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My very first attempt at drawing a realistic eye!

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💰GREEDY BASTARD💰 (IG: sour_.senor)

| Artist: @kotetsu_of

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Art Commissions (Open)

Simple Line Art
-Head = 2$ + Color =$5
-upper body = $5 + Color =$8
- full body = $10 + Color = $15

Background ($10)
-Another character - (Same price for the other)

Let me know in detail what you want or how your character is.
I’ll do my best to do it in my style to bring your character to life. ^^

It’s been a difficult week, my 98 year old grandfather had a fall and required an operation but had a chest infection and developed pneumonia. He’s been recovering and I’ve been running my mum back and forth to visit for a couple of days at a time. I live a six hour drive away and my mum lives in a different country. Here’s a couple of little quick sketches I did of him on an old envelope whilst he was sleeping today.

Hey everyone! 💫

This is my first non-fanart/artwork post. I’d like to introduce myself a bit here.

It’s not usual from me to post about myself. But I did it in the swift life app because I felt safe there. And now I think I might be brave enough to do it here aswell since TSL is over.

So, I’m Emese from Hungary, a 17-year-old swiftie. I love drawing, and I hope to be a graphic designer in the future. I love Tay since the LWYMMD music video. I’d been to rep tour in london at the second night with my lovely brother. I tried to give my drawing to Tay with no success (ofc) but I hope I can do that some day.🦋

As you can see, I had a chance to get the Elle uk magazine and I’m so happy that I got it. It’s thanks to my brother again. My whole family love Tay because of me and I’m proud of this achievement.✨

You know, I’d love to have a swiftie friend, so I could talk with someone about Tay without annoying somebody. And I could share my excitement about TS7 because my family cannot handle it anymore (lol).

So if you wouldn’t mind to get a new swiftie friend in the shape of me, message me here or on IG (! 🖤



@taylorswift @taylornation


Heres the timelapse as requested. This was also an effective tool to see things from a distance and cool to see my process in the end. Let me know what you think. If there are any requests let me know.
Reference can be found online if you look up retro diner.
Music is “Pink Lemonade” by Silent Partner found on Youtube Audio Library. -
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