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Knowingly or not, we walk in between extremes - in the world and in our own lives. And there is a lot we can do about that.

May nagtanong sa first tweet ko. Kaya nga yung pangalawa kong tweet na feeling ko may mga magtatanong o mag aassume nilagyan ko na ng hashtag. Pero wala pa rin pala. Oh well. Lesson learned. Next time lahat lalagyan ko na ng 😂

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This has been a weird couple weeks

Yeah, it’s one of those. Sorry not sorry.

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Someone called me tonight to talk to me about you. We miss you more than you can imagine.

Parts of me feels guilty for feeling as strong about your absence as I do, considering I only knew you for a few short months. A part of me is heartbroken because I didn’t get more time to know you. Your texts here and there brought more joy to my life than I had ever realized until it was too late. I feel guilty and I know that it’s selfish to think that I could have done anything to change your mind. I can’t help how you felt. No amount of more texts or phone calls could have stopped the pain in your soul.

Meeting you and your friends was one of the most impactful things to happen to me in my teenage years, and it continues to impact me as I make my way into my twenties.

All I can do now is hope that you’re in a much happier place for yourself. My heart aches thinking about how much you touched everyone you met in so many ways you’ll never be graced with knowing. It’s not fair for you. You deserved to know how much everyone was impacted by your presence, even if it was only for a moment. You deserved to feel the feeling you gifted to others.

I think about that day and my gut swirls. My mind races. I remember waking up and hearing it, I refused to believe it. I couldn’t believe such a soft yet strong soul could feel so fucking helpless. My heart breaks for how your heart broke that day. It must take a lot of aching to go the way you chose. Maybe that’s what hurts the most.

I wish I could have known you more. I feel you live on in the friends who call me late at night to tell me how much they feel you everywhere. I cry every time I check your Facebook page because I can feel so much from every new post that a loved one leaves for you. I feel the love and the tranquility you blessed them with. I feel your sympathy and I feel your sarcasm. I feel your passion for music, for your temporary escape before the permanent. I wish.. I wish so much. I play the what if’s in my head all the time. 7 years later. I wish you could read this. Even in your better place I just wish I could yell this from the top of the tallest mountain in hopes that you hear me wherever you are, above or around me. You are living on. Your energy is everywhere and we can all feel it and I know it will never go away.

I’m going to listen to Pierce the Veil for you tonight. I always think of you when I play them. I fucking miss you.

You talked about missing me, but didnt even reach out when you made a new blog…

If you want me to leave you alone that bad, I wont follow it. Sends a pretty clear message when I find out about new name and blog from your twitter tbh