these gifs together. I’m sure there is a faster way to do this, but this is the method that works for me.

(Tumblr currently won’t let me put anything under “read more”. Sorry for the super long post!)

Check out my process below:

1. Upload screencaps of each scene into layers and create two separate psd files for each scene. Each file contains all the frames I need/might need per scene.

(I usually save extra frames than what I end up being able to fit into less than a 3MB file. I like to have extra screencaps initially, because I don’t always know what part of the scene I want to use or what will look nice paired with the other scene.)

2. Once the two files are saved, go through the steps to make a gif for each scene.

Create Frame Animation

Make Frames From Layers

Set Time Loop to “Forever”

Set time per frame to 0.05 seconds

Crop the image into the position/size you want

Convert to Video Timeline

Convert to Smart Object

3. Repeat all these steps for a second scene, or as many scenes as you want.

One extra thing I did for Scene 2 (from 3x01) was I flipped the canvas prior to cropping it, so that when Felicity spins, she spins in the same direction as she does in 1x03.

4. At this point, each scene is cropped and converted to a smart object and is ready to be edited. I am still working with each scene separately. I use a sharpening action on both scenes.

For additional editing, I usually copy layer adjustments from previous gifs that I’ve made and duplicate them onto my current project, because it saves me a lot of time. (The more editing I do from the same show, like Arrow, the more I find that the lighting remains similar across all scenes, so you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch every time. You can just copy previous edits, and then do minor tweaks to the lighting or coloring to fit the current project.)

For example, for the 3x01 scene this time, I just copied the layer adjustments from the 7x22 Olicity goodbye gifs I made. I found that the lighting and coloring worked well here.

For the 1x03 scene, because it is already so bright, I made minor alterations in Curves and Levels from scratch. Then, I changed the saturation to -100 to make the image black and white.

5. NOW we finally get to the good part. Merge the two scenes into one.

To do that, select all the layers from one scene and duplicate those layers onto the other scene. It doesn’t matter which one you pick, though I tend to copy the second scene, because usually the duplicate layers get sent to the end of the animation, so that makes it easier for organizing. In this case, I selected all layers from the 3x01 file, clicked “Duplicate Layers” and copied the layers to the 1x03 file.

So now you should have something that looks like this, 2 scenes in 1 file:

All of my layers for Scene 1 are at the beginning, and all of my layers for Scene 2 are at the end.

6. Next, I add the text at the very top layer and drag the text to extend all the way across the timeline, from beginning to end. Center the text by clicking “lign horizontal centers” and “Align vertical centers.”

7. Now comes the most tricky part: edit the file size down to less than 3MB. Everything in between those little white “bookends” at the top (IDK what their actual name is) will be included in the gif file.

I start off by trimming down the very beginning of Scene 1 and the very end of Scene 2. I drag each “bookend” inward.

8. Now I test to see what my file size is by going under “File” and clicking on “Save for Web”. This will create a gif.

As you can see, we are a bit over the 3MB limit for Tumblr. So now it’s time to make further adjustments to widdle the file size down even more.

What I realized when making this gif was that I didn’t want the very end of the 1x03 scene or the very beginning of the 3x01 scene. So I trimmed each scene from the inside out.

9. For Scene 1, drag the red ticker until you find the spot you want the scene to end. Then move all layers associated with that scene to just in front of the red ticker.

Your end result for Scene 1 should look like this:

10. For Scene 2, drag the red ticker until you find the spot you want the scene to start. Then move all layers associated with that scene to just behind the red ticker.

Your end result should look like this:

11. As you can see, we have trimmed the scenes down, but now there is a gap in between them. To close the gap, select all layers from Scene 2 and drag them until they touch the end of Scene 1.

12. Now you will need to readjust the second bookend by dragging it back where you had originally trimmed the end.

You notice the work area is smaller than it was before, and that’s our goal in order to make a smaller file size. As a good rule, each scene should run about the same length of time, in order to make the gif feel more balanced.

Click on “Save for web” once again to see if the file size is within limit.

Yep, we are good to go!

Now, you can always make further adjustments at this point, maybe extend either scene a little bit longer to make the file size slightly bigger or more balanced. It’s up to you. I was happy with the two scenes at this point, so I stopped here.

Hope all of this make sense! I still consider myself a photoshop amateur, so if I messed up on some terminology, please forgive me. Happy editing!


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