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Cuantos jugadores han jugado RMadrid han sido tras su marcha MUCHOS! Pero como esta siendo Morata que lo formaron como y profesional en RMadrid es LAMENTABLE Somos el Atleti y ja Juve sabe donde viene Prometí al Cholo hace 3 años y medio venir al Atlético

Another successful workshop for the Career Marketplace 🙌. Thank you again , , , and our all research participants for the insightful feedback ⬅️👥➡️.

Many marketers are using , but is that really the best way? Check out Nick's blog to see why segmentation may be a better fit

Saw this floating around and people were confused/upset by seeming elitism, so I decided to add some clarity that I assume was the intent

¿ QUIERES EMPEZAR A “ACELERAR” UN POCO TU ? En principio llevas una , eres una activa, pero “ciertos de más” siempre están a tu lado… ¿Necesitas darle un “empujón” a tu metabolismo? ¡Presta atención! :

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-Un concepto ya familiar en la saga, pues ya se mostró en Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei allá en el 1987.- Se le llamó "Shin Megami Tensei If...", y fue tal su éxito que se decidió seguir con esa ambientación pero darle una vida propia. Así nacería la saga de .

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Customer Journey so wie der sie erlebt. Machen Sie Service zu Sales nach dem -Prinzip! Wie das geht zeigt in Halle 2 Stand E21

¡Hoy cumplimos 10 años formando en y queremos compartir nuestra alegría contigo! En breve daremos inicio al evento aniversario "La y su , protagonista del bien común" en el

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Atlus won't give us another death arcana party member because they know they can't do anything as good as Eikichi

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I wish P4 stans would stop acting like the P4 cast were angels. The P4 cast was douchey sometimes just like the cast of P5. Youske does pervy stuff like trying to spy on the girls while their bathing and making them wear bikinis just to gawk at them. The P4 cast teases and beats up Youske as a gag like the PT does with Ryuji, even stealing his money to buy Teddie stuff. They even were mean to Teddie, a character who's mentally a child and unlike Morgana wasn't intentionally mean to any of them.

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Makoto fanboys are ruining persona (note: I don't mean all men who like Makoto, I mean the extreme guys who are obsessed with her). Why should Atlus spend time and effort making well-written female characters when you can just shove them in the spotlight but give the bare minimum personality and cute design to make big money on merchandise where they are bending over a motorcycle suggestively? Can you imagine doing that with Maya in P2? Some guys would to see persona become a cheap harem anime.

Fresh start

With my recent… breakout… out of a terrible fandom, I felt like my sona needed a redesign. You’ll have to excuse me for redesigning her AGAIN, but I truly don’t want to be reminded of that god-awful fandom every time I look at her, as her previous design had multiple references to it (and it’s not a part of me anymore, obviously). And while I was at it, I made some other, smaller adjustments here and there, to keep up with the updated lore I made for her species. With all the warm colors she has now, namely the shades of brown and cream, I can’t help but think she looks like chocolate XD which I don’t mind in the slightest :P

I recorded this art, here’s the timelapse :)

As it turns out, I neglected referencing some of my other interests in her previous design… I guess it goes to show how truly obsessed I was. Until now, there was not a single detail that referenced Dragon Mania Legends or Monkey Quest, both franchises I love, and in case of Monkey Quest, a franchise that changed me for the better all those years ago. Something Zen can only dream of claiming…
Well… Zen did manage to change me by completely breaking me emotionally and me realizing things from that experience. But what is better, abusing me emotionally to learn something, or being nice and sweet while still managing to teach me? I think the answer is obvious.

To be fair, one thing that was originally intended as a Zen reference is staying - her name, Harmony. Not because of him, hell no, but because I greatly value harmony itself and the word is actually a clever combination of my internet nickname and my real name. Something I realized much later, and when I did, ho boi, I felt like a genius XD

Around a week passed since that fateful post (around a month since I first decided to leave the fandom behind), and I gotta say, I’m doing a lot better. I’m not sure if I can contribute my recent, surpringly positive mood to that, or if I’m just so happening to have a good week. It’s too soon to say for sure.

I know it’s hard but I think it’s worth the try! One of the best traits in Persona games are the relationships you create with the characters, and for the people that are used to their English voices, it would be a huge change in the experience to play with subs. So let’s at least show Atlus how important is the dub to us!

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Anyone who thinks Akiren’s parents had a good relationship with him didn’t pay a lick of attention at the beginning of the game. Sojiro says outright they “got rid of you” because you were “a pain in the ass” and they approved if the court’s rulings. That’s the whole bloody reason Sojiro is so hostile at the beginning of the game - he heard about you from your parents, who hate you, giving him a bad impression and making him think you are worse than you are.