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So! After binding a book a second time I have decided to make it my own art journal! ... Can't wait to show you all my progress. inspiration: @johannaclough #2020

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When did love no longer become the greatest commandment? When did judgment and gossip take the place of empathy in Christians? I wear my sin on my sleeve, not as a sign of pride, but as a symbol of vulnerability. I am human, and so are you, and so is everyone. The holier-than-thou attitude that has overtaken the church has buried empathy in the grave. The moment I saw the world and God with the most clarity is when I no longer let other people rate my spirituality. Those who spend their time chastising every decision of those spiritually “beneath” them in their eyes, do not know the true freedom of grace.  

sexuality is a fricking mess. for a moment I believe I’m gay, that I’m truly and only attracted to men, but then I see a particular woman and just— fuck i’m definitely not gay. Then I believe I’m not really bi at all, I just may well be straight (ah, catch the joke? because I’m definitely not) and then I see this picture of this gorgeous male celebrity and I just melts on the inside and think — well, that’s how straight I’m right huh? And I just tumble along this repeating cycle of gay, straight, bi, oh no, definitely gay, or wait, I’m straight, bi and so it goes on. and then I have periods of ”what is even sexuality? Don’t know her” and it’s just so confusing sometimes.

wow dang I just scrolled through my upset gurgling intensifies tag and it was actually kind of nice to see. there’s a lot of self hatred and fear from a few years ago that’s been resolved. when it felt like the world was ending, it didn’t. that friend is now my partner. i graduated. i no longer feel like my heart is breaking 24/7. im no longer living on the brink of death.

so that’s cool.

Well my hypothesis was that exercise would help with my back pain. I was right it does.

HOWEVER this does mean that’s the kind of thing I need to do MORE of.

Depression is a little bitch that clings to your feet and makes them 3 times heavier than they have any business being. And also this time of year is fucking cold.

Also all my clothes are dirty cause I had the not-quite-the-flu thing, and then depression, and now I can’t pick them up cause my fucking back hurts.

So I guess I’m just gonna be doing laps around the inside of the house or something. :|