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Christmas is an opportunity to create some special family moments. What unique things are you planning this year?

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~ 30 Day (okay 10ish) Bias Challenge ~ . It's October 19th...I'm late? BUT we still doing this 👏 I'll follow guidelines, but loosely, since I'm the only one who'll likely even read this, and there will be many pictures because I have many let's go!

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Die braucht mehr . Was die Branche unternimmt, um Bewerber anzusprechen, und was die bundesweite bietet, erläutert VDV-Präsident Ingo Wortmann im Interview mit „Treffpunkt Kommune“: ▶️

RT IMQuotes_Videos: We all have the solutions to our own problems within us, find your inner strength. Growth

RT IMQuotes_Videos: Always strive to give back to the world regardless of how small it may be. Growth


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Yo...I wonder if twt has become my storage for a lot of my thoughts/annoyances because I’m single...not that I really bothered my ex before but 🤔 👀 more like I can throw thoughts out and not feel like I’m bothering anyone since no one’s required to respond lmao

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Ive had the worst day and my anxiety levels have been steady since the second i woke up.

My blood pressure is so low, idk how im still upright. I’ve got a tremor and palpitations and if i die in my sleep tonight, i don’t think any of my coworkers would be surprised.


i am so mad you still affect me. i don’t understand why. i just want to be over you and move on. but i cant. i’m still crying over you and f you read this i don’t know what to feel. you hurt me more than anyone i’ve ever met. it hurts so much to think about you and i get so tense the couple times you’ve been around me.. i can’t help the way i feel. i hate you so much and at the same time i miss you too.. my eyes hurt. my heart hurts. i don’t what to do. i hope you are happy

There is this friend I had/have who fell in love with the IDEA of me without actually doing the work to get to know me. It’s very strange because I really liked him until he started assuming who I was. Anyhow he moved away and I don’t respond often to his texts because I’m no longer interested in being an object for his obsession.

And I just received the thickest letter in the mail from him with homemade drawings and blank peices of paper and envelopes to write him back.

It’s weird. I’m weirded out.

My swedish side is like: oh take whatever you want if you’re hungry feel like home :)

Slavic side: if you don’t eat my homemade bread I put my blood, sweat and tears in I will shove it up your osel, kamos

I hate off screen conversations that are referenced as if they happened in the last episode. It always makes me feel like I either skipped an episode or didn’t finish the last one. If you’re going to reference it, why not just show it? Stop skipping over it. It’s especially bad when the show builds up to that conversation within the course of an episode or the course of the whole season and then it gets referenced without it ever happening on screen. 

I often think of going back in time but imagine going back what like 5-10 years and going yeah can’t really tell you much bcuz times lines lol but I can say what’s trending on Twitter; protests in China are burning down buildings, more people and famous people where arrested at the climate protests you know the exstrition rebellion to stop us all dying lol one of which was a guy dressed as prime minister boris Johnson yes that guy and climes Big Ben, also ten years since dan and Phil so ups and downs at least president trump didn’t threaten nuclear war again see ya

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Do you know of any resources for people looking into their Basque ancestors' records? Do local churches or bishop offices only have stuff physically, if at all?

Kaixo, anon!

We’re not into geneaology at all and don’t have the slightest idea about how you can access those records, sorry :S

Maybe some reader can provide you with more info…

The time is nigh...

…when I finally have my own apartment. It was a rocky road to get here, but on Monday I’ll finally go and sign the contract for the mortgage.

I should be happy, and I think I am, but panic attacks ruin the moment, and my depression is coming back. I fear what will happen if I finally move my ass there, and what will my close family say. I’m going to not give a shit anyway, and I won’t back out, but it would be great not to have guilt trips on the way.

Only thing that’s keeping me up the waves that I decided I’m going to have pet rats. They’re very cute and grateful, and I had the chance to hold one in my hands and it was a wonderful feeling. Of course my family doesn’t like the idea, but I really need some happiness in my life.

The next few weeks will be about renewal and choosing what kind of floor I want, and what colour I want on the walls.. If I would be a normal functioning human being I would be so excited right now.