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“If you want to be a great , remember to treat all with respect at all times.” Simon Sinek

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Good morning Aristotelis🌞🌞🌞 Lots of from Australia now in a warmer than usual Autumn's embrace💛💛💛 Love to You and the ones you love and the of Athens 💝💝💝 Introducing an Albino Australian Koala ...misha💞

The butt-kissers are often not your hardest-working, smartest or most loyal . They simply tell you that.

7 days to submit to and the New People Track: hiring, talent, culture, mental health, diversity, equity, inclusion & connection. Have a session idea? Get it in!

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Kardinál Beran - ilustrace k 26.výročí Plzeňské diecéze


Baby’s weed 赤ちゃんと草 2012.3.14 1才 総一 Movie


What if it’s an idea and I keep mistaking it for people ? What if it has been my mind all along, painting the same picture, knitting the same dress then projecting it on whoever who was in front of me ? How can I trust it’s people and what they inspire, when despite their differences they arouse the same feelings in me ? One funny coincidence is that it all happened during the same period; early summer. It has been a very particular period for me; I would always, always, meet someone who will mess up whatever equilibrium I had established. One would step in, without warnings, and flip me upside down, then leave. The sleepless nights come after this, and the texts. I would feel afraid all the time, how life is going to be without them, and I would linger more than needed because I am terrified of the alternative. I would also think about how little and uninteresting my life is, and how I have fallen short in everything, while their life is totally the opposite. I would feel heat in all my body, rising up to my head to settle in that spot under my ears. Everything is suddenly a hassle, and the mere thought of thinking about anything becomes the most consuming thing in the world, while my mind keeps turning in a perfect circle, like a whirlwind. Everyone is not enough, everyone except for the person who is not here. I would feel alone even though I am not. I would think to myself that I have a mental health thing going on, it cannot be normal. This should not be normal. 


FEMALE 女 (じょ, おんな); jou, onna  
WOMAN 女性 (じょせい); jousei
GIRL 女の子 (おんなのこ); onnanoko
SHE 彼女 (かのじょ); kanojo

MALE 男 (だん, おとこ); dan, otoko 
MAN 男性 (だんせい); dansei     
BOY 男の子 (おとこのこ); otokonoko
HE 彼 (かれ); kare

EVERYBODY 皆 (みんな); minna
I 私 (わたし); watashi
NOBODY 誰も (だれも); daremo
THEY 彼ら (かれら); karera
WE 私達 (わたしたち); watashitachi
YOU 貴方 (あなた); anata

What is Home?

As we grow, we learn that the word “home” changes. We start out believing that “home” is the town, the street, or house we grew up in. That a place defines the word. As we grow older, our mind expands to understand that the world is larger than we once knew. One day, we wake up, look around, and we find that our home has come with us.

The “home” becomes the people around us. Home becomes a collection of people that impact us. People that we may have met in undesirable circumstances, but people that we have chosen none the less. Home, there for, is a choice. Home is where our heart is. Home, is the people we keep around us.