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RT 10 Years Challenge . . . #50  

Chiropractors utilize the Webster technique to correct the pelvis position facilitating a moms🤰 effort at the time of labor. -Give us a call for more information at ☎️: (305)-648-2502. . . .

THE HIP: The is the largest muscle of the glutes (and most superficial; outer surface) . Allowing for both extension and external rotation of the hip/s (especially from a seated to standing position) .

Problems in the may also result from a problem with the , , or even your . Speak to an as soon as you notice a problem 😉

¿Sabías que el suelo pélvico es el conjunto de músculos y ligamentos que "cierran" la parte más baja de tu abdomen y te ayuda a sostener los órganos que se encuentran dentro de la ? "Salud integral sólo en nuestras manos".

Two parts comprise the joint: a ball on the upper end of the thigh bone (femur) called the , and a socket in the known as the .

Strong play an important role in stabilizing the and . The combines a reverse decline motion simultaneously with a motion that can keep your glutes as well as your and .

The Movement that Solves the Scales Problem Intro lesson to the Scales and Injury series

Still feeling wasted from Kienen’s wine and coke mix And I STILL don’t even know who done it!

We’re often asked what the sacrum is & where can it be found. It is a triangular bone in the lower back, between the 2 hip bones & just above the coccyx. It provides support at the base of the spine & helps to create a strong pelvis

My 8 yr old ask if he had a bone in his Willy? I said No why? He says “when I pass away & someone sees my how will they know I was a then?” We talked about differences in the . He was soon bored & went 2 sleep :) I had to giggle.

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Cute panties, cute panties, cute panties!~ 🌟

5 seconds later…

Panties that don’t fiiiiiiiit~ 🔪

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I came across something on here that said something about a pelvic tilt (?)in regards to HRT.So will HRT change in how your pelvis/hips sit ? On the post it said they had discomfort & pain in their hips/pelvis & ppl told them that they had more of a swaying in their walk & their butt stuck out more (they’re taking estrogen,HRT) so since I’m afab if I go on T will my pelvis/hips change somehow like that persons did just in a different way or reverse ? I’ve never heard of this & confused

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Finallaw said: If im understanding the question right, no HRT should directly affect something like that. Estrogen doesn’t automatically make someone walk with a sway in their hips or something similar with testosterone. While consciously or unconsciously walking in a different manner is probably the cause and it can happen for a number of reasons. Like trying to walk in a manner more common to your gender could do it. Also unless you’re on hrt before/during your “first” puberty, hormones aren’t gonna change your bone shape. Even if you are on hrt at a young age, its hard to say what the difference could be.

Weirdest injury of my life

Today while pulling weeds in flip flops, my right big toe got pressed against a sharp, broken area of a freaking horse or cow pelvis I found as part of a rotting corpse on the edge of the Mississippi River early last year.  The resulting wound is quite grisly, akin to potato salad with ketchup smeared on it.  I’ll be limping like a little bitch for a week, assuming I don’t die from gangrene or mad cow disease, but this pelvis is too cool for me to get rid of.

It was getting dark before I could inspect more of the remains, but I found this among a bunch of other badly broken bones (a mandible, scapula, et cetera). I’m not trying to identify the critter just yet, I mainly would like help figuring out what bone(s) these are! I think these are two still held together, or no?

This is the partial pelvic bone! The pelvis is commonly found in two halves, but in juvenile animals each half is separated into three sections. You have two of the three sections from one half here. I hope we can see the rest of the skeleton and hopefully find out the animal itself! Going by this piece alone, it looks most like a small mammal like cat, raccoon, fox, etc..