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Découvrez comment modifier l’apparence des boutons de navigation d’Android tout en bas de l'écran

That's nice first time I see some personalisation in an in-flight entertainment system based upon a code on your boardingpass, it is still very limited but it's a start.

Personalisation was the key marketing tactic used in our campaign for resulting in an average open rate in excess of 45%. Read the here and pick up some tips for your own campaigns:

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In this age of what do need to know about their customers? Find out in our new blog.

With Christmas around the corner, are you still wracking your brain over what to get your loved ones? Read our gift guide on our 12 best selling Christmas gifts of 2019:

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Register to get news if you want to be one of the first to hear about our speaker announcements, early bird pricing, agenda, workshops and more, please add yourself to our mailing list

Test complete! This year's card all set for production using our special effect foils.

Time to down up! Vermont Down Gilet provides warmth and protection from weather but also allows freedom for movement, ideal for a variety of urban activities. Supplied by Nimbus, personalised by .

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Sensationalised Poetry: A Deterring Spectacle


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BtoBet discusses key elements for personalisation in latest Industry Report

BtoBet discussed in their latest Industry Report,“The Personal Touch for The European Player”, as an iGaming technology provider, the report analyses the increasing challenges that operators are facing to in order to compete and succeed in the highly competitive industry. One of the key elements to provide players with a unique and tailored user experience, […]

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Personalised cube!
Part of the King & Queen Box 🎁
Can be purchased individually or as part of the King & Queen Box
DM for enquiries •

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How easy will it become to buy clothes online?

The Size-Stream Scanner is currently just a prototype and is merely a space with a curtain pulled around it, fitted with 10 sensors. When the music starts up, just place your feet on the marked spot, and grab a pair of handles. Within seconds the machine will have your precise dimensions after taking scans of your body. On a screen outside you’ll get to see yourself modelled in 3D. 

This new tech developed by Metail, a Cambridge company, gets to construct a body model of you, with all the lumps and bumps, so it’s very personalised. The idea is that you can then dress the virtual model of yourself in various outfits online and see how they look from all angles. The retailer can also send you fashion ideas as new designs come in, as modelled by your digital avatar.

“Everybody has the ability to look great,” Metail founder Tom Adeyoola told the BBC. “There’s no reason why we won’t move to a future where the idea of size disappears. It’s about dressing the best for your shape to make you feel good.”

However, this kind of tech in Western clothing outlets has taken up slowly, partly because retailers are concerned that customers may be put off by what they see. “If people want the most accurate way of capturing their body shape this is a great way of doing it,” said Mr Adeyoola. “But we want the easiest way, so we also built a statistical model. For a woman, if you enter height, weight and bra size, plus your general shape - hour-glass or pear-shaped - you can get a sense of what your fit will be that’s 92% to 96% accurate.” But he reckons that in time both of these methods will be overtaken by the mobile phone, which will become “an exceptionally good and accurate tape measure”.

One company with similar ideas is Japanese online fashion retailer Zozo. It sends customers a figure-hugging body stocking featuring unique positioning spots all over it. You squeeze into the bodysuit, stand in front of your mobile phone and turn 360 degrees while the phone takes snaps of you to create a 3D model of your shape. You can then order “custom fit” clothes from a currently limited range. 

It’s an interesting idea, but another problem with online fashion shopping is that shoppers love the convenience but they can’t try the clothes on first, so returns are high, and this adds a layer of cost which is often passed on to customers. Women don’t like to buy jeans in stores and it’s not any better at home. In Germany, where there is a long history of mail order shopping, return rates are about 50%, whereas the figure is somewhat lower in the UK.

“Try before you buy” services offered by the likes of Amazon, Asos, Topshop and JD Sports merely exacerbate the returns issue, although the retailers hope higher sales will offset this cost. So more online retailers are trying to offer bespoke clothing and personalisation services. That’s borne out by recent moves by Amazon to patent a “virtual fitting room” app. Yet to be developed, the app would scour a customer’s social media photographs to predict their fashion style before identifying possible suggestions.

The number one trend in fashion right now is customisation. Most customers are overwhelmed with the choice they’re provided with, particularly online. For instance a company called Outfittery uses algorithms and human stylists to come up with a selection of clothes tailored to your stated style preferences, size, personality and aspirations. Founder Bösch says the company has 20 algorithms making the selections and eventually it plans to develop its own exclusive brands using the insights it has gleaned from its 600,000 customers. 

But if online fashion makes itself even more attractive, does that spell further trouble for physical shops? The High Street is indeed struggling to differentiate itself from what’s online. But if there’s a need for fewer shops, these need to become more interesting brand retail experiences. Nike recently launched a new store in New York where customers can try on sports shoes and immerse themselves in a digital game while running on a treadmill. Alibaba has launched similar “experience-led” stores in China. 

Retail analysts think that stores will become smaller. They will become much more a blend of picking up stuff you’ve ordered online and returning products you didn’t like. And they will be much more service orientated, with less display, although you’re going to have flagship stores where brands will showcase what they can offer.


Improving personalisation in care homes

This care home action plan is for managers and owners of care homes for older people. It will help you to:
  • Build a shared understanding of what personalisation (or person-centred care) means in a care home setting
  • Identify and plan practical improvements that will make your home more personalised

It has been designed to also be used for wider groups of people including those with complex conditions. Care home managers will be able to use the tool to support good conversations with residents and staff, and identify the improvements that will make the most difference to people’s quality of life.

Personalisation means building services and support around people so they can lead fulfilling lives. Towards the end of people’s lives, personalised care and support helps ensure people spend their time in ways that matter to them and with the people they want to share time with.

Because the focus of personalisation has been on supporting people in community settings, not enough has been done to support people who are working to make personalisation happen in care homes.

We recognise that care homes are an important and valuable part of the care economy and that much great work is going on to interpret what personalisation means to people living in homes.

This care home action plan will help you explore what personalisation means for care homes and more importantly help you have conversations together about where you are now and what you could do to improve things.


When it comes to personalisation, our craft meets your story.  

Since 1849, Moynat has been keeping on with the tradition of customisation. 

Wearing your own initials is about the personal pleasure of a beautiful object that you have had stamped as yours and which you will keep for years. Or a thoughtful gift that someone has taken the time to get marked for you.


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Aujourd’hui à la cité de la mode et du design jusqu’à l’aube !
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From initials to motifs, when it comes to personalisation our craft meets your story.

We offer silver, gold and plain stamping for personalisation. Hot stamping is a traditional method of personalising leather goods, using techniques that date back over 150 years. Moynat offers a selection of motifs, typefaces, sizes which can be stamped onto a flat leather surface. Our artisans will hand-set the brass characters in proportion to the product and the leather’s grain, assemble them with meticulous care to ensure that the spacing is perfectly even, and lock them into the heated plate of the stamping press. A sheet of gold or silver foil is placed beneath the plate and a trial impression is made on a piece of card to ensure it is correct, before the position is set and the product fixed firmly in place. The image is then stamped directly onto the leather, with a second layer of foil applied if necessary. In the case of particularly intricate motifs, the finer details are etched by hand to produce an image of the highest possible quality and definition. This process requires finely tuned skill, experience and expertise.

Bespoke isn’t always best, article in Courier magazine, June/July 17

“Many companies and analysts are eager to push the view that personalisation is the future. Yet beyond issues of privacy, the personalisation industry needs to convince more of us that there is inherent value in bespoke. So far, it’s offered little more than a sticker with your name on a jar of Nutella.”

#embellishments on champagne goblets for wedding with crystals beads and pearls. 💕👑
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The hybrid human balancing between transparent connections and colliding realities adapts with multifunctional services and products. New public spaces and secret libraries with comfortable reading corners gives us ease and rest needed for this flexible and rapid time where we are living at.