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Reduce the cost of application development using cross-platform frameworks and build both android and ios application at a lower cost.

Cross-Platform Application Development

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PhoneGap App Development Company
PhoneGap App Development Company

Tutorial para ver como compilar una aplicación hibrida hecha en cordova phonegap para android. También se ve como importar el proyecto de cordova para eclipse.


Tutorial que muestra las aplicaciones necesarias para instalar apache  cordova - phonegap para realizar aplicaciones híbridas (html, css y javascript). Se realiza en windows pero las pautas se pueden aplicar para mac o linux ya que se nombran las aplicaciones que hacen falta y los comandos básicos de cordova que son los  mismos para cualquier plataforma.

Las aplicaciones necesarios en general son node.js y java, después depende de la plataforma a compilar un proyecto en cordova-phonegap se necesitan otras que se ven en otros tutoriales.

PhoneGap: A Perfect and Fantastic Mobile Apps Developer

If you are looking for an app that can work on any device then hire a PhoneGap application development company. The company you hire will help you reach a larger audience with their expertise. The apps developed will work on any device and you make the payment only for a single app, but your reach in the marketplace will increase by many folds. The PhoneGap applications can be implemented across iPhone, Windows, Android and many more. Developers have to only update the existing code instead of starting development from scratch. PhoneGap developed apps are high-performing apps and user-friendly. These apps increase your organization’s profitability and ultimately improve the return on investment (ROI).

Developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for developing PhoneGap apps. This is an open source framework used in developing cross-platform mobile apps. The same software code can be deployed across different devices. PhoneGap developers have the expertise required for app integration with enterprise back-end systems to provide real-time data accurately and quickly. The developers belonging to a PhoneGap apps development company can be engaged to work as a dedicated team for your project or you can utilize the staffing models made available by some companies to hire developers and create your own team for your organization.

Choose a company that has multiple global implementations in various industry domains such as Healthcare, BFSI, Telecom, Auction, Manufacturing, Music, Advertising, Fashion, Travel and Hospitality, Information Technology, and Gaming. The developers from these companies can devote time for your project in your preferred time zone. The developer’s team will be able to visualize and develop apps that are rich in functionality and stand apart from the apps crowded in the mobile applications market.

In a PhoneGap application development company, the testing phase plays an important role. The team will ensure that you are involved in the PhoneGap app development project from the beginning. This reduces the bugs that seep in during the inception stage. This method also minimizes the number of iterations of testing and code updates.