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Thank you your beaches and underwater is indeed beautiful.😻 🇵🇭

Anda Akan didendaJika hisap Sewaktu Memandu!! KERA🐒jaan Dah Semakin Gila!! Rakyat Suruh tunaikan janji, bukan menyusahkan Rakyat dengan idea2 Bodoh Dan Gila.

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DS Najib kata Kit Siang cabarnya jumpa orang asli, dia ingat orang asli lupa jasa BN?

Our Buffy Pie: free-range, hormone-free chicken with real mozzarella, blue and cheese crumbles. topped with fresh-cut red onion, scallion, garlic, pepper and our house-made buffy sauce.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ + = the best

. Morning vibes. Anyone else going, going, going? Pausing from the holiday rush to actually sit and enjoy a cup of coffee blended with of course! 📷: my daughter . .

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Balcarce, Buenos Aires. Argentina

13 de enero, 2019

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Original Screenplay) Book Review

Another review for my all time favorite author J.K. Rowling. Actually I am a super fan of Harry Potter Series (Potterhead). Me and my brother used to watched it together when were kids and we also watched the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in the cinema despite of a typhoon in the Philippines. And now I’m older I’m buying stuff like funk-pop figure of Harry Potter Characters. The first time that Fantastic Beast is out I am really really happy because I thought my happy days are over but J.K. hit it with a boom. I didn’t have a chance to watch it in cinema and it’s really sad.

This book is given to me by a very very good friend. Thank you, MJ! Anyways let’s start with the book design. It’s hard bound and you know how I love hardbound books it makes the book very special, the wrap paper has amazing illustration the authors name, the title and the details are embossed with gold color also in the back. When you open the wrap the hardbound front had a symbol of a Niffler.

This book is the Screenplay of the movie so wha happens to the movie is also the same in the book. So this is like I’m also reviewing the film itself. I am really amazed in J.K. because it is really hard to imagine different creatures that Newt had. Okay so the story is all about Newt Scamander who believe that all the creatures has to be loved and there’s no need to be afraid of. Newt is in New York to rescue a creature but he bumped into Tina Goldstein an Auror who works in Ministry of Magic in America and also an accidental encounter to Jacob Kowalski a No-Maj or a Muggle (a non magic human). Later on you’ll meet Queenie Goldstein, Tina’s sister she is a legilimens who can read mind. And we will also meet Credence who has a big part in the story he is an orphan who used to be also a wizard but he has a bigger problem about his identity. He is scared to the head of the orphan who hates wizard/witch. I don’t wanna spoil everything because I want you to read or explore the world of Harry Potter.

I cannot wait for the more of Fantastic Beast to have a series film or book I’m on it.

I just loved how Newt protect this magical creatures he stand for them and love them for what they are. Even if this creatures given him a hard time but Newt manage to give them more of himself.

Fiction vs Reality

Dahil sa pagbabasa natin ng mga libro at panunuod ng mga pelikulang tungkol sa pag-ibig, minsan hindi natin maiiwasan na maghangad na sana, tayo rin ay magkaroon ng ganoong kwento katulad sa mga bida. Dahil sa mga karakter na ating nababasa, umaasa tayong sana ganoon yung taong makikilala natin at makakasama habang buhay. 

Nakakatawang isipin na yung mga taong hopeless romantic ( na katulad ko), gugustuhin nalang tumira sa isang fictional world at mainlove sa isang fictional character. Kasi doon, makukuha mo yung happy ending na gusto mo hindi tulad dito sa mundong ginagalawan natin na kailangan pang mag trial and error bago makilala yung taong para sa atin.

Pero parang parehas lang naman di ba? Ang pinagkaiba nga lang sa mga kwentong nababasa at napapanuod natin, doon malalaman mo na agad ang ending. Samantalang tayo, hindi alam kung hanggang kelan maghihintay.. hanggang kelan aasa kung kelan mo sya makikilala… o makikilala mo pa nga ba?

@sky-bennett: that face Jules has since forever judging your outfit lol. 

Babe you are a role model to me. Your mind, your intelligence, your strong personality. You are the proof that women can be as smart as they are pretty. 

You are that “unforgettable person” that many speak but few find in life. Cause that’s exactly who you are: someone unique, special and remarkable. I just can’t get enough of my ‘Jules’ daily dose haha

So Happy Birthday to my cruel (and also sweet) bf. You deserve all the amazing things of this world. 

lov u. @rothwell-juliet