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In Part 2 of our "Teaching to Our " series, we’ll continue the conversation with a focus on how to scrutinize and maintain good email . Check it out!

Watch out, this email might be doing the rounds.....As if I’d open a link for an account I don’t have with a Bank I don’t belong to 🧐 for info.

The is set and Emails are in full swing! "Beware March Madness Phishing Scams And Cyber Attacks" Full Story |

El ha sido catalogado como un ataque más peligroso que el del Descubre qué es, cómo funciona y lo que debes hacer para evitar convertirte en una víctima más.

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de 💳🚫¿Qué es🕵y por qué corres peligro? Como te entregamos algunos 📲 para ayudar a detectar 🧐 y evitar que otros caigan en la .

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"Employee essentials part 1: Passwords & " As cyber-attacks & data breaches become ever more prevalent, it's important to remember the basics. Read more with Robert MacDonald in :

⏱ Every week, day, even hour, we discover 🔍 new and emerging campaigns in their earliest stages. Discover the dark web 👉👉

Phishing emails leading to Fake Login pages to access voicemail messages. Sharepoint/Word Online Document. Phishing E-mails / Voicemail Messages - 03/26/2019 OTX:

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Hoaxes Hacks Phishing And How To Spot Them
Hacking Hoaxes and Phishing, what are they and what are the tell tale signs of one, and more importantly, what should you do, and where can you get advice? K...

Hoaxes Hacks Phishing And How To Spot Them

Hacking Hoaxes and Phishing, what are they and what are the tell tale signs of one, and more importantly, what should you do, and where can you get advice? Keep watching to find out more.

Protect your bank account from online frauds

In his speech, the Minister of Information and Technology, Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad stated there were 25,800 cases of digital fraud in 2017 alone. By being well-informed and taking necessary precautions, online swindles can be avoided.

Let us look at some common online frauds and ways to safeguard against them.


Also known as Trojan horse, this is malware in the disguise of an authentic software. It deceives you into downloading and installing the programme without suspicion. Once the malware is up and running, it aids cybercrime by accessing or deleting files, stealing confidential information and tracking online activities. The criminal can then use this sensitive information to perform online transactions.

Solution: Don’t open email attachments from unknown and untrustworthy sources. Invest in good antivirus software to scan downloads. Keep your computer/laptop’s operating system and software up-to-date.

Phishing, vishing, and smishing

Scamsters send emails with suspicious links that appear to come from the bank. The link leads to a fraudulent website, which is the exact replica of the original site. The landing page typically has a form requesting sensitive information like customer ID, password or credit card details, which is then misused.

These criminals could also use phone calls and SMS to procure your sensitive information. Such online frauds are called vishing and smishing, respectively.

Solution: You can verify a secure site by the URL prefix. A genuine site has ‘https://’, instead of ‘http://’. In addition, also look out for the padlock symbol on the URL. Double-clicking on the padlock shows a digital certificate and its authenticity. Bank officers or customer service representatives do not ask for credentials such as customer ID, password, and ATM PIN or CVV number. Do not share any confidential information over SMS with anyone, ever.

Identity theft

In addition to emails, calls, and SMS, fraudsters may also try to steal your identity by visiting your home/office with a fake card. They could ask to look at your car and seek basic information. At the first chance, they could swap the card without your knowledge.

Solution: Be aware and alert on your card’s whereabouts. It is a good idea to store your card’s sensitive information such its PIN, safely. Also, never share such bank details and card information with strangers. If you wish to clear your doubts, you may want to visit the bank personally and meet certified officials.

Money mule

Cybercriminals are known to contact unsuspecting individuals and lure them into receiving illegal/stolen money in their bank accounts. This amount is then transferred to another account, and so forth. This makes the money mule a scapegoat during the investigation.

Solution: Keep your bank account information secure always. Always verify the sender’s authenticity whenever receiving money.

SIM swap

If fraudsters get access to your identity/address proofs and other private information, they can conveniently get a new SIM card for your mobile number. The original card gets blocked, and the new SIM card is used to receive OTPs and transact on your behalf.

Solution: Keep your documents and information safe always. Report any unusual or sudden call blocks to the service provider.


It is a good idea to receive every communication from the bank with a pinch of salt. If you find any bank-related activity to be suspicious, contact the helpline or visit the branch immediately. The safety of your bank account and money is your responsibility and lies in your hands.

So I just saw this email in my junk folder. It looks extremely real, but it’s not. PayPal will always refer to you by your name, for one. You can also see a few grammatical errors. Clicking on the address that sent it, you can see this is definitely not PayPal support.

If you get this email, DO NOT ENTER YOUR LOG IN INFO.


Thank you, and have a nice day…#phishing

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Song Review: Ghost Light - “Best Kept Secret”

Ghost Light tries to do too much on its debut studio single and the result is a mess of tempo and stylistic shifts that could’ve been parted into a few better tracks.

Ghost Light is Phish and Grateful Dead-interpreting pianist Holly Bowling, singer/guitarists Raina Mullen and Tom Hamilton (Joe Russo’s Almost Dead), bassist Steve Lyons and drummer Scotty Zwang, formerly of Dopapod and RAQ. If “Best Kept Secret” is any indication, the band doesn’t yet know what it wants to be.

There’s breezy, acoustic folk-pop from the Los Angeles of 1976; Frank Zappaesque xylophone breaks; piano showcases; electric power chords that tease heavy metal and more on the five-plus-minute lead single from Best Kept Secrets, which arrives March 22.

“I think of this album like a bunch of abstract paintings,” Hamilton said in a statement. “We present the songs as a series meant to be experienced in a certain order, but at the end of the day, whatever that series makes you feel is totally up to you.”

Grade card: Ghost Light - “Best Kept Secret” - C



Rocking with Leo to a Mike Song opener at @highergroundmusic for the “#Phish for Kids” event a couple weeks back, with the #rockandrollplayhouse band. These guys are great. Travel the country organizing local projects while covering the music we love. Saw the Grateful Dead and Phish ones, next up is Rolling Stones and the Beatles. #facevaluetickets #embracetheface #facevalue #cashortrade #highergroundvt (at Higher Ground)

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There is definitely a bit going around stealing blogs

This is an art blog and this is defiantly not their post. Their whole blog has turned into similar posts, and this isn’t the first blog I’ve seen this happen to. I don’t know any more details, but stay on your toes everyone and don’t follow any links you don’t recognize.