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Le premier escape game Blinders va ouvrir en Angleterre ▶

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Herkes fahişedir, Grace. Kendimizin farklı kısmınlarını satarız sadece.

Ετοιμαστείτε γιατί έρχεται VR παιχνίδι Blinders

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First look of Peaky Blinders Season 5. Thomas Shelby Poly Gray Arthur Shelby

People want to adopt their styles in terms of wearing stylish Hollywood jackets to impress others, whether in a formal occasion or in a casual party. Online Store:

On attend la saison 5 avec impatience ... Blinders

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From the desk of Thomas Shelby’s secretary.

anonymous asked:

Peaky blinders request with tommy having Tod earl with his rebellious teenage sister?

Hello sweetheart, I’m sorry but I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to figure out what you mean. Unless you can get back with me, I won’t be able to do right now. I apologize love 💕

Kill me, send help, send fluffy alpha Winchester or peaky blinders fics.

I’ve been on an oral contraceptive for the past few years to help requlate my body.

Due to certain circumstances I had to come off it for awhile.

I can only describe the agony of what my period is this month as to being and ABO heat adjacent.

Cramping like a mother fucker and want to hurl.

I’m nauseous but want to eat everything.

Moving hurts but I can fucking get comfortable iny bed.

I’ve cried 4 times today for no reason.

I’ve changed my clothes like 10 times. Either from sweat, or leaky products or because my fucking skin feels like it’s crawling and on fire.

I lay here and beg of you to send me some fluffy pics of an alpha Winchester or Thomas Shelby or micheal Gray. Please. I need a distraction. I don’t care if they have angst or smut or drama as long as it’s got some cuddles that I desperately need.

I’m tagging some of my favorite authors in hopes that you don’t get annoyed with a hurting girl and can send some recommendations or give my week blog a boost. 🤕🤢🤒

Love to you all.


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Luca Changretta/Reader One Shot

Summary: Luca Changretta is a New York dressmaker, and a longtime friend of yours. He dresses you for every occasion, never saying a word of his true feelings for you, until a date gone wrong drives you into his arms. 

image source: Phantom Thread (2017)

You’d known Mr. Changretta for quite some time, as the owner of the New York clothing house where you always commissioned your new outfits. He had become a close friend and confidante over the years you had known each other, and knew your style and taste better than anyone. At times he would surprise you with outfits you hadn’t even known you wanted.

Ironically, he probably knew your body better than anyone in the city, yet the closest he ever came to touching you was a brush on the shoulder as he tried new fabrics, the feeling of his tape measure cinched around your waist, or his fingers zipping up the back of a new blouse or dress.

You dropped by one morning in a flush of excitement. Luca sat in his usual chair by the window with a sketchbook in his lap, pen in one hand, coffee in the other. His shop was clean and open, with a view of the New York streets, and several dresses and suits on display in the window.

He always smiled when he saw you— today he rose immediately and kissed you on the cheek as you approached. There was always something curiously open about his look when he laid eyes on you. It must have been his designer’s eye taking in your outfit, appreciating your style. Sometimes you thought it could be something more— but you didn’t let yourself linger on those thoughts.

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I’m looking for prompts, y’all

I have some time to writer today and tonight so hit me with those asks or requests. Still doing the ship game (send me info about yourself, appearance, personality, interests) and I’ll tell you which Peaky character I ship you with.

But also send me prompts

twistedrunes  asked:

Can you write me something with Ada and Freddie (or not if you wish) and can you include the following: a phone message, hot chocolate and a single flower.

Hi lovely! I really hope you enjoy this <3 

Pairing: Ada Shelby x Freddie Thorne



“Ada, love, you know he’s going to come back, and you know you’re going to get him straight back without any hesitation. No point in getting worked up when you’ve got other things to focus on.” Polly told Ada as she watched her write - it was Christmas, everyone was staying in Tommy’s for the holiday, and everyone apparently meant everyone except Freddie Thorne.

Ada understood that he had a duty to his party, and really, she did. Ada’s patience wore thin, however, when Freddie got arrested at every other protest that he went on and her own family had to fork out money so that he could be at home with them. She knew that one day that the money would not be enough, and a Campbell lookalike would come along, and he’d be gone for a year. Ada didn’t think about the possibility of death.

Shelbies didn’t do death.

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