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WTS BTS MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA Ver. 4 Full Set •Jhope photo card/ Jungkook post card •Poster included

BTS PERSONA トレカ交換 譲トレカ ホソクver2《優先》 ポスカ グク ポスカ ジン 求 テテver2 1:1の郵送での交換希望です。 条件の合う方いらっしゃいましたら、お気軽にリプ、DMお願い致します 🐯💜

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learns another gun move from . I actually started making this before Joker got dropped in . But I didn't think they'd ACTUALLY give him the gun! -

Selling 1 floor ticket BTS Chicago for BELOW face value on 5/12! Section C1 and have proof of purchase, transfer to you via Ticketmaster. DM/comment if interested!

WTT MOTS PERSONA HAVE: Yoongi postcard. Want: Tae version 1. Location: USA (will ship to canada).

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Working on a small design series, using the games as my influence! 1 of 3 is done. 💕

BTS PERSONA トレカ交換 (譲)ver3 ホソク J-HOPE ver4 ジョングク JUNGKOOK ポスカ ユンギ SUGA (求)ver3 ジョングク JUNGKOOK ver3、4 テヒョン V 都内手渡しor郵送にてお取引希望です。条件の合う方がいらっしゃいましたらリプまたはDMお願いします。

明日と明後日のペルソナスーパーライブ、前回はチケット購入しての視聴だったけど、今回はプレミア会員なら無料!? ちょっとサービスしすぎじゃないか! SUPER LIVE2019

eu qro fazer uma tattoo, mas eu tava muito desanimada.. até que minha amiga falou umas verdades pra mim e agr eu QUERO muuuito fazer ela.. 💖💖💖💕💜💘

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anonymous asked:

Persona 1 and 2 are outdated and basically dead at this point. I feel bad for the people that can't accept that and move on, but for the love of God, stop being assholes to people who haven't played them. They are nothing like Persona as it is known and loved today, and to be honest they did not age well, the gameplay is terrible. So yeah, modern Persona did start with Persona 3, it is what it is and if you can't accept that, sucks to be you I guess, but P1&2 are dead and not coming back.

I often relate to various video game protagonists a lot, depending on the games I’ve played/watched. The characters that are most relatable to me are Yu Narukami from the Persona 4 series, and Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends With You.

When I was moving to Calgary, I had to leave behind the friends I made back in Winnipeg and make new ones. From there I felt like I was Yu Narukami. I didn’t really know anyone in middle to high school, and I was often alone. I felt this way because I was moving from one city to a new home.
After my aunt passed away, the shock made me anti-social, which caused me to shut myself from the outside world. I didn’t make any friends in high school, and back then I decided I WANTED to be alone. At this point, I felt like I was Neku Sakuraba. I often gave people (even my own family) bad attitude and pushed them away.
I never sought out help because of the way I was feeling back then. But I no longer do that today though.

Playing and/or watching these games made me feel relatable to these characters. Nowadays, I’m no longer alone nor will I shut people out anymore. I’m not going back to the person I once was in the past. I will keep moving forward no matter what. I made a few friends post-graduation, whether it be IRL or online.

I am so glad I have friends now, even if they are far away. I want to keep making friends, and become acquainted with my friends’ friends as well.
I’m opening myself up more. I want people to show me more of the world, and I want to show them mine.

I think it’s funny that one of my ongoing WIPS is a God!au and BTS really came in and gave me all the material I needed for it like everybody thank Hoseok for writing Dionysus


Hey please fall in this reticle, thanks


Life has been a bit of a struggle lately and I wanted to draw something soothing.  So I’ve crawled out of my cave to throw some glitter at you guys. <3  


Theme of the day: Persona 5 Last Suprise

In celebration of having Joker on smash, here is the popular song for Persona 5. Ironic how joker is not the “last surprise” for secret smash fighter dlc. 

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