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Christianity and Gaian philosophy.

Financial success comes by an idea and a vision, followed by dedication and hardwork. Do not forget sales. -Gracious Emmanuel

Feel free to make mistakes in your twenties and thirties. There is always room for improvement thereafter. -Gracious Emmanuel

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Nothing is too much. Nothing will ever be enough to make happiness impossible.

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What a time experiences as evil is usually an untimely echo of what was formerly experienced as good – the atavism of a more ancient ideal.
—  Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

‘Should I be the person, then, to refuse to see someone who is eager to meet me?’ ‘That is not what I meant. If you associate with him people may think poorly of you.’ ‘On the other hand, if he associates with me people may begin to think well of him.’

[It is true that the construction of the last work, Nouvelles Impressions d ‘Afrique, is as obvious as that of the first. It is easy to understand, only difficult to explain. Here is a group of alexandrines: - cont’d]

[At the bottom of the page, as if at the roots of the text, there’s a profuse branching out of notes - cont’d]

[E.g., the note “There is no one who has not caressed some ambitious dream” originates in a passage of text already fortified by four parentheses and one dash; its own development forms a system of three envelopes and one dash - cont’d]

Thus the heart of the verbal labyrinth is reached, guided by the straight line of verse and rhyme to the ninth degree of envelopment—the supreme degree never reached in any other summit of Nouvelles Impressions. In this eminent position of words
a. so protected in its restraint
b. so exalted by the pyramidal stratification of the levels of language, at once

  • at the deepest
  • at the highest

of this tower which is being dug like the shaft of a mine, a lesson can be formulated which is essential to understand after an itinerary which has crossed

  • so many thresholds
  • so many openings and closings
  • so many broken discourses

right up to the issue of speech and silence:

“There are sometimes rich opportunities for remaining silent.”

– Michel Foucault, Death and the Labyrinth: the World of Raymond Roussel (Chapter 7: The Empty Lens), Translated from French by Charles Ruas, 1963

Does premarital sex work in the Stoic life?

Hey guys, I was reading the Handbook by Epictetus and he wrote this, “As far as possible, before marriage, keep yourself pure from familiarities with women, and, if you indulge them, let it be lawfully.” It is it’s own section in part 33 and Epictetus doesn’t really defend this point, so I’m wondering what the reasoning is here, as I can’t think of one myself.

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gonna try to keep it short. basically the past two years of my life have been building myself into someone i’m proud to be. i’ve found many different forms of self development on the way, and in the past few months i found stoicism, which i found to be one of the most helpful. well, two weeks ago i was the best version of myself i’ve ever been. i was whole, happy, fulfilled, and loving everything about life. this wasn’t because of external things, but truly just because i was at peace with myself, much because of stoic concepts i’ve learned. then last week, i moved back to my hometown after four years of only coming back once a year. i have, in the span of a week, gotten back into the terrible, self destructive half-relationship with my ex, left that relationship, and had it ruin me. i feel like i’ve lost everything i learned. i now feel alone, depressed, anxious, meaningless, just like i did before i cared about bettering myself. i’ve spiraled back into being someone i’m not proud to be. i’ve been using stoic concepts to help remain someone who can be happy in this time, but i still feel mostly dread. i am looking for advice, but also, i just needed to vent to people who might have felt the same way i feel now.

tl;dr: ive spiraled back into the shitty self defeating person i used to be, and feel like i’ve learned nothing about how to handle myself