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I’m sorry it had to be done

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  • Tommy: Toss me my keys.
  • Gibson: *throws a printer*
  • Tommy: I said keys.
  • Gibson: I thought you said printer.
  • Tommy: Why the fuck would I say printer?
  • Alex: *buried to the head in sand* I am the sand guardian, guardian of the sand!
  • Gibson: Poseidon quivers before him!
  • Alex: *screams at the sea* FUCK OFF!

The ‘ph’ in Philippe stands for 'phuck you Alex’

  • Gibson: The human life is a strained and tense one. I envy the life of a smooth rock resting on the beach... Warmed by the Sun... Unaware of the trials and tribulations of sentient life.
  • George: Do you need to talk?
  • Gibson: I wish I was a croissant.

oh god gibson everyone’s abandoning ship oh my god oh fuck he cant hear us he has airpods in

Ah, most romantic

i read all philippe/tommy fics in english on ao3 please provide for me

  • Alex: hey Gibson!
  • Gibson: read at 5:30 pm
  • Alex: this is a verbal conversation

Since tomorrow is the one-year anniversary of the day Aneurin Barnard revealed Gibson’s real name, Philippe Hugo Guillet (which is now widely considered canon), I would like to propose a one-day celebration of his character- Philippe Appreciation Day. It will begin tomorrow, August 24, 2018. I realize this is extremely short notice, but if you would like to participate, please do!

im sorry

heyyy i don’t usually post my crappy art but i was actually quite proud of this so here’s some sort of modern au gibson/philippe


let my sweet boys get the rest they deserve



Headcanon that Tommy calls Philippe the names of assorted French pastries as pet names, and eventually Philippe is just like “how’d you like it if I called you tea and crumpets” and Alex just spits out his drink



New pics of Aneurin Barnard as Gibson in Dunkirk.

Nye retweeted those pics himself ❤

Without - Lafayette1777 - Dunkirk (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

“Mon chéri.”

Silence is louder than words, but only sometimes.

Why can I picture Alex/Harry sending this to Tommy/Fionn?? 😂

“This could be us. Unfortunately you prefer to be with your french boyfriEND. Sad. All the love, though”