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А вы в курсе, что хостит зеркало с ? Это вам не Россия24. И палится :)

is one of the most influential yet no one is interested in talking about it. Explore this paradox in our on-demand :

Tom Wyant expands on David Farrell's earlier article on validating numbers by taking a look at how to deal with Unicode numbers.

Retour en images sur le 2019 ➡️ n°1 des solutions immobilières en de propriété 🏆 Merci à tous nos d'avoir voté pour nous ! cc

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Hey guys! Commisions are open now. If you want me to draw something for you, write me. I can draw in my own style and some cartoon styles. I’ll be glad to draw your own character or some fanart for you. 
I am waiting for your orders~ 
Please, guys, help me to  spread this information! Every reblog is very important and will be a big help for me! Thank you!

Subtle Advertising For Myself:
  • Me: Did you know that I have a YouTube channel, PERL?
  • Pearl: No, please stop.
  • Me: Never. It's called guinealover6674 !!!,PERL.
  • Pearl: Please stop advertising for yourself.
  • Me: No, can't you see that I'm desperate?
  • Pearl: ...
  • Pearl: The hiatus is getting to you.
  • Me: Thanks for noticing, PERL. I appreciate that. Just wait. Also I'm tired and this is probably the worst conversation ever, so goodnight.
  • Pearl: I'm too cool for sleep.
  • Me: I know, PERL. I know.
Just Another Perl Hacker’s Rant

So… I’ve been programing in Perl for a long time, 5.12 was my favorite iteration and I painstakingly made my way into 5.20. Decided I was going to write a bot for Discord in Perl recently. I knew that before there wasn’t a module for it so I started one a few months ago and have been too busy to get around to finish it. Today I found a Perl6 module for the Discord API which obviously doesn’t work for Perl5.x So I looked up Perl6 and WTF?! has our Perl community done? Perl 6 is atrocious and reeks of Java and .Net influence. Can’t believe the Perl community would even support it. Needless to say I’m spending the night and tomorrow translating the Perl6 module for the Discord API back into Perl5.

Steven Universe

GUYS GUYS GUYS!!!!!!! I think I know why Amethyst has super long hair. In previous episodes she says she likes Greg’s hair, and she has short hair then. Now she has long hair like Greg. SHE COPIED HIS HAIR!!! Maybe. Im not an expert. But it’s possible.

Support and PHP

So got to setting up OTRS, neat email based support system and it works pretty well it seems. There are some issues setting it up initially, but it integrates very well into your support email ! Should have thought of using it for kwippy once i think about it he he.

Just managed to get PHP compiled from source with php-fpm patch on it, the configure string was as follows

./configure –enable-fastcgi –enable-fpm –with-mcrypt –with-zlib –enable-mbstring –disable-pdo –with-pgsql –with-curl –disable-debug –with-pic –disable-rpath –enable-inline-optimization –with-bz2 –with-libxml-dir –with-zlib –enable-sockets –enable-sysvsem –enable-sysvshm –enable-pcntl –enable-mbregex –with-mhash –with-xsl –enable-zip –with-pcre-regex –with-mysql –with-gd –with-mysqli –with-jpeg-dir –with-freetype-dir –with-png-dir –with-pdflib

Though on debian getting GD with JPEG requires the open jpeg library [not the other jpeg lib]. Thats after going through the compilation a couple of time !

Also planning to move my server to a better setup, running out of memory right now.


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Perl is an all-woman Hasidic rock band that performs exclusively for female audiences. The Brooklyn-based indie trio, led by singer Perl Wolfe, believes women deserve a “space to rock out.” And why not? If their shows are anything to go by, Perl is creating a positive and empowering environment for women.