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It is what it is..

おはようございます。 今日も雨ですね。 みなさま御安全に! いってきます。

Fait pas la gueule... C'est juste une photo... Ahhhh les filles... 😝📸😎 . Et après elle demande que je lui poste parce qu'elle l'a trouve bien... Mais allô quoi !? Il est où le mode d'emploi !?! 😂 .

My hot Mama in a photo she took to send to my Daddy while he was in Korea. Throw Back Thursday pic — circa 1955 📸

Capela ecumênica da Agrícola da Ilha, um espaço turístico onde a atração sãos os jardins muito bem cuidados. Joinville, Santa Catarina. Brasil.

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Caffenol turns Folgers into DIY film developer -- decaf won't do (video)
We knew instant coffee was good for something. The folks at Make just demoed a rather novel method for developing negatives from a roll of black and white film – you remember film, don’t you? Known as Caffenol, the process involves a smattering of household substances, including Vitamin C powder, instant coffee (caffeinated only), good ole H2O, and Cascade. Of course, it’s not as simple as throwing this stuff in a slosh bucket with a roll of film and mixing it up, but it’s not that complicated, either. If you’re looking for something to do with those instant crystals, and still have a non-digital camera laying around, hop on past the break for a homebrew tutorial. Read more
Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer now available for pre-order, Lady Gaga-approved

So you still can’t stun ‘em in a pair of Haus of Gaga-designed camera glasses, but the Polaroid GL10 instant mobile printer is now officially available for pre-order – and rumored to be making an early debut in the men’s accessories section at Bloomingdale’s in NYC. The first of the pop star’s Grey Label devices to make it to market, the GL10 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to smartphones (including Android, Blackberry, and Windows phones) and via USB to computers and digital cameras. The little thing weighs 15 ounces, prints 3 x 4-inch classic Polaroid-style or full bleed prints, and boasts a Li-ion battery apparently capable of spitting out 35 photos per charge. Now you can make a real gallery of all those “this is my lunch” pictures you’ve been forcing on your Facebook friends for the past few years – that is, if you’re willing to drop $170 for a surprisingly understated celebrity-backed photo printer. Read more