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Well rounded student. See here:

Hey thanks for not crediting my photography in the star. Just cause I'm a student graduating Friday doesn't mean you can do this. Please credit me, it takes two seconds.

🎊 It’s official! Current and former students come to our new design space December 19th for food, drink, and celebration! 🎉

The Force is strong with these young Jedi..err I mean, Computer Graphics students. Learning how to use ISO, shutter speed, and fstop settings on DSLR cameras to understand how to capture light in motion with a lightsaber!

🔥 🔥 This is one of my favorite finds for using transparencies. Can easily use the whole thing as a sidebar mod, or cut it up for a spotlight on 1 student.

Please help an accidental student out - which version do you prefer? The idea was to play with the notion of space, place & landscape.

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Thank you to everyone who went along to our GCSE and A Level students' and , Fine and exhibition at ! 😀 Full report on our Facebook page:

Our Sixth Form Art and Photography students thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Manchester Art Gallery this week and managed to squeeze in some bee hunting too 🐝

After a great trip, the year 10 Photography students have displayed their amazing Charlie Waite influenced photography.

Photography Learning module in Lodhran Public School (LPS). The 10th weekly session of the photography was organized on Dec 5, 2019. Overwhelming response from students who enjoy indoor session.

Madras Media College Students Direction Class by Director Balamurugan H Weekdays / Weekend Batch For Admission Contact Us : 8680083338 / 8680086668 மெட்ராஸ் மீடியா காலேஜ்

students tour and workshop with the photography and arts department caught a few alumni♥️ perfect weather!

Check out a glimpse of the 4 students that are moving onto Suffolk County judging! Congratulations Emma Jessica Michael and Aidan! 🎨📸🖥📱

SWHS Photo Club at Natural Bridge Caverns. The students enjoyed the beautiful scenery and enjoyed taking photographs of the caves.

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