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Little one 😍😍 I know I know I am a good photographer 🤣🤣🤣 Let's say best of the best 😏😏😏 Yes 🤣🤣🤣

Do you consider yourself an amateur photographer & love to be outside? We have the perfect opportunity for you to go out with an experienced photographer at one of our beautiful sites 📷🦆🦋

What are the ? This portrait by, Thomas Chadwick counteracts that theory. See more of Thomas's work here: IG: @a_photographer_called_thomas

おはようございます たまには旬のものを 土曜日は結構な雨の中撮りました

この棚田の稲も幾らか成長したことだろう お疲れ様でした 土曜から軽い頭痛と言うか重い感じが続いてます きっと、不安定な天候のせい…


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おはようございます 雨の日は苦手 カメラは防滴なんですけどね(笑) 防滴レンズはAPS_C用ズームしか持っていない(・_・;

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Red blossom bottlebrush flower 

I got a perfect shot of bottle brush flower while walking in the public park near my house and my passion for capturing each and every  moment in frames motivated me to take a satisfying shot of the flowers.

I tried each and every angle but was not able to get what I want as something was lacking in me and at last I found that thing, it was the simplicity. After all this simple shot give me the satisfying result.