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Bee and pearl stud earrings

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【RAS コラボレーションモデル】 Pearl x BanG Dream! Collaboration SnareDrum“MASKING” Model 《MCT1455S/C-NM》 RAISE A SUILE マスキングモデルのスネア本日発売✨ KEY渋谷、店頭入荷しました😊✨

Marina giving Pearl an adoring look. I don't think we'll get too many more of these...

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先週の神戸LIVEの際に発表となった モデルのスネアが早速入荷致しました‼️ 当店には1台のみの入荷となりますので早い者勝ちですよっ🥁✨ マスキングのドラムスティックもご用意していますので是非Getして下さいネ👍

'ORALOMISMO, pero con Perla. Ah sí.. en el otro se me olvidaron los # xddd

【PEARL】 去年に引き続き大人気のパール シンプルなデザインから個性的なデザインまで BLOOMでは豊富なラインナップを取り揃えております✨

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i caught a cold and this is all i could think about LOL


Nothing like a good time jamming to some of your favorite tunes to make you feel right as rain. And despite the face, I am having fun! Today was the first time I’ve played MY drum set in nearly 4 years I believe, and it felt great to get back at it again.
Bonus: if anybody can guess what song I’m naming to here, I’ll send you $5 (maybe).
P.S. Sound turned off because the quality was trash. 😃 Gotta love it.
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(at Adams State University - Music Department)

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The Boy Genius Report: BlackBerry 8100 retail details

Field report tidbits from Engadget’s mobile insider, the Boy Genius.

The much awaited T-Mobile BlackBerry Pearl (8100) will be officially released in T-Mobile retail stores on September 18th, with launch shipments to be received by August 28th. Now I present to you, my Engadget reading friends, pictures of the 8100 retail box!

Update: Boy Genius just sent us some new info stating that release is being bumped up into September 12th. Seems a little dubious considering the NDA’d announcement stated the 18th, but maybe they’re trying to throw us off their scent. Read more

ive been thinking about how i’ve stanned pearl since at least the second season and all I can remember is that people hated her because of how she acted, of course I saw where they were coming from but i always thought there was obviously a reason why she acted like that™️, so when everything was revealed and she was acting wack because of stuff that happened everyone suddenly liked pearl i was happy because my girl finally got what she deserved 🤩