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Our strong presence at . Let’s meet here and talk how to make Britain whilst it is connected.

We are here to talk not only about DNS from techie perspective, but our strong background from sales and marketing will give you a better idea of how to make more money due to the DNS.
Traditional Czech sweets and one of the best local beers from microbrewery is served all day long. You can get refreshed at our booth.
Perník = gingerbread. Do you love Christmas? You will then love this one too. Ps: it is calling to apply for Whalebone webinar
They say size doesn't matter, right? :)

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mydocomo-suが通常のdアカウントログイン画面に切り替わりました。ドコモ/dアカウントユーザーの皆様、当サイトはフィッシング詐欺サイトですので、誘導を狙った不審なメール/SMSにはご注意ください! mydocomo-su[.]com 107.179.40[.]168

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Update, has changed his profile picture. He used stolen pictures of a Belgian politician. Stil a among other . Find the differences.

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docomoのフィッシングサイトを見つけたので共有です。 ご注意ください。 URL→hxxp://nttdocomo-su[.]com/ IPアドレス→107.179.40[.]159  

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同じく下記ドメインが登録されていますが、こちらはドコモのフィッシングサイトとしては準備前のようで偽GooglePlay(韓国の警察庁のアンチスパイウェア?ダウンロード)のページでした。 mydocomo-su[.]com 103.56.115[.]229

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新たにドコモのフィッシングサイトを見つけました。 ドコモ/dアカウントユーザーの皆様、当サイトへのアクセスを誘導する不審なメール/SMSにご注意ください! nttdocomo-su[.]com  →

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To anyone with an ebay account, ebay was compromised earlier yesterday. I had my account phished and hacked into while this occurred. While everything has been restored, if you haven’t logged in today or in a while, you should probably check up on it just in case. You also might want to change passwords, emails and add security questions, as well as secure any payment options linked to your accounts. 


I’m selling my old MacBook Pro because I got new one and advertised it on one of these local online buy/sell websites. Got an offer that was close to my asking price and talked to the guy but he wanted it shipped to another country that’s within my region so I said okay, as long as he pays the price of the laptop plus the shipping cost (because fuck no am I paying that). All goes relatively smoothly and he says he’ll do a bank transfer yada yada yada.

I get en mail from his “bank” talking about escrow and how they’re waiting for me to give them proof of postage before they release the money into my account and this email looks dodgy AS HELL. Contact the bank via Twitter DM about my concern so they ask for screenshots of the email to confirm.

Low and behold, they confirmed that the email did NOT come from them and that it’s a phishing scam! Good thing I was holding off on actually sending the laptop because then I would be completely screwed.

Let this be a lesson to always trust your instinct and don’t be afraid to check the authenticity of something, especially if it doesn’t look right!


The fraudulent practice of sending emails purporting to be from reputable companies in order to induce individuals to reveal personal information, such as passwords and credit card numbers.

The above sample is a real phishing email that snuck through the spam filter.  You can tell by several tell-tale signs:

1. The sender has a suspicious email that includes elements of the reputable company but is obviously not with them.

2.  It lacks a personalized name of the recipient.  This is a big clue that the sender is a fraud.

3.  Look for spelling or grammar errors in the body of the email.  In the above example the text is fairly good, but some are simply horrible.

4.  The email include a link.  DON’T click on it!  This is the hook and you may end up with a lot of nasty things happening to your computer or phone.

5.  It usually include a note indicating a serious consequence if you don’t follow the instructions.

6.   There’s no other contact or company details - this may or may not be the case.

Good luck!  And let’s be careful!

I was stupid enough to get phished on Seeking Arrangement

So this morning I made the most stupid decision I’ve ever made and deeply regret it. As a struggling college student I’ve struggled finding work and money to save up to move out of my parents house and go to law school. I had read a lot of blogs from girls my age who joined “Seeking Arrangement” not for the sex but for the mentorship and financial assistance and thought it was legitimate. Boy was I naive. I was stupid enough to give one guy my credit card login info and he transferred about $21280. However, a few hours later my account was suspended and the credit card company called to say they were cancelling it due to “suspicious activity”. My parents understandably so are pissed and have grounded me not even letting me use Facebook out of paranoia. I’m also paranoid that I won’t be able to get a job or even get a credit card in the future due to a low credit score because of this incident. I’m in desperate need of advice right now.