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“Patience” ©2019 taken on in with a & sport lens

"Put on some red lipstick and live a little" Model, photo and edit: me Dress: my beautiful mom <3

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Never would have thought it'd be late January before done.But finally, the last part of the 2018 motorcycle adventure. As before easy reading, with a tip or two. Some (half decent) pics. Happy reading:)

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Life Ball 2008 Style Bible

I may be obsessed with using Macro…! This is the one of my images that I want to improve on, using a really quick shutter speed to catch the splashes of the waterfall, mid air. *Adding it to the to-do list*

So my first week back at college in the new year went by surprisingly quickly. It may have been because I have been looking forward to the weekend the whole time. Last night I was at The Theater Royal in Glasgow to watch the Scottish Ballet perform Cinderella. It, was, amazing. So wonderful and beautiful. 

Throughout the week I have been thinking about my goals for the new year, as I think many will have been. 

After my injury is dealt with (I finally have my appointment! 12 days, and counting!) I am going to get back into my ice skating and hopefully take it to figure skating level, I hope. I also want to keep up this blog, get back into my photography so I can upload fresh images. 

I have enjoyed this week back getting into a routine, I want to make sure I keep on top of things. A stress free year, I can get easily stressed and panicked with my college work. So I want to aim to be more organised so I can enjoy my last year of college. 

Also this week I have been feeling fairly positive, only the odd negative thought, usually about things that I can’t change. 

In generally feeling happy, my boyfriend cheers me up everyday, and he doesn’t even know it. 

Love Anon.