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Connected (Chapter 3)

Pairing: Lapis x Pearl

Genre: Romance, Drama

Content: Human AU, College/University AU

Fic Summary: For the past few years, Pearl has trouble opening up to people. Due to a crippling phobia, Lapis has trouble leaving the house. But sometimes, isolation can bring people together. And even in redundancy, life can be full of surprises. No one is truly alone.

Rating: Mature

Words: 3000+

This fic contains sensitive content such as themes of suicide, mental health issues, abuse, and LGBT issues.

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That’s some nice tea they’re brewing at the Big Donut

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anonymous asked:

Hey, could I request some Jeff Ament smut? Poor guy is always relegated to the sidekick role; can we hook him up with a cool, artsy chick? Thanks, love!

First it was a day in your work like any other. It was a late afternoon in the middle of August, the sun was burning down to ashes everything outside and you were sitting behind the counter, reading the latest issue of your favourite comics and listening to Chili Peppers‘ Blood Sugar Sex Magik. You worked in a small skate shop, which had an absolutely minimal visit rate. You considered it as a miracle when your shop visited more than ten people a day. But you weren’t complaining, you could basically do whatever you wanted to and got paid for it.

You tied your bright ginger hair into a ponytail, because the heat was so annoying. Even though you wore the shortest shorts you had, crop top and a flannel shirt around your waist, you couldn’t beat it. You threw your legs up on the counter and dived into reading again. Soon you heard the door, as someone came in. You lazily looked up from the comics to see the customer. It was a tall guy with bandana in his hair, white top and loose shorts. His muscular arms were the first thing you noticed, though. It’s been a long, long time since someone this hot appeared in your shop. You closed the magazine, got up and made your way to him. You casually put your hands in back pockets of your shorts, smiled and greeted him, trying to sound professionally: „Hey, can I help you? Are you looking for anything specific?“

„Oh, hey, I’m just looking,“ he smiled back, but his answer disappointed you a bit, since you really wanted to got into a conversation with him. You just nodded, reconciled with the fact that you’ll probably have to return to your previous spot behind the counter. But to your joy, he started talking again: „Actually, I’m looking for some new wheels to my skateboard, are all of these 52 milimeters?“ He pointed at exposed wheels.

„Yeah, here we have 52s, other sizes are on the opposite side. This,“ you put your hand on of the the packaging,“ is a new collection, I can highly recommend it.“ You took it from the shelf and handed it to him, so he could take a proper look of it, but suddenly it seemed like something else interested him.

„Cool hair. Is the-“

„Yeah, the colour’s mine,“ you laughed, already being used to this question, because it was the most frequent question people asked you. His eyes were now checking you out, as he held the packaging of wheels. A smirk came over his lips.

„Great music taste,“ he pointed out to the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in background.

„Well, you would have problems with finding something in this shop that isn’t great, so…“ you bit your lip and you knew he saw it, because he licked his moment later. You both were standing in the middle of the aisle, staring at each other’s lips and not caring if it’s weird or inappropriate. After all, you were working and things like these shouldn’t happen. But you couldn’t help it, he was the most attractive guy you’ve ever met.

„Really? Why don’t you tell me more about it?“ he raised his eyebrows.

„I don’t know if I can tell you, but I can show you,“ you took the wheels out of his hands, placing them on the shelf, still not breaking the eye contact. You slowly grabbed his hand and led him to the toilet. You were glad that he willingly followed you. You locked the door behind you, just for sure. You sat him down on the toilet bowl and then sat on him astride. He wrapped his strong arms around your waist and then you started kissing passionately. His lips tasted like a strawberry bubblegum, he must have had one before he came to your shop. You took the bandana out of his hair and put it in yours, which made him smirk and pulled you even closer. You didn’t mind when he left few hickeys on your neck, because his hot breath on your skin made you want more and more. Your fingers found a button of his shorts, so you unbuttoned it, making yourself a good access to his boxers. You left the comfort of his lap and instead of it you got down on your knees. You pulled down his shorts and boxers to see how horny he already was. You gave him a cheeky smile and then you started sucking on the inside of his thighs. Then you slowly got to his penis, first you took it in your hand and playfully went up and down few times and when his eyes almost begged you, you put it in your mouth, circling the tongue around his top. He caught your ponytail and started moving with your head slightly. You saw how is eyes closed when you went down and up all his length, leaving it wet from your saliva. You speeded up the tempo as you were moving your head faster and faster. You helped with your hand from time to time, making the guy moan quietly. You felt how his grip tightened as he was near his orgasm. Few seconds were now enough for him to ejaculate in your mouth. You willingly swallowed his fluid and then he pulled you into a kiss for the last time.

You returned to the shop and to your surprise you found out that you were still alone, without any new customers. The guy came back to the shelf of wheels, deciding which ones he’ll buy.

„Won’t you take the ones from our new collection?“ you asked him from behind the counter.

„Only if you’ll try them with me later,“ he replied with a wide smile.

„Sounds good,“ you smiled back at him, already looking forward to spend more time with him.


Hii, thank you for this request! Also, I hope that I didn’t disappoint you much with my idea of ‘artsy chick’, when I was thinking about the story for the first time, I immediately imagined some ginger girl with a comics in her hands next to Jeff. So I really hope you liked it a little♥