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"Happy Day Phyto Splash Deo Colônia" da Phytoderm é uma fragrância delicada e envolvente perfeita para a mulher romântica e alegre.

Back in stock! is powerful and potent, and will take you into sacred dimensions. Each bottle comes infused with a handpicked moldavite chip stone for unbelievable spiritual experiences and opening your heart and mind to all beings.

アリアナの後にPerfume!! ライブ配信は4月22日16時ごろ

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ついにCoachella2日目!!Perfume、ZEDD&アリアナ見に行くぞーーー!!! (写真のPuzzleはCoachellaのチケットと一緒に届いたパズル)

#1 Inspiring lyric of the day: I wanna make my life 輝く宝石のような My Dream きっと I wanna make my life “I wanna make my life Shining like a precious stone My Dream Without question I wanna make my life

の配信は下記チャンネルより、日本時間で4/22(月)16時から! Coachella 2019 Curated LIVE(YouTube) しっかり50分間の予定が取られています。

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Moms love perfumes too! You can make one for her with the help of Asmita from Forza de Vie. Slots available for April 28

Coachella 2019 Curated LIVE WEBCAST SCHEDULE Sunday, April 21th (all times PDT) 9:00 PM - Coachella Curated: Khalid, H.E.R. 10:00 PM - Coachella Curated: Dillon Francis, CHVRCHES 10:25 PM - Ariana Grande 12:00 AM - Perfume

"Love Your Paradise" Aloha From Paradise by is one of the new spring just released. Its on our to do list to get this product added to our as soon as possible. In the meantime..check out our auctions going on now.

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The Beauty Cove - Scent Selection - Easter time!

La grande famiglia Portraits Penhaligon’s.
Quality time.
All together now.
Each one with its own personality…
and the peerless scent to describe ‘em all.
Smart, loyal, intriguing, sharp, gossipy, vain, mysterious, witty, romantic, shallow, fancy, rebel. You all are definitely welcome!
We adore this attitudes melting pot!
Enjoying this festive prelude with the amber woody musk harmony of latest addition to Penhaligon’s Portraits collection, The ingenue Cousin Flora, her lively galore, her sparkling smile and suddenly the butterfly within switches into unpredictable ladyhawke. 
Meet her in selected perfumeries and Bar à Parfums Olfattorio.



Jubilation 25 Woman

Notes: lemon, rose, ylang-ylang, tarragon; rose, laudanum, artemisia, incense; amber, patchouli, musk, vetiver, myrrh

Tl;dr: this is a Mata Hari type “seductive” fragrance, edging into skankiness before settling into amberous wamth. Super intellectually interesting, super not my personal style – but haunting.

The opening is bright citrus — I guessed orange at first, because the lemon is mixed with sweetness — and smoky-spicy incense, followed quickly by an almost fruity, winy smell. Maybe the rose, though I’m not the only one to smell fruity notes throughout; Kafkaesque calls it a fruity chypre.

Then you get a sweet-spicy-dark, heavy myrrh/labdanum dominant thing, with this fruity (apparently davana flower, which smells like peach?) and almost overripe or funky side, just on the border between edgy and repellent. There are definitely animalic notes under there too.

For some reason this brings back memories of a particular family that was friends with my family, and used to invite us to backyard barbecues. Maybe one of the women wore a similar sweet-spicy perfume?

By the time it dries down, it’s just the essentials; sweet, spiced, winy-fruity, sort of an ambery-orange synaesthetically. 

The farthest drydown, 5 hours later, is pure golden-spiced amber without the fruit, and feels firmly in middle-aged lady territory to me, but with a lovely, earnest, contralto timbre.

It’s both a little overbearing and cloying, like an older woman pushing for more intimacy with you than you really want, and strangely romantic and nostalgic, like summer dusk walking past chain-link fences trailed with vines and signs that say Beware of Dog.

Jubilation 25 isn’t me, but she’s someone I’d like to meet, someone who’ll show me things I’ve never seen.

Perfume LA April 19 2019

While at the concert I decided to keep track of the set list. It was so much fun seeing them again and this time we actually got an MC and PTA corner!!!

Set list:

Future pop

Electro world

If you wanna


Tiny baby


Let me know


secret secret

-FP Remix -

Tokyo girl

PTA Corner

pick me up

Fake it


Chocolate disco


Magic of love

Mugen mirai