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Obecnie robię rewatch SU i doszłam do jednego z moich ulubionych odcinków, a mianowicie "Rose's Scabbard". Jaki ten odcinek jest prześliczny - wzruszający, a jednocześnie gorzki, gdy już wie się więcej o przeszłości Perły i Rose.

Be ready this season with the Ellery and Mikey duo from Kate Spade New York, available in . The studded details gives this duo a definite edge and makes them ideal to be by your side at a party.

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Pearl本社へ行ってきた(^^)遂に赤メラメラが2バス3タムのフルセット仕様にバージョンアップ!ドロップにサインも書かせてもらいました♫社員さんみんな素敵な方で、更にPearl Drumsが好きになりました(^^)

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Good morning peeps And... uhm HAVE SOME PORLMETHYST (btw amethyst and pearl crashed inside the hole (cave?? xD) then they accidentally kissed oof)

Pearl gets a little overprotective of her pregnant wife. No man, no beast, and certainly no mosquito will get near Bismuth.

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Here's last year's xmas pic! There's a new one coming up soon :D

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Girl With a Pearl Earring Redefined. A collage I did last week using clips from different fashion magazines.

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“Welcome back.”

I actually had a lot of fun with this one AND thinks it looks good!

More cosplay from Kraken Con! White Pearl is @celebbee, Pink Diamond is @genkingarbage (might’ve written that down wrong) on Twitter/Instagram, Stevonnie is @quibblerindex on Twitter/Instagram, Blue Diamond is @hakuna.cos on Instagram, Lord Dominator is Elise Berendt (didn’t give me a social), Pearl is @sprojanks on Instagram, and Rose is Rhoswen Cosplay. She even got her sword signed by Deedee!

Blue told me her cosplay mixes traditional Indian attire.

There was a really good White Pearl that had her down to the nose and broken eye, but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of her. :( But I found an Instagram pic the other White Pearl took of her (link in another reblog because they hide posts from Tumblr search):


Diamonds are synthetic moon ppl with working inclusions, Pink dia joins earth gems after being sent to attack them.

All the servents of the Diamonds are captured earth gems.

Maybe pink dia becomes rose quartz by losing their body like phos. Oh god maybe Pearl scarfices themself for pink. Oh no

Maybe maybe Pink’s inclusions are doomed to fade out, and they replace their body with Rose Quartz.

Casual thoughts——

Thinking about White diamond in moon wear.

Thinking about Dia, Yellow, Bortz and Pink hanging out.

Shinsha and Lapis are pretty simalar. Control over luqiuds, can be very dangerous, powerful.

I wanna know what other ppl think

Before Diamond Days was released, I wanted to make my little Christmas Special.

First, with Pink as the Ghost of Christmas Past. 

Hope you like ^^


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