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  • Tommy: *texting* I'm gonna send a dick pic
  • Gibson: *responding* Uh... Yeah, sure
  • Tommy: *sends a picture of Alex*
  • Gibson: Oh shit, that's a big one
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I’m sorry it had to be done

The ‘ph’ in Philippe stands for 'phuck you Alex’

Ah, most romantic

i read all philippe/tommy fics in english on ao3 please provide for me

  • Alex: hey Gibson!
  • Gibson: read at 5:30 pm
  • Alex: this is a verbal conversation

Since tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the day Aneurin Barnard revealed Gibson’s real name, Philippe Hugo Guillet (which is now widely considered canon), I would like to propose a one-day celebration of his character- Philippe Appreciation Day. It will begin tomorrow, August 24, 2018. I realize this is extremely short notice, but if you would like to participate, please do!

im sorry

heyyy i don’t usually post my crappy art but i was actually quite proud of this so here’s some sort of modern au gibson/philippe


let my sweet boys get the rest they deserve

  • Gibson: You’re cute, but selfish and narcissistic to a point of near-delusion.
  • Alex: He called me cute.


Headcanon that Tommy calls Philippe the names of assorted French pastries as pet names, and eventually Philippe is just like “how’d you like it if I called you tea and crumpets” and Alex just spits out his drink



New pics of Aneurin Barnard as Gibson in Dunkirk.

Nye retweeted those pics himself ❤

Without - Lafayette1777 - Dunkirk (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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“Mon chéri.”

Silence is louder than words, but only sometimes.

Why can I picture Alex/Harry sending this to Tommy/Fionn?? 😂

“This could be us. Unfortunately you prefer to be with your french boyfriEND. Sad. All the love, though”