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Manchmal braucht es damit die kleine Welt wieder in Ordnung kommt... …

Never underestimate the power of a pen! Pens symbolize intelect, making them a flattering gift to receive.

one of my oldest friends and one of my first floral drawings it blows me away that there's people out there w my art on their skin

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Pen branding up to 2 or more colours🤙 ___________________________ . . . Double Tap ❤ | Share | Call | 🤳07039023024, 09052971254 . . . Know who needs branding services? Please Tag them. Thank you! . . . – at Cyprain Ekwensi Centre for Art & Culture

Canfod ! Mae ein taflen wybodaeth ariannu leol yn lawn manylion am grantiau bach sydd ar gael i grwpiau a sefydliadau yn Fwrdeistref Sirol -y-bont ar Ogwr

今夜も一妖一会 『オハヨー世界』⑬ web紙芝居 男の子:僕は、昼の世界から来たアルって言います。 ナイ:え?昼の世界から来たって? どうやって? って言うか、なんかこの絵、簡略化し過ぎじゃない? アル:作者が眠いみたいです。 ナイ:???

今夜も一妖一会 『オハヨー世界』⑫ web紙芝居 えー!! だ、だれー!???? #オリジナルキャラクター#イラスト#芸術#モノノケカード #毎日アート#気配

Le mâlain, Sur son pilier du serpentaire, Il observe avec ses regards, Les horreurs de l'humanité, Il fit un sourire malsain, Pour lui, C'est un spectacle.

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Enjoy Your Tuesday Peeps
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This is a monster I drew in my free time while in my classes, I had been wanting to draw something that looked like it was melting and this is the result. I don’t know why but looking at it makes me kind of happy.

It is on a sticky note though, the color change is because of the filters i use to make the drawing more visible. It was originally pencil but my sister let me use her fancy art pen, i think it’s a micron or mycron, something like that.

She let me keep it. :)

i must admit, that this guy was inspired by the black sludgy guys in the background of the image GHOST uses in the english cover of “In Iolite”. The original is a sung with a vocaloid. I’m not a weeb, but i enjoy some of GHOST’s songs.

Initially just wanted to draw Shiro (left) but decided that since Hilal (right) is always with him in a way, he got drawn in too lol. This would probably be when they first met, when Hilal was just a kid C:

Being two of my older Ocs, decided to integrate them into my ‘Refuge Flock’ world but their story takes place in a wholly different region, which has different traditions and worldviews.