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Paul Atkinson adding extension, tilt & turn in backswing to deliver some major upgrades P2-P4. We're on a fast track to establishing improved strike/solidifying a ball flight pattern - BIG 2019 ahead!💰👊

・・・ What a beautiful image of the pelvis. Deepen your knowledge and commit this to memory. Thank you theradiologistpage for this post, I love your…

MODULE SPOTLIGHT: Radiography of the Abdomen and Pelvis. This module demonstrates how to set up for and obtain X-rays of the abdomen and pelvis. Find out more:

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Finally, a way to show one's appreciation for the

The anterior approach allows Dr. Ferguson to replace the arthritic through naturally occurring intervals between the muscles without cutting through or detaching muscles from the hip and .

CT: bladder rupture with contrast leak into scrotum after car accident. This information is for educational purposes. De-identification of protected health information has been performed.

Your pelvis is not immobile. Normal human locomotion involves your pelvis moving up and down reciprocally on each side. A lack of any of these motion can be seen with a mutlitude of injuries and dysfunction.

Pelvic floor dysfunction - The pelvic floor is a group of in the area. These muscles support the in like a . The organs in this area include the , , and (the area at - READ MORE....

The Lift is another way to further build strength but only once you’ve mastered Parts 1-5. Imagine your has three floors like a three storey building. Lift your pelvic floor muscles up gently to floor one. Then lift up a little fart…

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The pelvis: Five figures, by Nicolas-Henri Jacob


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So delicious and soothing! Thanks to @margomercey for the demo from Floor Barre class. 🦋 Pelvis is propped on a block in post-tilt so the spine is in a primary curve, allowing the posterior chain and posterior diaphragm to lengthen and stretch. 🦋 Sternum is softening toward the spine. 🦋 Use the weight of the arms and gently compress the femurs for a few breaths. Then, add some circles. 🦋 Look for smooth motion in the acetabulum. Feel the deep hip and belly massage. 🦋 Remove the block, place your feet flat with knees bent and take a couple deep breaths. Aaaahhhh! 🌸

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Decided to put together a compilation of my journey to full monkey 🐒 swing (Aka Brachiating) capabilities. I was inspired by @movementmakeovers posts on how to begin preparing our bodies for this whole-body movement. What this video does not show are the countless hours of hanging, swinging, climbing and mobility work behind the scenes that even allows me to pull off such things in the first place. This process has taught me so much about which parts/cells of my body are sedentary (immobile) and which are active, and how to get my brain 🧠 to connect them all together in seamless synchronization whenever I so choose. The road ahead is only as difficult as you make it. Sure this was hella hard to accomplish in 10 months, but if you see things with a child-like playful eye 🧒🏽👁, it can actually be quite a bit of fun and open up an entirely new world of movement.🚀

Shout out to the g.o.a.t. 🐐, The Biomechanics Queen @nutritiousmovement for sparking 💥 these changes in mind and body.🕺🏽

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Weirdest injury of my life

Today while pulling weeds in flip flops, my right big toe got pressed against a sharp, broken area of a freaking horse or cow pelvis I found as part of a rotting corpse on the edge of the Mississippi River early last year.  The resulting wound is quite grisly, akin to potato salad with ketchup smeared on it.  I’ll be limping like a little bitch for a week, assuming I don’t die from gangrene or mad cow disease, but this pelvis is too cool for me to get rid of.

It was getting dark before I could inspect more of the remains, but I found this among a bunch of other badly broken bones (a mandible, scapula, et cetera). I’m not trying to identify the critter just yet, I mainly would like help figuring out what bone(s) these are! I think these are two still held together, or no?

This is the partial pelvic bone! The pelvis is commonly found in two halves, but in juvenile animals each half is separated into three sections. You have two of the three sections from one half here. I hope we can see the rest of the skeleton and hopefully find out the animal itself! Going by this piece alone, it looks most like a small mammal like cat, raccoon, fox, etc..