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Palabras De Vida !!!

おは! 先日はperfect チームユナイトで すき焼き〜‼️‼️ おいしかったわぁ〜。 仕事まで体の調整 していこ!(^^)

ステーキ食べて、映画見て、さかえすしなう!🙄 食べたら仕事まで寝よー🙄 ホラー映画を久し振りに映画館でみたけど終始ビビりっぱなしでした! もうホラーは疲れるからしばらく見ん!🙄

It’s my birthday and episode is about The Terminator

Picked up this card at the end of the sound bath healing:

憧れの知野さんのdoronのサポーターの ロゴなし届いたー! これならPERFECTの試合でも使える!

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Congratulations to our current and former Panthers who scored a score on the FSA ELA, Math and/or Science exams. We are so proud of you!

“The of the Lord is , refreshing the . The of the Lord are , making the simple.” Psalms 19:7

Replying to

When your call is , you definitely don’t want the first hand witnesses confirming it and vindicating you.

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This buffer frame. I feel bad for mermando. Spam “f” in the chat to pay respects to him

anonymous asked:

im confused bc you guys ship with a minor?? it kinda seems hypocritical that you say you don’t ship with anyone under 18 but ship with someone who is actually under 18

[As we stated before here, we interact with SOME MINORS WE KNOW AND TRUST.
We know Charlie (The mun for Callow and Ghirah) for a while now, we trust charlie and they trust us. Our ships with them stay in a safe environment. 

We RATHER NOT TO SHIP with other minors as there is a lot of discourse going around, specially with adults that didn’t knew they were rping with minors. And we really rather not get caught on a misunderstanding that could get blown out of proportions.

Not to mention that we really prefer to ship with other adults where we can be safe.]