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There's nothing better than taking a moment to stop and take in the amazing views around us everyday 😍

From the mind behind , brings another critically acclaimed film featuring & hitting Indian screens on March 8th.

I love capturing the candid moments between poses. When guard is down and self shows through. :-)

Used to be McNeil, Texas, now inside Austin. In 1887 a train was robbed here and they got away with between $21,000 & $55,000. One of several robberies at this location. In today's $ that's between $555,000 and $1.45 million.

“Lo que se ve en una fotografía no es lo que se ve en el momento de hacerla. La fotografía es, en realidad, la habilidad de plasmar una mentira visual." Terence Donovan 📷❤

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Untitled by Alan Thexton
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I think most Melbourne photographers have taken a shot or two at this location, but it never seems to tired.

Beata Giza and Beniamin Citkowski in Phaedra, Baltic Dance Theatre, November 2015. © K Mystkowski.

Beata Giza and Filip Michalak, perform as Phaedra and Theseus. Michalak provides the gravitas and authority of one who must be obeyed. Giza is spell-binding as the scheming, blonde Queen, consumed by the obsession of illicit love and racked by the consequence of guilt and fear.

Tell me things you never said out loud, just try and go there if you can.

Show me the parts of you you’re not that proud of. I want to know I’m just a woman.

I’ll have you know that I have good and bad days. Come on, now, love, don’t be naive.

Lay out our cards and you’ll see all my mistakes. Well, I don’t mind while you’re with me

When have I fallen, am I crawling on my knees?

  • Here I’m calling, in the hope that you’ll see me.

This song reminded me about something. My so-called lover never told me about his days, his problem, even his feelings. He just pretended that everything was fine, while I knew that he just crawled on his own knees. As his lover, all I wanted to do is just how to hold him and hug him everytime he needs it. I wanted to listen for every words he told to me about his life.

These days, he did it. But, it was just for him. I didn’t know why he just, different. For me.

I was there for him, everytime. I tried to understand on him, but he didn’t. Everything changed 180°, like how mirror changed our direct.

All I need is he’s there everytime I need him, but I am all alone.

Haha, poor me. I said to myself.