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"Rather than just pitching whatever, better understand who people are, and then allow each of these individuals to get exactly what they need from you."

Find out how your brand can achieve higher market share by leveraging personalized, value-add experiences:

40% of executives agree that drives business results, yet 46% aren't where they'd like to be on implementation, finds new research from Forbes. What are the challenges and what sets the leaders apart?

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Hi! I just wanted to say that the trauma model of dissociation is only one theory! Other mental illnesses have loads of different theories, and so does dissociation!

Different theories can help explain different people’s experiences!

These different theories haven’t filtered out into mainstream consciousness, but they’re out there! In admittedly challenging to read academic formats but still!

NUTURE Your Way to Success In Real Estate

Upheaval in the Real Estate industry is happening in a big way. Along with that there’s fierce competition out there. With the sheer number of Agents competing for the same listings and Clients, Agents have to do something different. Nurturing Your Clients, SOI (Sphere of Influence) and the database is more crucial than ever. I can tell you those monthly email newsletters are not having the impact you think. If you want to stay top-of-mind, you need to nurture in a personal authentic way. The word that should be ingrained in you and throughout your business is ‘relationship.’ Let’s dive in.

Changes in Real Estate are here to stay

That was then. Today new Startups and Companies with deep pockets are disrupting by changing the commission structure or offering an all-in-one tech solution. Companies like Redfin are now offering a catalogue of homes for sale directly to the consumer. Other top brokerages are offering Concierge services to cater to their clients. Guess what else Companies are doing? They are listening to consumer complaints and finding real solutions to take the pain out of the real estate experience.

The Client is in the Driver’s Seat

Real Estate went from a broker-centric model to an agent-centric model and now  it’s CLIENT-FOCUSED. Top Real Estate professionals know what they need to do to stay top-of-mind going forward. They are shifting their business model from agent-centric to more client-focused because building and nurturing client relationships is how to keep your Clients. This is a completely different way to run a brokerage. The traditional agent-centric model educated agents on how to prospect or how to approach an expired listing. A client focused approach is all about how to provide the best consumer experience.

Exceed Your Clients Expectations

Brokerages that are client-focused are training their team on how to cater to their clients and prospects in a genuine and authentic way. Using tools like strategic gift giving and sending real personalized cards can give that human touch and warmth that emails and texts can’t.  There is a push-back to get Agents to do it because it takes so much time.  We have talked about the importance of genuine relationship- building in several of our blog posts. When you focus on service, you don’t have to worry about your competition because you’ll be WOW-ing your clients with top-notched customer service that exceeds their expectations before, during and after the sale.  We spoke about this in our blog 7 Reasons Why Trust will Help Build Your Business  in the section Obsess over Client Treatment AFTER the sale

Build Relationships one Client at a Time

Relationship-building techniques take structure, consistency and follow-through. KardZee has a structured strategy to help you meaningfully engage and nurture your Clients and Prospects without take 100’s of your hours and still getting thru. Our NURTURE Campaign just launched this week. Traditional ways of sales no longer work. It’s time to move away from the hard sell to building long lasting relationships. The Consumer has made it crystal clear that they want MORE. It’s your job to give it to them by using the tools to give more personalized outreach. Reality TV Shows are a hit for a reason. People want to KNOW more about YOU.

It’s time to level up and get back to the basics of building relationships, one client at a time. When you focus on your Client, you are building trust and loyalty. Consumers want to be your focus not an afterthought.

What are you doing to be different and stand out?

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5 Ways Tech is Disrupting Real Estate

We have seen how tech disruption has changed how we live and make purchases. One Industry that has still not completely been disrupted is Real Estate. There have been some improvements when it comes to searching for properties. Industry leaders like Zillow/Trulia have made it easier and faster for the consumer to search for homes and commercial real estate. But has that changed the way we buy? No, not really. Let’s dive into ways ‘next wave tech’ is disrupting real estate.

Blockchain for Financing and Buying in Saves Time and is More Secure

Real Estate has historically been a “pen and pencil” business. In an expanding global market, technology has begun to shake up the archaic and inefficient processes of doing business. Blockchain is getting ready to change the way we make transactions in real estate. It was originally created to support cryptocurrency bitcoin. Today Blockchain can make it possible for people and companies to make majors transactions without going through an intermediary. These intermediaries could be a credit card service companies, stock exchanges, banks and governments. These traditional ways can make transactions slow and expensive. It can also present opportunities for crime or fraud. The Real Estate Industry is being bogged down by sheer access to deals, the time it takes to close, high fees and fraud.

An example of blockchain innovation are Smart Contracts. Standard property agreements are complicated and have middlemen. A smart contract is completed in its entirety buy the buyer and the seller without any human interaction. How does it work? The seller includes all of the properties details and the buyer puts in all the necessary information on a 100% secure block. The legitimacy of the transaction is checked by computer protocols. No agreement is final until all terms have been met. This means transactions are done in less time.

Elite ‘Full Stack’ Brokerage Teams are on the Rise

Trulia and other similar platforms have caused a shift in real estate brokerages. Solo agents are finding it increasingly challenging to succeed on their own in a fiercely competitive environment. The industry is seeing more elite “full stack” brokerage teams that have the tech-savvy skill set needed that clients are demanding. These teams keep their finger on the pulse of the next phase in the modern tech evolution or 'Frontier Technology’. Todays client is doing a lot of their property search online before ever contacting anyone.

iBuyers are Changing the Traditional Selling Process

Data-driven real estate tech companies are also affecting property sellers. Redfin has taken a big step in the disruption by purchasing homes themselves and selling it directly to buyers. Companies that do this are called iBuyers. According to Daryl Fairweather, Chief Economist at Redfin- “we’re taking the stance that people want choice. Sellers can take the iBuyer offer or go through agents in the Redfin network. In addition to this, Redfin offers a concierge product for a 2% fee that allows sellers to outsource time-consuming renovation work, such as landscaping, often required to make a home sellable.” Other companies, such as Compass, which calls itself a tech company, also offers a Concierge Service that pays for repairs upfront and takes it back when the home sells.

Frictionless Personalized Client Experience

Real Estate is no longer just about the property, it’s about people and experiences. Clients want a personalized experience from the first interaction all the way to the transaction but different than the past. It’s crucial for Agents to get to know the Client because Clients are demanding more from their Agents. They want a ‘Concierge Experience’ that relates to their busy lives and tech-filled lifestyles. Most Clients have already started their home search online and just want you to help navigate the process. Help strengthen the relationship by being the go-to resource for things like like moving services, cleaning services, local knowledge and resources. This, plus quality ’NURTURE’ Campaigns, keeps you top-of mind after the sale, helps you stand out and ultimately gets you more referrals.

The Rise of AR in Real Estate

A great tool to create a personalized experience is the use of AR (Augmented Reality). AR gets Clients more interested and involved by giving a 3D catalogue of properties to choose from. Real Estate AR Apps such as ARHouse (hyperlink) saves busy clients time plus the convenience of looking at potential properties anywhere, anytime. AR helps streamline their search process by figuring out what they want and what they don’t want in a property. AR also helps clients visualize how their personal style would work in the space. With just a click, Clients can see different styles of furniture to help paint a complete picture. if you love mid-century furnishings for example, you can fill a house with that style to see how it looks. It helps you see your style in your potential home which ultimately helps sell it.

The business of real estate is evolving. If you want skin in the game, you need to level up and be that go-to agent. Your clients are tech savvy and have done their home search before they even pick up the phone. Agents have to change with the times and meet the client where they are. Tech alone is not going to change the way we buy and sell properties. It’s more than creating a solid platform or an app. It’s about Agents using those tech tools to create a seamless omnichannel experience for the seller and the buyer. No matter how much tech there is, people still buy from people.

Are you embracing the Real Estate tech disruption?

Challenge #02330-F140: Take Art

it is not hard to tell the difference between a human run ship and one that is run by others, for humans love color, ships run by humans often have painted walls and images everywhere, for ships that have a ‘ships human’ it is often best to allow them to decorate their living spaces to avoid agitation from staring at monochrome walls all the time (humans that don’t decorate generally enjoy music, writing or other creative acts) – Anon Guest

Every species has an aesthetic, even the ones who don’t have eyes. The Pteropts, for instance, prefer smooth, sound-baffling walls and keep sculptures of incredible intricacy. The Cephaloda, a water-borne species, arrange gardens of rocks, shells and coral surrounding their ocean homes. Humans… love colourful things.

There’s a reason why most public spaces - excepting designated graffiti zones - are grey. It is the least offensive colour to multiple species’ eyes. Well. Those who have eyes to see with. There is only one species offended by Public Property Grey, and that is, of course, Humans. These Deathworlders, whose life is often interesting in deadly ways, hate bland and inoffensive tones, especially when those tones are everywhere.

Humans are the reason that designated graffiti zones exist. They see a blank expanse of wall and feel obligated to fill it. Words, pictures, a mix of the two. Cartoons, if they can get away with it. There is not an empty wall that a Human will not attempt to improve, somehow. When Humans are forced to cohabit, it is best to use a mediator to assist in co-ordinating the group aesthetic.

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Why Storytelling is a Powerful Marketing Tool

One of the biggest buzz words in Content Marketing is Storytelling. In a great book, ‘Millionaire Success Habits’ by Dean Graziosi, there’s a chapter called ‘The Power of Your Story’. That chapter alone inspired this week’s post. Who doesn’t LOVE a good story? Storytelling helps marketers develop a deeper personal connection with their audience. Throughout history, Storytelling has been a way to share, communicate, educate and connect. Now more than ever, businesses need to find ways to engage their audience. Let’s dive more into the importance of Storytelling for your business.

Less Selling and MORE Telling

Nobody likes a pushy sales person. Trying to convince your audience to buy your products/services is a big turn-off. Promoting your brand through storytelling, is more about sharing an experience and leaving it up to them to decide. Customers don’t want to be forced into a decision. They want to feel like they are the ones making the choice.

Storytelling Helps You Stand-out from the Competition

Having unique products and services is great, but a good story will distinguish you from the competition. When you share your unique story with your audience are more likely to remember your brand and keep you top-of-mind. Brands like Coca-Cola, Subaru, and Apple know how to tell a compelling story. Instead of the product front and center, it’s about promoting a lifestyle.

“In a world where people have a lot of choices, the story may be the deciding factor.

-Nick Morgan

Storytelling Adds a Human Touch to Your Brand

In a digital driven world, people are craving a human element. With so many choices in a fiercely competitive market, people want to feel a connection to their brands. They are not looking to be your bestie, but they want to know you have the solution to their problem. Testimonials and videos made by the CEO humanizes your brand in a personal way by adding a human element to your content marketing, your brand becomes a more attractive choice. Our Founder and CEO Keverne Denahan does weekly KardZee videos not only talking about our product, but also sharing tips and ideas to add value to our brand and story.

Storytelling Share REAL Experiences

People want to hear from others about their experience before making a purchase. I always look for customer reviews and Social Media Influencers to help me make an informative decision before I hit the ‘buy’ button. When you base your marketing content on storytelling, your potential customers will get something more meaningful than just facts and features. They’ll now understand why they need your product/services and take action. Before I purchased my iphone, YouTube Influencers helped take me from maybe to purchase. Why? Because they shared a compelling story that helped me make the decision to buy.

Storytelling is a basic human experience that unites people and drives stronger, longer lasting connections. Sharing your Story adds meaning to your brand. It also builds trust and loyalty. Products, features and advantages are important, but how is your brand solving a problem? Great Storytelling can present a compelling solution that resonates.
What’s your STORY?