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An idea to ponder for today...

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sharing how the written word his whole life has made him who he is, and shares that transformation through words is possible, even from the prison library. Everything from and that awaken us.

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“Heaven and Hell make no sense if the majority of humans are a complex mixture of good and evil.” – Norman Mailer, On God

Finally received my coins and necklace - did not disappoint, love them all!!

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Denial of one half sharpens the other. Most wisdom ends in a paradox: "To be or not to be." "We are what we repeatedly do"-Will Durant Behind that lies . Where we realize what we always have been doing.

According to our law we each have different rights these days based on our social backgrounds... And yet we all seem to bleed the same way😏

When people tell me philosophy isn’t rigorous. This is not a hard problem but still.

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Eight cubes of sadness 

arranged are all that remains 

from joy unfolded. 

🍁 Red Leaf Haiku by © John Clark Helzer

From the depths of its existence, the conversation of the Dialogues is written in the same sense that the Confessions in their monologue are spoken. For this man
- who always complained of not knowing how to speak
- who made the ten years during which he practiced the craft of writing into
a kind of unfortunate parenthesis in his life

For this man, the
 - discourses
 - letters (real or fictional)
 - addresses
 - declarations
 - the operas, too
defined, throughout his existence, a language space in which
 - speech
 - writing
cross, contest, and reinforce each other.

This interweaving challenges the one by the other but justifies them by opening them up to one another:
 - speech to the text that determines it (“I shall come forward with this work in my hand …”)
 - writing to the speech that makes it into an immediate, burning confession.

—  Michel Foucault, Introduction to Rousseau’s Dialogues, 1962

stop worrying if you are showing people the “real you”, or worrying that you behave differently around different people

there is no one true self, every person is all at once selfish and generous, brave and cowardly, stoic and emotional, outgoing and reclusive… we respond differently in different situations as a matter of survival, we contain all potentialities within us, it is only the external world that determines which side of your infinitely faceted existence is required

do not attempt to force an inorganic version of an idealized personality into all parts of your life, instead seek out those people and situations which organically bring out the qualities in yourself which you most admire and desire to show

if when a delivery robot driving on the pavement is heading straight towards you walking there - will you: 

a.  actively dodge and step a bit aside its line of driving to let the robot pass you easily
b.  keep walking straight ahead and expect the robot to redirect around you and know where to file a complaint when it hit you [no matter how hard]

To write is to get free of one’s remorse and one’s rancors, to vomit up one’s secrets. The writer is an unbalanced being who uses those words to cure himself. How many disorders, how many grim attacks have I not triumphed over thanks to these insubstantial remedies !
—  Emil M. Cioran, from “Foreshortened Confession”
in: “Anathemas and Admirations” (1986), translated from the French by Richard Howard