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Postit arbre :)

a puro lápiz. Un colorido Matico! El primero de una serie de ictéridos (familia ) que espero compartir pronto (eso espero)

Batman work sketch. Hopefully can squeeze out another sketch before the end of the day at work! Possible art stream tonight!

Detail from "Tendrils I" Color pencils on paper. 36x28cm. [Sold] The physical drawings and paintings for the body of work are exhibited with the VR installations at select venues.

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okayyy, it’s done! 🎉

I‘ve never done something like that before, so I hope you guys like it 😏🙈

Pleeeeeease tell me what you think 🤔🥺


to @incorrectpunisherquotes 🖤

cuz I got the incorrect quote from this great blog! 🤩



I‘m a biiiiig fan of The Punisher and really hope there will be a 3rd season! 💀

So…Come on NETFLiX!!! ☝🏼

Pleeeeeeaaase tell me what you 🤔 🥺


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