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Interactive Introverts DVD just arrived and Iโ€™m so excited to see it! Thank you so much๐Ÿ’“


When youโ€™re visiting London for the first time from Norway and are hoping maybe youโ€™ll meet your idols... and then you remember they never leave the house...

Like fuck the dvd Iโ€™m mainly just in it for the badges and the three photos of them ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค staning dweebs over anyone else anyday ๐Ÿ’•

Thanks to everyone for coming and making such a brilliant inspiring poetry evening @Scribblology And friends

what if pastel dan and phil were fans of punk dan and phil who were fans of real dan and phil... is this PHANSEPTION??

I drew you!!! Left is phil and right is Dan. I swear I'm not 10 I put e f f o r t acknowledge it pls thanks Did I capture Phil's shoulders well?

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Just wanted to say thank you so much to and for the show last night.. It was absolutely amazing and hilarious, I love you both so muchโ™ฅ๏ธ @jumpyellabella

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Can we please just get a video reenactment of and singing Moana's You're Welcome to Dil for creating him and his world ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

I spent an entire day making this and I would legit die (in a good way) if dan ever saw it, help this repressed emo get noticed by her mom

I love Dan and Phil so much to the point where there are 3 things that are to do with Dan and Phil on my homework ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Imagine Dan and Phil reacting to your horror game VR experience.

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My Fics Masterlist

Opposites Attract 

Dan is a nonbinary pastel person. Phil is a badass punk. They both have feelings for each other but believe that the other couldn’t possibly like someone like themselves.

Big Heart Howell

Phil comes home from work one day and decides that it’s time that he and Dan start looking into adoption. Dan is not so sure now is the time.

Two Kids, One Big Mess

It’s early in the morning and Dan and Phil’s kids wake them up to show them a surprise in the kitchen.


It is years into the future. Dan and Phil have gotten old and Phil is on his deathbed.

Barbeque Bully

This is an AU where Dan and Phil are teenagers in the current day and age.

Reach for the Stars

Dan is a lawyer who went to New York when he forced himself to take a break from work. He thinks it is a pointless trip until he runs into his favorite YouTuber from back in the day.

New Year’s Kiss

Dan is alone on New Years and is disappointed in the fact that he won’t get his annual New Years Kiss.

Dan Howell x Reader

Fandom: YouTube, danisnotonfire, Daniel Howell, Dan and Phil

Parings: Dan Howell x Reader

Warnings: Language


Dan’s POV

I let out a big sigh. 

I was currently standing in a club, drink in hand, hating life. 

My best friend, Phil Lester, knows I hate clubs and big groups of people, but tonight was a celebration of the new year, and lots of youtubers had gathered here to party. 

I felt obligated to go. I definitely didn’t want to come. 

“Dan, come on! Let’s have some fun.” Phil elbowed me. “I am having fun.” I replied. 

Phil rolled his eyes. “Yeah, it really looks like you’re having fun.” 

I just rolled my eyes back, ignoring him. I let out another big sigh before glancing around the room.

There was, of course, the group of youtubers who partied like this every night hanging out by the bar. 

My group of friends were hanging out in a corner by some booths, just chatting and sipping on their drinks. 

Looking to the left of the room, I saw a group of girls, presumably beauty gurus, chatting. 

There was a girl I didn’t recognize, surprisingly. She wore a long, glittery silver dress. Her hair was loosely tied into a pretty bun. Curious, I moved closer, standing behind a fake plant to make it seem less obvious. 

I couldn’t see her face, but damn, her body was nice. Phil came up to me now, startling me slightly. “What are you doing, Dan?”

I nodded towards the girl. “That girl is thick.” I chuckled, trying to joke around. 

Phil smirked. “Go talk to her.” My eyes widened. “Talk to her? I don’t even know her. She probably doesn’t know who I am either.”

“So?” Phil said, still smirking. I sighed. “What would I even say to her?” 

“Introduce yourself.” He gave me a little shove in her direction. “Go on. Ask her to dance or something.” 

What is this, high school? I sighed again before walking up to her, Phil following close behind for moral support.  

I put my hand on her shoulder, and she turned around. It took everything I had to resist letting my jaw drop. She was stunning! 

She now had a big smile on her face. “Hi!” She said. 

“Um, hi! I’m Dan, nice to meet you.” I held my hand out, and she shook it. 

“I know! I’m (Y/N).” 

“You know who we are?” Phil now asked. 

“Yes! I love your videos.” She giggled. I smiled, hoping she couldn’t see me blushing. “That’s great, thank you for the support.” I said. She flashed another smile. 

Suddenly, the song changed, and it was a slow song now. Couples all around the club began to slow dance together. 

I felt Phil nudge me. Looking at him, he had a look in his eyes that said, “Go for it!” 

I cleared my throat. “Um, would you like to dance?” I looked down at my feet. 

She grabbed my hand, causing me to look at her again. “I would! Let’s go!” 

“Oh, okay!” I chuckled nervously as she pulled me onto the dance floor. Looking back, Phil was giving me a thumbs up before going back to our group of friends. 

Now on the dance floor, (Y/N) wrapped her arms around my neck, and I placed my hands on her waist. We slowly swayed with the music. “I am actually surprised you know who I am.” I chuckled. 

“Why’s that?” 

“Well I just don’t see myself as a very popular youtuber. I mean there’s more popular people than me out there.” She rolled her eyes at me. 

“Well of course there is, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t a well-known youtuber either. I love your videos! I’ve been watching since I was 18.” 

I felt my heart skip a beat. “Really?” “Yes! You’re awesome.” 

(Y/N) flashed me another smile as she wrapped her arms around my neck tighter. I moved my arms around her back, pulling her closer to me. 

She gave me another smile before leaning her head on my shoulder. I looked up to see Phil gathering my friends and pointing at me. Everyone started giving me a thumbs up and smiling. 

Biting my lip, I stifled a chuckle and leaned my head against (Y/N)’s. The song came to an end, and the club began to come to a close. The group of girls came to get (Y/N), giggling and whispering as they glanced at me. 

I walked out of the club with Phil, who was wagging his eyebrows at me. “See! That went so well. Don’t say Philly doesn’t know what he’s doing!” I laughed and playfully punched my best friend’s arm. 

“Oh whatever, it was one dance.” I laughed. “Besides, I’m probably never going to see her again after tonight.” 

Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. Turning around, (Y/N) was walking towards Phil and I. 

“Hey, Dan, I was wondering if you’d like to hang out sometime?” She smiled confidently at me. 

I felt a blush begin to creep up on my face. “Um, yeah! Sure that would be great, should we exchange numbers?” I blurted out before mentally slapping myself in the face.

She nodded, handing me her phone. “Oh, cool.” I did the same, and then she gave Phil and I a hug. “It was very nice to meet you guys!” 

“Yeah, you too!” Phil waved as she ran back towards her friends. 

Looking at Phil, he gave me another smirk. I rolled my eyes, smiling. “Let’s go home.”

Just a theory. What if they invite the whole family to celebrate Christmas and Dab/Evan proposes and what if the whole sims was supposed to represent Dan and Phil and now because Dan was actually with the Lesters irl for the holidays and either he or Phil proposed