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ICYMI Scripps Howard Foundation announces $6 million to university investigative journalism programs

Today’s image of comes from the work of and looks at CEOs in : "foundation CEOs as 'artful jugglers’”. What that means is cited at:

Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.

The Phoenix Voyage creative team is always keeping busy producing booklets, puzzles, coloring pages & comic books that you can DOWNLOAD or PRINT OUT and share for FREE.. and our partners love to give freebies too!

ICYMI Scripps Howard Foundation announces $6 million to university investigative journalism programs

is a massive trillion dollar global business that primarily functions to burnish the image, feed the egos and serve the whims of billionaires, millionaires, their Wall St investments and political objectives. philanthropy has been such for 40 years.

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Go to to create a free GoodSocial profile, and discover new volunteer opportunities! With our platform and your philanthropic spirit, we can do some real good.

ICYMI Scripps Howard Foundation announces $6 million to university investigative journalism programs

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ICYMI Scripps Howard Foundation announces $6 million to university investigative journalism programs

Funders: Are you over- or under-protecting your grants data? Here are 5 ways to balance and data protection in sensitive contexts:

Train up a child ... She has to know how important it is to give back and appreciate what you have because so many aren’t as fortunate.

The holiday season in the US brings cold weather and in-kind can help shelters support unhoused people 7 Gifts to Give Your Local Homeless Shelter this Holiday Season via

Great session at Caxton Youth Org in Victoria delivering boxing; along with them receiving there awards. Now go and Box your way into 2019 Have a wonderful festive season Love MMARAP

We’re well into the giving season, and the clock is ticking to put together a successful year-end appeal. Use these strategies to build a better year-end appeal in a condensed timeframe. via

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Twilight Christmas HC:

Every year after the whole family opens presents, Carlisle and Esme take the others with bags full of clothing and goodies all around the country, handing out the gifts to the homeless, poor, or otherwise in need. Carlisle also donates a sizable chunk of money to as many charities as he has family members.


Miss Barbara Tucker & The “WE CAN HEAL HOUSE CHOIR (WCHC) Open Up The Show with Aaron K Gray Leading us on this song During Our Benefit Concert on behalf of The Book Bank Foundation’s @thebbf “2018 Shelter From The Streets Bus Tour. On Sunday December 16, 2018 @ 9AM Sharp. WE will be serving ALL 5 Boroughs Of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Native American Reservations in New York State, with A live recording session will be held on November 10th in NYC, Buy your copies of the record. Make sure you’re in the house when we lift up our voices at a scheduled performances during the Book Bank Bus distribution tour. @kbotchey
#drglenntoby #thebbf #mrsweetyg #motivation #change #barbaratucker #shelterfromthestreets #homeless #life #housemusic #fortune500 #wchc #oneblockatatime #newyorkcity #education #power #charity #music #philanthropy #wecanhealchoir (at Zoe Ministries | The Power of Prophecy)

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Join US This Sunday December 16th 2018, for The Book Bank Foundation @thebbf “Shelter From The Streets” Bus Tour @ 9AM Sharp. WE will be serving ALL 5 Boroughs Of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Native American Reservations in New York State.
#drglenntoby #thebbf #mrsweetyg #motivation #change #shelterfromthestreets #homeless #life #fortune500 #oneblockatatime #newyorkcity #education #power #charity #philanthropy (at New York, New York)

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Hi everyone! I got this letter in the mail from Feeding America and I just wanted to share it with you. My sorority Alpha Gamma Delta’s philanthropic focus is fighting hunger. We partner with Feeding America and Meals on Wheels to feed those in need. We all know the holidays can be hard, but imagine the holidays with no food. I would love it if you could donate to Feeding America anything that you could to help them reach their goal, whether it’s $1 or $5 or $1000. Hunger affects everyone, everywhere, no exceptions. Please consider donating this holiday season! ❤️❤️❤️❤️



Yes, we will create a custom android app for you or your charity #GivingTuesdays so you can start collecting donations for your charities on social media.
DM @givingtuesdays for more details and to get started.
Registration link on profile page @givingtuesdays

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Here, at the @awiderbridge gala — 🌈 — I am honored to use my voice as an advocate and activist, making this world a better place, and with special focus on Jewish, Israeli, American, LGBTQ, and artist communities. We all have the ability and responsibility to support and improve our communities we are part of and those around us. #🌈 #YuvalDavid #Activism #Advocate #Advocacy #SocialAction #PoliticalAction #Philanthropy #Humanitarian #Philanthropic #Lobbying #Lobbyist #PublicSpeaker #MotivationalSpeaker #Speaking #Actor #Host #Emcee #MC #American #Israeli #Jewish #lgbtq #lgbt #america #israel (at New York, New York)

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How 2 New York Women Erased $1.5 Million In Medical Debt For Hundreds Of Strangers
Judith Jones and Carolyn Kenyon discuss their fundraising efforts that resulted in $1.5 million medical bill debt forgiveness for New York strangers.

Some New Yorkers received an early Christmas present this year - a little, yellow envelope that came through the mail, inside, a letter telling the person that their medical debt has been forgiven. This act of kindness comes courtesy of Carolyn Kenyon and Judith Jones, who both live in Ithaca, N.Y. The two friends met through the Finger Lakes chapter of the Campaign for New York Health.

They’re both big supporters of a single-payer health system. And they were looking for a project to work on together to highlight the problems with the health care system. They decided on medical debt.


Aside from the problems we are already dealing in regard to our ocean environments world-wide, I see this as the perfect opportunity for the Islanders to rely more on the native fruit that is available on land. I don’t mean to judge these wonderful people’s customs, but in light of the situation at hand, I feel it best that they give their ocean friends a rest and look deeper into farming and harvesting the fruits that naturally grow there. There is no need for starvation. We need to educate everyone world-wide about the truth regarding true health and the benefit of fruits and vegetables. From my understanding and from conversations we have had with others world wide, most communities such as these are already living around abundance! The fruits literally fall at their feet! Most simply leave such blessings on the ground to rot away. Do you get me? This type of suffering is really unnecessary. Children do not have to be given away or go to bed hungry every night or die even. Fathers do not have endanger their own lives for the family meal. 
They need to plant seeds! Coconut, bananas, avocados, lemons, limes, pineapples, passion fruit, papaya, guavas, figs, peaches, etc!
And yes, a human can completely survive off of fruit alone! Without deficiencies and need for animal protein. As a matter of fact, the human body thrives on fruit!. Only most of the world has forgotten their root existence with it!
I see absolutely nothing wrong with the trees that are growing there! Let’s manifest some relief for these souls on the Island, That the Divine will be able to provide them with wisdom, the helping hands, the discernment, education and means to acquire access to land for vegetation and true health. ♥ 


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We want to say a huge thank you to all of our donors and supporters! @gagives should be called Ga Cares! 🙏♥️ Link in Bio #gagives #gagivesday #givingtuesday #givingtuesday2018 #helpingothers #greenbergtraurig #philanthropy #doggiesfoundation #thankful #cybermonday #instagood #evincentmartinez #fashionado #doggiesonthecatwalk

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