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Welcome to beautiful • NEW FACE • A M A N D A 💙 📸 by . .

My sweet niece Chloe. I hope the sun always shines bright on you. Having fun on a windy gorgeous March day.

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The whole beauty of music is that it goes where your words won’t let you.

Xiumin features for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine April 2019 Issue

The first individual magazine photo shoot in this year. This photo shoot focused on Kim Minseok without excessive set and styling. With his focused and absorbed emotions look as time passed, staffs also shared them with him quietly. Xiumin’s deepened eye gaze and facial expressions are illustrated throughout multiple pages.

In the interview along with the photo shoot, Xiumin showed a solid side by always doing his best and expressing appreciation. ©TY Track, Kpopping.


“I always get energy when I think about my fans and people around me who love and care about me. I have to progress so I always have to do my best. I get the most influence from my members who I get along the most. Also manager hyungs. Although it’s their job, I don’t think it can’t be done without love of each other. By looking at those appearances, I feel thankful and think I should do better.”

Third Self-Photoshoot (5th *Actual* Photoshoot)

So I feel like it’d be pretty beneficial for me to put all my progress on here, so why not!

Yesterday I did like my third self-photoshoot and boy did it take a lot of time and work. I constantly had to adjust the lighting setup because of the red glow from my lightsaber (Christmas present from Anthony a few years ago!). I also used a bouncer for the first time! Since I’m saving up my money, I used PM’s DIY setup which wasn’t bad at all. I modded it a little bit to fit my liking (and what was available to me).

I also spent a lot of time with prop positioning and finding good angles of light on my face. Gotta hit them hightlighted spots to make my face shine like a beacon lmao

The most challenging part for me is facial expressions.. I look so dead in front of the camera lol. I’m used to smiling and selfies w cute filters, but I’m doing a serious shoot and my god. My serious face needs some work lol.

Those of you who actually read my blog get to see my pictures early! Yay :) Please do like them on IG when they pop up tho heheh.

I’m also ~reaaaally~ enjoying editing too. I do very very minimal if at all any changes to my body because I’m using photography as a way to like my body more. I’ll do some body-positive posts soon because I believe everyone can benefit from them, but for now I guess I’ll share that I wasn’t confident in my own body until a little recently. Now, if I see a trouble area then I add it to my list of to-work-ons, nbd. I know it’s definitely just not that easy for others because I was there too. But we all only have one body and I want to take care of mine more!

Anyways, please enjoy my “Lightsaber Ho” lmao.

Also since I was wearing black (concert attire — but a bit more skin), I thought it would be nice to take a picture of me with Julius, my viola. He looks so gd sexy lmfao.