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Thank you my dear .... kisses

From the photo archive. Autumn 2019. The feel and sound of the crunch of fall leaves under your feet in a quiet woods... Visit for minimalist content with a touch of Zen.

おはよう御座います。 薄明の中に細い月が寒々しく輝いていました。 天気よさそうです☀ 本日もすてきな1日を!私は修羅場に耐えたいと思いますw model_anna( )

These soft colors bring such a nice feeling. Definitely reminiscent of the ocean 🌊 Such cool photography from heysupersimi on Instagram. London, UK

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Absolutely beautiful in ’s Batch Valley on the , , tonight. The is stunning, freezing over nicely. clearly visible and a few comets.

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