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I missed this! Still great! @ Coronado Lanes

¡Poca ropa y mucha pasión!😏 Los protagonistas de te mostrarán el lado absurdo y cómico del amor😍 , ¿ya compraste tus entradas?🏃👉

Domingo lluvioso y frío, lindo clima para compartir una deliciosa pizza “Prosciutto”

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Fanfic writer’s appreciation day♥ (✌゚∀゚)☞  @starkdocx

(( rec by @starkdocx ))

Fic: Oscillate, shift

Summary: Tony’s life is finally going ok. He has Pepper (and he loves her like nothing he’s ever loved before), he has Rhodey, and he has the suit.

It doesn’t take more than an hour for the Avengers to form their opinions of him.

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Hi Ace!!! I'm not in school yet, Mom just started early so... I will scream your name while riding a deadly roller coaster!!! Love U, Big Sis!!!! <3, Your little sis! P.S., I have a Tony headcanon for you based on something that JUST HAPPENED 5 SECONDS AGO with my mom: Tony: 'Zombie walks to bathroom, gets a drink and runs into Pepper on the way back' Tony, who hasn't slept in 84 hours: 'Walks to bed' "Sleep, I welcome you!" Crashes on bed. Pepper, who was watching the whole time: ..."Tony?!?!?

Ah, I hope you have a good time! 

Haha oh my gosh this is canon, Tony needs lots of sleep, let him rest xD

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Can you imagine Tony crying when Pepper walks in with her wedding dress and then throws a shy smile? Because I can

I don’t see Tony crying so much as doing that little sniff he does when he’s emotional and then trying to act ~cool, but on the inside he’s screaming because she’s so perfect and he can’t believe how lucky he is. 

  • Pepper: Tony, is there a duvet in the kitchen?
  • Tony: It's my new tactic to get Peter up in time for school, 14th time lucky and all that.
  • Pepper: You know I had a chat with May, she makes it his responsibility and if he's not up on time he doesn't get breakfast.
  • Tony: But Peter said...? Peter! Get your butt out here right now!

I will NEVER understand why lots of Tony Stark stans and MCU fans in this forsaken website called TUMBRL don’t even like #Pepperony or directly HATE Pepper and have the guts to say she’s abusive. Abusive my ass don’t @ me assholes. You can keep that bullshit for yourselves. Or ship Tony with whatever character that exchanged a word or a glance with him on a scene and then they never, under no circumstance will ship Mr. Tony Stark with Miss Pepper Potts, the love of his life, the one thing he can’t live without, the person he wants to be the mother of his children, the person he’s loved for all his life… I just… My mind races trying to understand this. HONESTLY. For me it’s just so weird? That people will ever do backflips in order to erase Pepper’s importance in Tony’s life? Diminish her? Twist the plots so she is the bad guy? WHAT THE EVERLASTING HELL PEOPLE? 

Pepper Potts IS the most important person in your fave Tony Stark’s life and him in hers? So suck it up, I guess? I mean…I don’t even care about this shippers and stans motivations. It’s just so weird. I can’t put my finger around this silly behaviour. I just. Wow. It is Wow. Ugh just makes me want to vomit you know?

Ship whatever shit you want to but it’s just my mind can’t and never will understand the blatant disregard of some Tony stans and MCU fans for Tony and Pepper’s beautiful and real relationship, full of love, friendship, trust and confidence. The way they complement each other. So much love.

Maybe people is seeing other MCU movies? Other Iron Man movies? Maybe they live in some other MCU movie reality? Parallel universe? Because wow. I can’t go to the #Pepperony tag and see #Pepperony content and enjoy it. 

I only see in our #Pepperony tag delusional people shipping characters that only like breath oxigen in the same frame of a movie with Tony? God. Help me. Please. It’s one of those days I can’t stand this shit for more time.

I miss #Pepperony Week so fucking much already.

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any mcu (Tony centric) fic recs? xoxo

I wasn’t too sure if you were looking for any specific pairing or time period within the MCU, so I’ve sorted this list out into a few different pairings, and for stevetony’s case, uhhh several different ~eras~

This is mostly stevetony though. With some pepperony, irondad spiderson, and various other pairings sprinkled in. Under the cut, because this got ridiculously long.

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