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Stay Sharp. by Lynn @Noir_Shots @incredible_bnw

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EARTH MATTERS - A window into the of : Letter from the of the to the asking for a month off, ca. 675 BC... 🌐

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told the this . But they did not what he was about. Jesus said: I tell you for certain that I am the gate for the . Everyone who came before me was a or a , and the sheep did not listen to any of them. I am the .

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Excited to share the latest addition to my shop: Cameo Earrings Red White Celluloid Victorian Ladies Silver Leaf Frames Screw Backings Vintage 1940s

After a few hard weeks of prep, we are final ready to welcome our new Volunteer Mentors tomorrow with in Greater Manchester, UK, building a stronger community

Celebrities - Stars: Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron Are Now Going on-

is ready to change the industry. The myriad of that are involved in a single customer’s travel plans is one of the main reasons why many are excited about how blockchain can this .

It’s all and for Junalin at Alene Candles. She likes the and the – so her days just fly by. Thanks for choosing to have with us, Junalin!


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100 heads challenge

Hey there! If you have kinda see my profile, I love drawing. And I actually know that the 100 heads challenge had its time some months ago, and I actually tried to do it twice but never finished them. So, I’m here posting on the Internet that I’m looking towards finishing it in my third attempt because why not?. I’ll be posting every two days my little doodles and heads.

So… Yeah, have a nice day, stay hydrated :)


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In this episode of the 3 Amigos Zeus gets the girl. Ghost has found a new playmate with my wee pal Alfie Mabel and Hugo enjoy the surroundings
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I have stretch marks

No reason why, just woke up one day and realised I was covered in them

White, pink, red and purple

Both obvious and discreet, all over me

I am not saying this for vanity’s sake, but for others like me who are self conscious of their stretch marks

I used to live in long pants all summer because the back of my legs are covered in purple stretch marks

I don’t know if this came with some age or what, but I find I no longer care

I am an incredibly socially anxious person

But not about my stretch marks anymore

With or without them, I am still a beautiful human being

If not on the outside, than at least on the inside, where it matters

Confidence comes when you cease caring about other people’s opinion on your body

And it is your body, not anyone else’s, so their opinion counts for nothing more than you choose to take it for

Stretch marks are beautiful if you choose to consider them as such

And I do, now

For me they fall into the same category as laugh lines, callouses, sunspots and scars

These are the marks of a life lived to it’s fullest no matter how long or short or adventurous or quiet

If I can find a lived in body with all of those things beautiful, why shouldn’t I consider stretch marks as well?


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Quello che é stato

Bisogna avere il coraggio di andare a avanti,imparare dalle esperienze, da ciò che è stato, da ciò che si é vissuto. Bisogna avere il coraggio di riconoscere che é finita, che non può andare avanti, che tutto è cambiato. Bisogna avere il coraggio di accettare il passato e di guardare avanti, anche se fa male. Forse a diciotto anni tutto sembra più complicato di ciò che in realtà è, tutto fa più male ma é così e basta e non si può far nulla. Ci sono delle persone che si vorrebbe non aver mai conosciuto perché in così poco tempo sono rimaste impresse ma al contempo non si è in grado di capire se si é stati

soltanto usati, presi in giro, utilizzati come svago oppure se anche loro non sanno come fare, come comportarsi. Non capisco però perché i cambiamenti debbano far soffrire così tanto, vorrei soltanto fosse tutto molto più semplice, più spontaneo ed immediato. E invece ci vuole tempo, tanto tempo per dimenticare ciò che è stato,ciò che si é provato. Ma bisogna crescere, prendersi le proprie responsabilità e andare avanti con la propria vita senza mai voltare le spalle al passato. Magari tra venti anni sorridereró ripensando a questa storia. Anche se credo sarà un sorriso amaro che mi accompagnerà sempre. Perché penserò sempre a ciò che sarebbe potuto essere se soltanto fosse stato tutto diverso.