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Panasonic wants to bombard you with 'Minority Report' style in-store ads

There’s a scene in Minority Report where Tom Cruise, on the run, hides in a department store. Unfortunately, the billboards that line the walls read his eye print and begin screaming his name at every turn. We may have seen that sequence as a nightmare of consumerism gone wrong, but Panasonic’s clearly been taking notes. The company has teamed up with Photon Interactive (nope, us neither) to personalize the digital signage that you find in stores. The idea is that a person would walk into a shop and a Panasonic display would offer up personalized adverts, tailored offers and other ways to part us from our money. There’s no word on how close we are to seeing these systems in reality, but the pair told TechCrunch that they’re working with a few “early partners” to test this out. Let’s just hope that the duo don’t get hold of your browsing history or else everyone else in Sears is going to know what you Google for at night.

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