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But the 20 that did the most talking this year. From , to for , welcome home.

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from this angle she’s raindrop shaped

i need advice!

in the future i would like to own tetras. i’m researching care for them, but one thing that’s all over the place is how many tetras you need to get so they feel safe in a school.

i have a 5.5g tank. do you think it’s possible to have a small school in there (just tetras no tank mates) or would i need a tank upgrade. (and if a tank upgrade is needed how big?)


Today’s achievements! Hedgehog shelf went relatively well. The girls now have huge Christmas tree totes and plenty of room for more enrichment! :D

The cat highway work went much less well and included lots of swearing and threatening thr cats with disowning if they don’t use the damn things. There’s still another section bought that needs to go up, but someone was going to die by power drill if we kept going tonight. We’ll try to finish tomorrow & I’ll post pics if we succeed!