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Why I believe the is mightier than the or in this case the sharing my story helps others

"Ah, shit. Alps is gonna sing." Mykey checks his alcohol content, Cyclae grabs his headphones, and Tyto prepares with some vodka. Somewhere to the right, Skor drinks up without a care.

Day 281 As always your suggestions, feedback and critique is greatly appreciated!

Cage Gage has finally arrived to celebrate this "Man-Made Monster Monday" my friends! Gage and I hope everyone is having a MONSTROUSLY GOOD day!! MUWAHAHAHAHA!!! :D

What’s your ammunition of choice? Ours is definitely the Shard Titanium .

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Hhhhh gorl

And now for something completely different…a larch.  A larch.  A larch.

This is a character/species/whatever been trying to put on paper for years, but I never finish the sketches lol.  Think I’m calling it a Nunoji.  It’s like a cloth construct, body structure like a wyvern I suppose, tho the tail and wings can grasp too.  I’m still figuring out other details, like abilities and such.

If I was better with faces, this would’ve looked better :(
I’m also on my period and the pain is not leaving my body! I’ve tried everything, except for a bath, since I’m not allowed to do that. I also finally got myself two new sketchbooks! Anyhow, this is Matthew, one of my favorite Oc’s dressed up as a mage. Dark clothes, dark past, and unbelievable strong magic, and here’s a mage worth being with. He’s 27, 6'2, he’s bisexual.
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