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78 Years ago 7 - Japanese planes caused serious damage to the US Pacific Fleet at Harbor on December 7, 1941. The US was entirely unprepared for a aerial attack on .

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Sabian HHX thin crash 16inch 本日も使います😊コンパクトトラベラーと組み合わせて‼️とても良くて気に入ってます🥰音色も最高❣️

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Tiny gay baby rights! (Im sorry 1 draw her too much)

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Pearlの気になってた限定チューニングキー。 DIAURAのドラムの達也くんが、「やりましたよ! 青ですよ、これ。見てください」ってドヤ顔で袋を開けたら違う色でした Pearlの中の人、青を一つ、達也くんのために取っておいてくたさい(笑)

Pearl限定チューニングキーgetした! 取った時チラッと青見えて、やったー!!と思って楽屋戻って開けたらよう分からん色だった!笑 何色だこれは!

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my entry for @liaamethyst008 ’s #liaamethyst10k contest 0n ig 🐚⚪🔵 i chose blueberry pearl because she looks so sweet and I had an idea to do something with pearl oisters ^^ and I looooove sky blues and muted blues!!💙

also tumblr doesn’t make this transparent???

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"mess with the bird" anon. Oh no, I most certainly agree on you with not being too fond of Bluebird not being called a cockroach. Not even because cockroaches are unjustly seen as vermin and this cheeky little bugger is too precious to be called that, but just because look at her! aside from the wings and six legs and maybe the round head HOW DOES SHE RESEMBLE A COCKROACH? Bird Mom I can understand, Pearl does look like a woodpecker, but Bluebird is NOT Cockroach Mom.

I say Bluebird is bug mom!

werewolf girlfriend 5/?

Spinel held you tight in her arms across the beach “hang on were almost there” Spinel says as she runs as fast as she could to Steven’s house, you were trying to close your eyes and will the pain away ‘it hurts make it stop make it stop’. Spinel ran up the stairs and kicked opened the door in a blind panic “Garnet!” she shouted “please Garnet you have to be here!” Spinel started to have tears in her eyes you felt them drip on you and 'Spinel sad she’s sad I am hurting I am sorry’ you snuggle against Spinel’s chest “Spinel? Y/N?” Garnet said walking out of her room Spinel ran over to her (still carry you) “please Garnet you have to know how to fix Y/N”

Garnet looked at you, your tail was back along with a thin coat of fur all over your body other than your face it was hard to tell if you were still human Garnet took off her visor and looked at Spinel “I do have two solutions for Y/N to get better” Spinel eyes widen “tell me please I will do anything!” Garnet sighed “the creature that bit Y/N was a werewolf, and there are only two ways to reverse this” Spinel nodded wanting to hear the rest “the first is that we kill the werewolf that bit Y/N or kill Y/N” Spinel’s eyes spiraled “like hell I would kill Y/N even if that was my 'last’ solution I would rather be shatter than kill Y/N” Spinel hissed, Garnet frowned “I don’t think I would have the heart to kill this thing even if it’s hurt Y/N” Spinel sighed then looked at you and how you looked at here barely recognizing her but you still let Spinel hold you, “show me where this 'thing’ is” “What?” Garnet asked confused “I will kill that werewolf if it will save Y/N” Garnet hesitated a moment then waved Spinel over to her room and opened the door Spinel looked in and saw the werewolf on the floor sleeping which now looked like Y/N (half human and half animal) “take care of Y/N” Spinel said handing you over to Garnet “I won’t be long” Garnet closed the door behind Spinel as she walked over to the creature.

“You think you can just waltz in and ruin Y/N life” Spinel said pulling out her gem weapon a large scythe with a pink handle that had black vines all etch into the handle a baby pink blade magenta heart at the top of it “think again buddy” Spinel prepared to strike the werewolf “now rest in pieces!” Spinel swung at the beast but missed “what the heck?” she looked around and saw the werewolf was awake and pretty pissed off “YOU… TRY HURT… ME?” the creature spoke in a low almost growling voice “not hurt so much as kill” Spinel hissed slashing towards the creature the werewolf was not going to be put down that easy though he swiped and bit at Spinel desperately trying to hurt her or worst but Spinel was much quicker she zigged and zagged dodging every attack this fleabag could muster until she had tired out the werewolf and cornered “I win” Spinel said lifting her scythe “SORRY DIDN’T KNOW WHAT DOING” the beast pleaded as it coward against the wall Spinel did feel bad for this thing but by ending this things life you could have yours back and that’s all the mattered to Spinel your happiness “night night doggy!” Spinel said slicing the werewolf’s body in two it upper half landed first hitting the ground with a thud and the bottom half hitting the ground with a spat then a thud leaving blood pooling all around the body. Spinel looked at the blood and shivered a bit “at least it’s done” Spinel knocked on the door.

You wake up laying in the cot next to Spinel you can’t quite remember last night most of was a blank, 'OK I remember the rock show and the headache then me and Spinel talking about going back then…nothing’ you sit up and notice something about you nail “no…claws?” you then slowly hop out of bed with Spinel waking up, you look at your face and ears “no fangs no pointy ear no yellow eyes” it felt so good having your normal features back your E/C back and your normal teeth as well it felt like it was your Birthday (which it wasn’t) you originally didn’t want to wake up Spinel but you were too excited at having seeing this “Spinel Spinel Spinel look look look at my face it’s normal it’s not weird looking or anything isn’t that great?” Spinel woke up seeing you giddy with the sight of your normal appearance “I am glad your back doll” Spinel said coiling her arms around you “but for now can we sleep in?” you smile and snuggle next to her “of course”

After waking up a bit Spinel did tell you how she fixed your 'hairy situation’ but left out some details (like it might half been a human and that Spinel murder him while he begged for his life) “Spinel thank you I don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t do that for me” you say hugging her tightly “gee honey I would do anything for you” Spinel said giving you a kiss on the lips “so does that mean Y/N can leave or what” Amethyst asked while sitting on the kitchen table “Amethyst” Pearl hissed “Y/N should probably stay on more night just to be safe” Garnet said “besides Spinel has to help me clean my room” Spinel frown thinking about the 'mess’ she made in there “what happen in your room?” Amethyst asked “don’t worry about it” Garnet said firmly “come on Spinel” Garnet said handing her some soap and a bucket of water “lets go” you kind of wonder as Spinel went in to Garnet’s room 'what kind of a mess did she make in there?’  

*SU Spoiler* Permanent Scars

*SU Spoiler* Permanent Scar

Less than a day until “Steven Universe: Future” and we are all on the hype train for the first 4 episodes!!! There is one episode I am particularly excited about: “Volleyball”. The reason from excitement is we get to learn more about what happened to Pink Pearl.


From the three clips we see her in the promo, we can already assume she has not exactly moved on yet. In fact, she seems to be obsessed with Pink Diamond and that obsession is going to be projected onto Steven. However, what if there is more to it then that? The description of “Volleyball” is a bit concerning: Steven is determined to help Pink Diamond’s original Pearl heal the scar on her face. First off, Steven is determined to heal the scar. Why would Steven be so determined to heal the scar? We can see from the promo, the scar is expanding which is concerning as it could harm Pink Pearl despite her smiling from the cracking growing. Unfortunately, this determination can also cause frustration. When someone is determined to make something right, it can go wrong or not work at all and it if continues can cause annoyance and frustration because the problem is not solved. Steven may do more harm then good. But the most important part of the description is the word scar. We all called Pink Pearl’s eye a cracked eye but now it has become a scar. Scars are usually visible damage, usually physical, and can either fade over time or become permanent. This leads me to believe that Pink Pearl’s scar is either fading or going to be permanent in the show. Why call it a scar if it was temporary? I’ll go into more detail to why the scar is important.


Pink Pearl’s scar is somewhat unique. It falls similar to corruption except Pink Pearl has her consciousness after being freed from White Diamond’s control and retains her physical form. Corruption was caused by a powerful blast from White, Yellow, and Blue Diamond and causes a Gem’s physical and mental form to become unstable and monstrous. It can now be healed by the essences of Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, White Diamond, and Steven combined. However, it seems some of the Gems have retained small traces of corruption such as horns and miscolored spots. Pink Pearl’s scar is unique because at first it does no harm but because a Gem’s form is a manifestation of light it makes one wonder how a scar is possible. I stated in a previous theory it is because the scar may have been caused by Pink Diamond, White Diamond, or herself. The scar expanding is likely caused by Pink Pearl’s unstable mental state since she is still smiling when the crack grows. Some form of trauma is starting to resurface but Pink Pearl may be in denial of it. Unlike corruption that can be healed after CYM, Pink Pearl’s scar cannot be healed by the Diamonds or Steven because it is related to her mental state. Meaning Pink Pearl’s scar is going to difficult to heal.


There is a lot of assumptions Pink Pearl’s scar will be healed, myself included. It could be a possible case but let’s also assume the scar does not heal. Remember, scars can fade over time or become permanent depending on the damage. Even after Steven and Pearl help Pink Pearl with her trauma, the scar either stops cracking and shrinks a bit or stays the way it is. At first that may not solve the problem because the scar is still there, but it is not necessarily a bad thing. Yes, Pink Pearl still has the scar but her mental state is starting to become better and prevents it from growing. Steven may be a bit saddened he could not heal her scar, but once he sees Pink Pearl accept her scar and moving on, he will learn it is not the scar he needed to help but he needed to help Pink Pearl.

If the Crewniverse decides to go that route, it would be a pretty great message about accepting physical scars to heal from mental trauma. Some scars never heal and some are caused by trauma that cause metal instability and distress. Examples include depression, PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks/disorders, etc. Trauma, especially if visible or untreated, never go away and can disrupt healthy or daily ways of life. Scars can become a reminder or even a trigger of trauma. Much like Pink Pearl’s scar expanding because she is reliving or remembering her trauma. It is not until she confronts her trauma with the help of Steven and Pearl does the scar stops cracking but it does not truly go away. Again, not a bad thing for Pink Pearl as the scar does not hurt her anymore. She has learned to live with her scar and thanks to help she is learning to move on and accept herself the way she is. Scars can cause mental, physical, and emotional distress. But with help, support, and self-acceptance one can live a happy life. This episode, if Pink Pearl’s scar is permanent, can showcase a message that scars, self-inflicted or inflicted by others, are always a part of us and do not disappear but with help and self-acceptance are not a hindrance to moving on and can life a happy life. Sugar and the Crewniverse have had messages of trauma in various parts of the show and it would be interesting if they incorporated this into “Steven Universe: Future”. However, this is just speculation, and anything can happen tomorrow!


Hi guys!! Marina from Off the Hook here. Me and my Pearlie have been working on a very special project for the last several weeks now, and we’re so excited to finally announce it!

As you all know, next month we are celebrating the annual Festival of Lights! This celebration is a special time of year where we honor those who have passed, and we wanted to do something very special this year!

As you know, we, Off the Hook, are very close with the duo known as the Squid Sisters. Several months ago, our dearest friend, Callie, one of the singers, tragically passed away from a terminal illness, and we wanted to do something very special for both her and her family, including Marie, her partner in crime, and her cousin. So we initiated a special program!


#gopink4callie is a special fundraiser where we will be raising money to donate to both hospitals across Inkopolis and research labs that are currently studying cures for terminal illnesses. Here’s how it works: we’ll be selling pink lanterns at any store that distributes Festival Lanterns! All the profit we make will go directly to the hospitals and research labs. We really hope you guys can participate in this event! We’ll be back with more deets later.

But until then… don’t get cooked! Stay off the hook!!