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Peaky blinders Christmas gifts # Peaky blinders Blinders cap

‘By order of the Peaky Blinders🍻🔫 Lovely weekend in on the tour, so much history weaved into this city. Absolutely need to get back there sharpish.

Autumn/Winter reCAP!’ have raised the tweed game this season to make sure you’re looking a peaky blinder next time you’re out and about!

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The Peaky Fidelity Blinders set off today for the Gamma Ball Rally! Stay tuned to see more of The Johnny Dogs and The Shelby Scrubs

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وراء كل رجل عظيم تجاربه التي خاضها، ولتذهب المرأة للجحيم.. Blinders

Es excelente la música que ponen en la serie !!

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grace in peaky blinders honestly had such a promising start as a character :(( why did they make her so whiny in season 2

I love how in season 2 Tommy drinks whiskey neat and makes that ridiculous face when May asks for a mixer with her gin and in his complete and utter ignorance he pours in a fucking cordial of all things lmao, but then, in the beginning of season 4, he’s drinking whiskey sours ಥ⌣ಥ

Cillian Murphy - New Murphy

Can I request a Cillian Murphy imagines where the reader has his third child and his two sons come to meet the new baby.

A/N: I’m not a fan of writing about people’s real kids, so I made so that he had two sons but I gave them different names and ages. Also, I was waiting for a Cillian request so badly. I love this man. 

Song: Disconnect By: Basement

“Daddy, what are you and mommy doing?” Fallon asked. His thick Irish accent, made it hard to understand what he was saying. It also didn’t help that he was only five, and he still had a slight lisp, which angered the boy.  

“There going to have the baby.” Sean said coming up behind his young brother. Sean, was a mini Cillian. Cillian’s mom joked that all Cillian had to do was spit and out popped Sean. He acted and looked just like his father, so it was no shocked that he took care of his brother, like Cillian took care of his family. 

“Baby?” Fallon asked tilting his head. Confusion written all over his face. Cillian smiled, letting go of your hand so he could crouch down to Fallon’s level. 

“Remember, the other night. Where Daddy said that Mommy had your new brother in her belly?” 

Fallon, shook his head as he looked over at your belly. 

“Well, the baby is ready to join the family. So Mommy and I have to go to the hospital to pick him up and while we do that you and Sean are going to stay with nana and papa.” Cillian smiled. 

“But why can’t we come?” Fallon asked. 

“Because well..,” Cillian felt lost as he looked up at you. You smiled as you placed a hand on your husbands shoulder. 

“Because, there’s too many kids there already and we don’t want to lose you.” You said, unsure of what else to say, but your son seemed to be happy with the answer. 

“Okay, good luck mommy.” He smiled, before running over to his playroom. 

Cillian, let out a chuckle as he stood back up saying his goodbyes to Sean. 

“Make sure you watch your brother and help you nana if she needs it.” He smiled, before hugging the small kid. 

The ten year old agree, before hugging you as well. 

“How are you feeling love?” Cillian asked with a huge smile on his face. How could he not smile. You had just given him a third son. 

He placed a soft kiss to your forehead, before walking over to the small crib that held your new born. You lifted your head to watch Cillian. He was putty when it came to his kids. They were one of the main reasons he loved living a private life. He wanted them to be kids, and he wanted to spend as much time as he could with them. 

“I’m good, actually.” You smiled, sitting up a little. “After Sean, it’s like they just slip right out.” You laughed as you watched Cillian walk over to you. 

“That sounds so wrong.” He laughed as he looked down at his son. “Does it buddy.” 

You couldn’t help but laugh. Cillian, sat next to you, placing your son in between you. 

“So, what are we going to call this one?” You asked, with a smile.

“What did we talk about last night?” He asked, smiling down at the baby.

You snuggled closer to his side. “Tavin and Miles.” You said. 

Cillian, smiled as he said the name out loud causing the little one to smile a little. 

“Looks like we have a Tavin Miles Murphy.” You laughed, kissing your sons head. 


“Careful, my love.” Cillian soft said as he helped you out of the car. You loved that he was so caring, but with the lack of sleep, due to the hospital bed, you were super cranky and just wanted him to shut up. 

“Come on love, once inside you can sleep.” He smirked knowing you all too well. You let out a soft chuckle, before hearing a round of “Mommy’s and daddy’s” followed by two boys running towards you two. 

“Careful with mommy, she’s sore.” Cillian warned as Fallon ran towards you at a fast rate. 

“Where’s the baby?” He asked looking at your belly. You smiled as you pulled the back door open. You grabbed the car seat. 

“We have to go inside first. The baby’s not use to light just yet.” You cooed causing both boys to run back inside. Cillian, took Tavin from you, as he mom helped you inside the house. 

Once inside the boys sat on the couch. You took a seat next to Fallon, knowing he was going to need a little help. 

“What’s his name?” Sean asked as he pulled the baby from his seat. A smile plaster on Sean’s face as he held his new brother.

“Tavin Miles Murphy.” Cillian said, taking a seat next to you. 

“I wanna hold him!” Fallon shouted. 

“No, yelling buddy.” Cillian warned. 

“Sorry.” Fallon said before making grabby hands. 

Everyone laughed. Cillian stood up to pull his phone out as he saw Sean walk over to Fallon. Sean told Fallon how to hold the baby right before placing Tavin in his little brother’s arms. 

“Support his head.” Sean reminded. Fallon, did as he was told, before looking down at the baby in awe. 

Later that night after you two out the boys too bed, Cillian showed you the video and photo he took. Each one melted your heart. 

“And you were worried.” He teases, kissing your lips.

“Shut up.” You laughed, snuggling closer to your husband. 

“Thank you, for having my sons. I know it get’s hard sometimes.” 

“I love having kids with you. It makes it easier when you go away for work.” You smiled. 


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peakyblinders1919  asked:

Hope ships are still open. 1) I’m independent 2) I have a hard time being vulnerable and sharing my emotions 3) I’m also a hopeless romantic thanks!

Tommy really had to chase you, you’d been by yourself for a long long time and so letting someone into your life was a big adjustment but he knew that, he also knew that he’d stop at nothing to have you, so there’s that.

Even once you where in a relationship the two of you still valued your time apart from each other. He still didn’t know and awful lot about you and the only times he would find stuff out was when it was too much for you to keep bottled up.

After being apart for a couple of days, on your return home tommy would have the most beautiful evening set out for you, he’d run you baths and cook you food and write you letters, none of this left the walls of your home however.

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moon-struck-cat  asked:

Hellu, I’m here for the ship thingy :3 I’m competitive, I crave a boring cute repetitive married couple life (the one where you can understand each other with a simple look) and I’m basically Monica from Friends 😆

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Arthur is a big softy a heart. Once he had retired/restricted parts of the Shelby gang as he got older, you’d both spend your time making a home. He’d help you decorate it and you’d help him out in the farm and planting lots of different stuff.

Everyday for as long as you’d been married at 6pm you both started to prepare for dinner, arthuenwould bring in some vegetables from the garden and peel them as you prepared the meet, dancing around each other you always made the perfect meal for the family and he was a huge help with the kids.

You’d often have competitions with the animals like who could heard the fastest, Arthur knew you’d get sour if you lost so he’d purposely let you win, sometimes.

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could I get a ship please? :) 1. I love to dance around the house when i'm by myself. 2. I love dogs and babies so much. 3. I love reading and writing!

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You’d be dancing around thinking that nobody was watching until you hear a snigger coming from the door way, stopping you in your tracks.

“Don’t let me stop you love” he’d say as he swung towards you taking your hands in his and swinging you around the room.

John was the perfect father and you never wanted to stop seeing him with them which resulted in you having a LOT, it made your heart swell every time you saw him, he’d do anything for his kids.

Peaky Blinders || Shelomons Mermaid AU

Saw that gifset of the Tom Hardy Hyundai Card Idealology commercial and thought “mermaid Alfie” so… here we are.

I’m thinking Kimber is a pirate of some sort, Tommy is hired to… either guard the warehouse Kimber’s goods are stored and/or hired help for the ship.

Sabini is Kimber’s competitor. Sometimes he can convince Alfie to work with him and sabotage other ships. Maybe Tommy convinces Alfie to go after Sabini (like in the show).

Campbell is The Law, hunting down pirates.



move on and be happy,

I can’t.

The Match

Modern!John x Reader

Summary: You go over to John’s house for a big game. Will someone score? (I am so sorry, I had to)

Warnings: Smut, tickling, uncertainty, trash talk! Honestly it’s (american) football season so this is what happens when my team wins and I drink. I am working on a story with actual plot but this idea was stuck in my head so here ya go

You knocked on the door, hoping you weren’t too early to John’s house. You saw some cars you’d recognized, so knew you wouldn’t be alone. His smile when he opened the door melted your heart, as the color of the shirt he was wearing seemed to make the blues of his eyes deeper. “You made it,” he said, pulling you into a hug.

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Screaming at Alfie for the first time.

He came back home from work, after a bad day and him being very grumpy and angry. He starts to throw some shade at you (probably because he didn’t like something you did) and starts shouting but you cut him off by shouting back. Alfie (a little shocked) quietly apologizes and polietly eats his dinner.

(A/N: this idea came up in my head suddenly and I had to make a imagine of it. Damn I love this fluffy bear)

(A/N2: Also, should I write a oneshot about this situation? x)