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I made a kinda crappy art of .

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I drew you!!! Left is phil and right is Dan. I swear I'm not 10 I put e f f o r t acknowledge it pls thanks Did I capture Phil's shoulders well?

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I bought the “The Amazing Book Is Not On Fire” andDan And Phil Go Outside” and I’m soooo excited to read them! I have only looked at some of the pages and I can already tell it’s going to be crazy!!!

Just wanted to say thank you so much to and for the show last night.. It was absolutely amazing and hilarious, I love you both so much♥️

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Can we please just get a video reenactment of and singing Moana's You're Welcome to Dil for creating him and his world 😂😂

I spent an entire day making this and I would legit die (in a good way) if dan ever saw it, help this repressed emo get noticed by her mom

I love Dan and Phil so much to the point where there are 3 things that are to do with Dan and Phil on my homework 😂

I don't know how, but I actually forgot about this... , did they take your look and make it their branding???

We one 4 awards! 1. Social Impact Award (Daniel and Depression) 2. Video Of The Year (Daniel and Depression) 3. Fandom Of The Year (Phandom) and lastly 4. Youtuber Of The Year, Dan and Phil!

HELL YEAH!!!!!! I’m 23 and I’ve never been to a live show of celebs I adore... anD MY FIRST ONE IS GOING TO BE THE DAN AND PHIL WORLD TOUR ❤️❤️😍

Hai Hai, decided to post art here. Here's my most recent artwork. Dan and Phil wizard-ish au.~Enjoy

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Request for anon! Enjoy! ~ Kim
If you have a request just ask me. I’m aware that Dans drawing doesn’t have a face whereas Phil’s does. If you want one with dan with features drawn in or Phil without features then don’t be afraid to message me! I would be more than happy to!

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A demon moment that’s probably definitely been said: The bit in the conjoined Halloween baking video where they’re decorating and you can see Phil’s hand around Dan’s waist through the sweater.

hello anon dear! indeed it has been said and i gave my thoughts (x) but uhh there was a lot going on in that vid so like who bloody knows okay

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send ur fave demon moments

My mom the other day asking about dnp: are they partners?

Me out loud not about to explain the whole ordeal to my mother: they’re best friends

Me in my head: LMAO yeah BUSINESS PARTNERS

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quick thot: dnp in the "Why is Dan in every Wikihow Article?" video, there's an option that says "how to act silly with your boyfriend" and they making a hoot like sound, and now we know that they make noises that are similar when they've eaten too much take out. :(

anon……..anon……….you may have just stumbled upon one of the biggest unexpected demon connections i’ve ever encountered????

send ur fave demon moments