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On attend la saison 5 avec impatience ... Blinders

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On the 9th day of Film-mas the City of Film office brought to us 9 Peaky Blinders, filmed in a number of locations in and around the city

Dave 25 enjoys blinders and cosy nights in by the fire. GSOH

“May you be in heaven a full half-hour before the devil knows you’re dead ...” - Grace Burgess✨

“Intelligence is a very valuable thing innit my friend , usually it comes far too late...” -Alfie Solomons💥

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Killing Two Birds With One Stone

Written by: @tomhardyedition and I both wrote this fic in collaboration.

Alfie Solomons x OC

Warning: depictions of murder (beheading), depictions of torture, language. Smut

Word count: 5k (just about)

A/N: omg you guys have to fucking read this. My husband did such a good job. She really came thru ugh, she’s fucking amazing. Alright that’s it…enjoy.

“Ezra baby, are you excited. You get to see Papa this weekend!” The three year old clapped his head in excitement. “Papa!” He yelled. The child tried to walk as fast as his little feet can go. Although it’s not much. He still feels although he’s going incredibly fast. The walk with him was great. He’d always act like it’s the first time he’s going and he’d run like his life depended on it. You loved the kid and you’d dye for him. If anything were to happen to him, you wouldn’t know what you would do. He means that much to you.

You guys arrived at Alfie’s house and he let the both of you in, hugging his son in the process. “Papa look what mama bought me.” He showed his father the small rock, then looked at you strangely “You bought our son a fucking rock.” You quickly responded to his words “it’s what he wanted, you think I would have bought one when I can get one outside.” Alfie grunted, “Alright Rhys, if you fucking say so.” You were about away, but you wouldn’t leave without kissing your baby goodbye “Bye Ezzy I’ll see you Monday morning as always.” You planted a kiss and was about to leave, until Alfie stopped you. “You know you can stay here for a bit. We haven’t talked properly and quite some fucking time.” You shooked your head. “No Alfie, not today, I’ve got a lot of paper work to get done and I’ve got a date with Wesley. I’m sorry another time?” Alfie grunted. “You fucking around with your boss? Hmm. Things haven’t fucking changed have they. You’ve always been a type to fooling around with the bosses, interesting.” You playfully slapped his arms as Ezra tried to escape Alfie’s grip. “Speaking of dating, you still with that brunette?” Alfie smirked “Yeah, yeah she’s fucking great. Kathrines coming over tonight actually staying for the weekend.” You hummed. “Well I gotta head to work, take care of Ezzy for me alright.” Then you headed off. Leaving Alfie with your son, your precious son.

“Ezra baby, you gonna play with the dog while I cook. Alright.” The young boy raised a brow. “Papa you don’t cook. Why you cooking now?” It was Alfie’s turn to raise a brow. “What do you mean, I cook for you all the fucking time right, never have I not cooked for you.” The boy continued to pet the dog. “Yeah but Papa, you only make small food. Not big food. Mama only cook big food when special person comes. Is special person coming?” Alfie nodded “Yeah Baby. Papa’s special friend is coming for dinner pretty fucking soon.” The boy satisfied with the answer went back to petting the dog. Soon enough Kathrine showed up, leaving Alfie ecstatic.

As we walked threw the door her Aurora was present. Alfie just fucking loved that feeling being around her. The skin leaching red dress she was wearing wasn’t helping either. The little boy was curious of her so he went up to introduce himself. “Hello I’m Ezra Alfred Solomons. The son of Alfred Micheal Solomons. I like raisins. How do you do.” It was so obvious that phrase was repeated over and over again. It was obvious the child had spent hours and hours on end getting it right. It seemed a lot for a 3 year old. Kathrine didn’t know how to react to this, so she smiled at the child and walked away looking for Alfie which she found in the kitchen. “Alfie boo, what you up too?” Alfie quickly went to turn off the stove. “Wanted to make a meal for you and Ezzy. Make ya feel a bit special.” She pulled Alfie around making him face her instead of the food. “There are other ways you can make me feel special.” She smiled. “Ain’t it a bit to early for that, Ezra’s still up.” Kathrine started to whine. “Oh come on sweetheart. Don’t you wanna have a little funny.” The man looked at her then went back to the food. “Ezzy is hungry. I need to feed him first.” Kathrine mentally glared but in reality she kept up a smile. “Alright, anything you want baby.”

Dinner time came around and the food was great. Amazing actually. The food was better then anyone could imagine, but Kathrine was too annoyed to realize how great the food was. After the food was done she quickly washed her dish and tried again to get Alfie alone with her. But Alfie once again protested he needed to put his son to bed. Kathrine was getting annoyed. She didn’t like this kid of his.

Eventually they got some alone time. Alfie was enjoying the friction the both of them were creating. But then it stopped. “Where you going kitten, thought we were just getting started.” Kathrine went threw her bag looking for a substances. “Here” the pulled out a bottle with some white powder inside. “You wanna get fucked up Alfie.” Her smile was addictive for Alfie, but he had to stand his ground. “No love, can’t fuck with those shit. Won’t look good for Ezzy.” She held the urge to roll her goddamn eyes out. That child had some much power over him.

She went over to his night stand and poured a bit out. Alfie would look the other way as she did the drugs. Not wanting to watch her ruin herself. She inhaled it like a bitch then took a minute to adjust herself. Then went back onto the bed. Lifting up her nightie just by a bit. “You want this Alfie.” He planted his hands on both side of her hips. Bringing her slightly downwards so she can have her clothed cunt laying on his cock. “Yeah, really fucking do. But let me treat you first darling. Don’t want you to get on my fucking cock just yet.” Kathrine didn’t have time for games, she just needed to get straight to the point. “No baby, I want your cock now.” Alfie didn’t like that idea, but she was the woman so he let her have what she wanted. Alfie unbuckled his pants then his boxers to reveal his semi hard cock. Kathrine realize that it wasn’t ready yet. So she gave his cock little kisses, while messaging his balls. Just for the sensation. Once he was properly hard. She went straight for it and put his cock inside of her, not wasting anytime. Alfie internally whined. He was loving that feeling and it was so short lasted. Kathrine continued to ride Alfie, to reach to her initial goal. To get him to cum. Moans and groans were loud. And very much heard from the 3 year old across the hall. But he ignored it. He was trying to sleep.

“Fuck love, you close?” Kathrine mumble a yes between her screams. Alfie was about to pull out but she removed his hand. He looked up at her confused, but then released inside anyways. Kathrine tumbles over to the side of the bed. The effects of the cocaine was wearer off and she’s now just laying there. Alfie getting up looking for a towel to warm it with. “Alfie what are you doing?” Alfie walked back into the room and Kathrine understood. “You’ve got my cum inside of you, got to get it out. Don’t want to be pumping out babies.” Alfie was only half joking. Kathrine didn’t like that joke

Ezra was getting annoyed with all this noise going on in the house. For gods sake, it’s night night. Why isn’t people sleeping. The little boy takes his tiny blue blanket, and is ready to confront his Papa. He was being a bad boy. He was staying up late. He needed to be scolded. The boy slowly opened the door to his fathers room, just double checking to see if he was awake. Then he saw his dad, whom was naked. And his special friend who was naked. It seemed like they were fighting. “Alfie stop it, don’t touch me with your fucking towel.” Ezra slightly jumped. A bad word. He’ll talk to her later, but right now he needs to figure this shit out. “Kathrine, You aren’t making any sense. Just let me take it out.” Hmm, Ezra thought. His Papa isn’t going night night because his special friend isn’t listing. Bad girl. She should be listing to Papa. Kathrine marches over to her bag. Picking out another substance. Alfie watched attentively “Don’t start doing drugs now cause you can’t get your fucking way.” The woman turned around and threw the substance in his eyes. Alfie fell to the ground crying, and Kathrine started to pack her things and get dressed.

Ezra was too shocked to do anything. She’s a very bad girl in fact. He goes back to his room and hid in the little cubby, Alfie told him that if bad people ever came, to hid back in there. So he sat there and waited. He cried to himself in the cubby. His Papa was hurt. But he knew that he had to stay in his box. The cubby was quiet big, actual. There was enough space for the child to read and eat. Even though he is 3 he is undersize, something that you’ve always worried about. His bones were too soft and you were worried that if he slipped and fell. He’d break. Ezra’s large plump of curly hair didn’t go unnoticed either. He had A LOT of hair, so people at the park would play around and says that he’s a girl. He hated it, but he also loved his hair. He heard the front door close shut and then heard his father yell his name.

“Ezra, come hurry quick.” He child scurry over as fast as he can, bringing his cookies with him. “Papa I’m here.” Ezra said while eating with his mouth full of goodies. “Ezzy darling alright so here’s what we are going to do and listen very closely because I’m not gonna….Ezra are you eating cookies?” The child yelled a “yep” Alfie grunted. “Are you serious eating cookies now, it’s like 12 in the morning. You ain’t supposed to be eating no sugar. Fucking ridiculous, child what would your mother say about this.” The child poked at his lips. “I was stress so I eat.” Alfie huffed, “Okay fine, but you don’t need to be eating cookies. What about those healthy brownies your mother brought you in your backpack? Huh, could have gone for those.” Ezra was getting annoyed. “Papa you want me for something.”

“Ah yes call your mother, and tell her that this fucking bitch ass cunt. Thought it was a good fucking idea, to blind me with fucking acid. Then I need your to call Ollie and tell him to get all the men fucking ready because we’ll be having a goddamn witch hunt, and when I see that bitch again, oh fucking well. She’ll see. She’ll fucking see. Ain’t no way your crossing Alfred Fucking Solomons, am I right Ezra!” The boy was baffled but still smiled “Yes Papa, I’ll call mama and uncle Ollie.” “Alright but make sure it’s mamas work place, that woman never stops working. So she’ll most likely be there, if not call home.”

Ezra scurried over looking for the phone.

“No, no but look. All four men have the same scratch on there skin, it looks like a cross.” Matthew was t paying attention to what you were saying, instead looking at your tits “Yeah Rhys, yeah you might be fucking right.” You nodded slightly “Alright we’ll have people around this lake. It’s a common area where we find the men. It must some how be connected to-“

Wesley walked in cutting you off. “Mrs, your son is calling.” You quickly rushed over, leaving Matthew alone and sad. He couldn’t look at your tits.

“Hey baby what’s up?”

“Daddy wanted me to tell you, that a bitch ass cunt made him blind, and he wants you over here quickly.”

“You’re father said what now,” you say listening to your son. It wasn’t like he had never said a curse word before. Alfie cursed too much for the boy not to pick up a word or two.

“Daddy wanted me to tell…”

“Ezzy, baby boy, I heard you the first time, put papa on the phone please.”

You can hear the boy call for Alfie, but suddenly a muffled cry comes from the phone. The noise of the phone clambering to the ground and a sharp cry from the other line makes your heart stop.

“Ezra,” you ask. No answer. “Ezra,” you call a little louder. “Ezra!” This time there’s an indistinct voice speaking. Such a familiar tongue to the ear, and then the phone is smashed back onto the receiver. The line goes dead.

Ezra did not notice Katherine coming until she grasped him from behind. The boy kicked and screamed as hard and loud as he could. You told Ezra to act this way if someone tried to grab him. Katherine was surprisingly strong for such a petite woman. Her bony arms bound around the child’s neck and torso. Ezra could hear his father yelling his name, but suddenly everything went dark.

Katherine picks the child up and carries him out of the house. She opens the car’s door and puts him in the back. The woman then walks back into the house and advances to the master bedroom.

Looking into the bedroom, she stares at the man on the floor. The wounds and scaring had begun to sink into his skin. The skin blistered and pus poured out. The green mixing with a red and jaundice color would spread the more the liquid sinks into his skin. The skin would soon crack farther down his face. His eyes soon milky and the yolk, or iris if you prefer, would burst and fade into the whites. The man is cursing in a choked and broken Hebrew dialogue.

“How pathetic,” Katherine says walking into the room. She circles Alfie before crouching behind him. “What would your son think of a pathetic little sack like you?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you cunt,“ Alfie spits out as he feels tears roll down his face. The tears feel like blood, and as they find their way into his mouth, they taste more like copper than salt.

"You’re pathetic,” Katherine says as she walks over to the nightstand. She grabs the box of matches that lay next to three available cigars. She then grabs the olive oil they use for lube and walks, leaving a trail, around to the door. She steers her hand to the book of matches and takes one out. She strikes the match against its box once to get a spark. “Plus I wasn’t thinking I’d have to do this so soon,” she stares into the small flame. “But you proved me wrong so early! I never thought you’d trust me so much. Or the fact that you put your son before me! Which leaves me with the moral you are clearly missing.”

“What do you mean by fucking moral,” Alfie wailed as he covered his blistering pus-covered eyes.

“Never trust a cunt,” she said and let the match fall as she quickly left the scene.

Ezra was trying to open the car door. Getting frustrated in the process. He pushed it and almost made it, but Kathrine came back and pushed him right back into the car. “No sweetie, your gonna come with me.” The child started to cry. “No bad girl.” She shush the child and planted a kiss on his cheek, she went to the front and started the car. Ezra was worried, what about papa?

Alfie was struggling to get out of the house, he could still see but only things that were near him anything a meter away, he couldn’t tell. He pushed himself off of the ground tripping miserably. Making his way down the stairs. The fire was starting quickly, he couldn’t have himself die here. He was going to murder that bitch. Ollie lived 4 houses down. It wouldn’t be a problem getting there but, his vision was fucked. So it take him longer then usually, but he was most certainly going to get it done. He fucking will.

“MATHEW, WESLEY!” You called. Both men came looking towards your direction. “What’s up Rhys?” They could tell you were worried but, you were always worried. “I need you to send 5 men down to Patrick Street. One swat team, alright. And make sure Hossan is there. Just in fucking case.”

“Hossan is at home, you should know that.” You scoffed “well then get his ass over there. It’s a code 9. Hurry the fuck up.” You went on over to get dressed. You needed to be prepared as well. You grabbed the gun and the vest.

The team arrived at Alfie’s house to find it burning in flames. You couldn’t search the area. You didn’t want to cry, you weren’t going to cry…but fuck. Is your baby in there? He can’t be. You decided to search around the neighbourhood while you waited for the firefighters to show up. You knock on door to door to see if anyone heard something or saw something. Each house you went to said no. You were fucking screwed. The firefighters showed up and took down the fire. They said nobody was inside. So what the fuck happened to them.

You couldn’t fucking help but cry. Your baby, your sweet baby boy was gone, and you didn’t know where.

Matthew ran up towards you. “Hey, it’s gonna be alright okay, we’ve gotta send the swat team back to HQ. It’s gonna be fine alright, we’ll find them.

You nodded your head. You should probably head back as well. There wasn’t anything useful you could do. You had to wait.

“What the fuck do you mean your blind?” Thomas responded. “I said what meant and I meant what I said. I’m fucking blind mate. Ain’t no way coming back from that.” Thomas looks around a bit. He was in town, for every reason except to see Alfie. Yet somehow he ran into him. “Just take me to the hospital mate. Then once I’m better I’m going to find that fucking cunt. Yeah, I fucking will.” Thomas took a heavy sigh. He still doesn’t understand how Alfie ended up here. Neither does Alfie. He thought he was walking the right way towards Ollie’s house. He doesn’t realize that he’s currently standing in downtown. His vision is getting worse and worse as time goes on. Once again he can kinda see, but it’s only for things that are super close. “Alright mate. Get in the car, I’ll take you.”

You sat at your desk crying. It’s been a while 2 days and nothing. No word from Alfie, and no word from Ezzy. You fucking missed him so much. Yes you fucking did. You sent Matthew out to go and find some info. He is your trainee after all. The man came back into your office shortly later, with some information. “I got some good news, I know where Alfie is.” You jumped out of your seat. “Really OH MY GOSH! Where is he?” Matthew went and closed the door, “hmm, sorry but I’m not gonna tell you.” He went towards the blinds. Closing them. “What…what do you mean, why not?” Matthew chuckled. “Not without a price.” You knew where he was getting at. “How much is it you want? One, two pounds?” Matthew quickly shook his head. “No love, I want you.” You step back a bit. You didn’t want to whore yourself out, but you fucking needed to find Alfie, so he can tell you where Ezzy was. “Alright fine, what do you want me to do?” Matthew sighed just a bit. “Sucking off my cook would be fine. Just enough for today.” You held back the urge to throw up, and went on your knees. You couldn’t believe you were fucking doing this. For Ezra’s sake right? Also Alfie’s. There was no way you were going to forget about Alfie. Your first love, he was the first one to give you a job. You had to him at all cost.

You haven’t even touched him yet and he was already hard. You were happy that he was, cause you really didn’t want to do this. You slowly put it into your mouth. You were trying to start off slow then pick up the past but he was grabbing your head and thrusting himself into your mouth. Making you fucking choke on his dick. The amount of times that you thought you couldn’t breath or you were gonna gag, was insane. This wasn’t a fucking blow job. This was assault to your mouth. He came into your mouth and you immediately slowed. Not wanting to think about it. When you slowed and showed him your mouth. He then told you that Alfie was staying at the Royal Swedish hospital down on Auckland . You were going to see him immediately. Matthew on the other hand had someone else to see.

“Kathrine you fucking dumb bitch, why is Alfie still alive.” Matthew said storming into their apartment complex. “He’s alive?” Matthew was getting angrier by the minute. “Yes you dumb cunt yes he is. Gosh you can’t do anything right. Did you take any of his stuff at least.” Kathrine looked down. “No…but I.”

“KATHRINE WHAT DID I TELL YOU!” She didn’t want to look at him, she didn’t like when he got angry. “I took his child, he’s in the back.” Matthew eyes went wide. “Oh no no no, fuck. YOU TOOK HIS KID KATHRINE COME ON, ITS NOT JUST HIS KID IT’S THE DETECTIVE KID AS WELL. YOU ARE GONNA GET CAUGH.” Kathrine didn’t like how Matthew was talking to her, so she took her gun and shoot him. The bullet went to his leg first. “Don’t you disrespect me like that matty, you should know better.” She leaned over to where he was laying. The man was wheezing in pain. “I-I’m sorry baby.” Kathrine kisses him on the lips. “Maybe in another world I can forgive you, but not in this one.” She shoot Matthew again. Leaving him for his blood to stain the ground. Kathrine walked over to the room where the child was being tied up. “Now…what shall we do with you.”

You pace the floor of the house. It’s been hours since Alfie had been checked on. You could see him breathing fine and you checked his pulse many times in the hours you’ve been there. The doctor had given Alfie barbiturates to calm him down and get him to sleep. You weren’t a big fan of the idea of driving him but when you walked in while they were changing his bandages, you couldn’t help but scream. The blistered skin and blackness of where his eyes used to be leaving a permeant image in your mind. He looked pathetic and you couldn’t help but to stare at him.

“Rhys,” Svetlana, Alfie’s oldest sister, says, “you need to sit down.”

Alfie’s five sisters had shown up along with Ollie and Ishmael. Svetlana was the only one you liked because she supported the relationship Alfie and you had. Sonya, Alyona, Natasha, and Ana were not fond of the relationship, due to you not converting to Judaism. Alyona, being a hypocrite, was the worst of all because she had done the same with her son Goliath.

“I’m fine Svetlana,” you say. “I-I just need Alfie to not be drugged up when I have a conversation with him.”

“I understand,” Svetlana replies, “but the doctor knows best and if Alfie needs it he needs it does he not?”

“He-he does….I’m just so fucking worried. Ezra is nowhere to be found and-and Alfie was the last to see him and I don’t know if Katherine had gotten out or if she was taken as…”

“Katherine,” the five women questioned in unison.

“Who the fuck is Katherine,” Sonya spits out.

“Some woman he’s been dating for a bit,” you say, “did you not know? He talks to all of you at least once a week still doesn’t he?”

“He told us that you and him were working on your relationship,” Ana says, “said that you and him were working on getting back together.”

You stop pacing the floor. You knew Alfie still had feelings for you, but getting back together? no way in hell were the two of you getting back together. The whole reason of the divorce was when you got the job at the station and the promotion you had gotten to be a detective. You didn’t want to have a case that involved with your husband’s illegal affairs and you did not want to end up on a case that way. Alfie never wanted the divorce he told you to change your last name just for work. He fought with you for hours on end to not leave him but you knew you had to.

“I,” You start, “we-we are not working on our relationship. He’s been with Katherine.”

The five sisters sat in pure shock. Their little brother had lied to them. Five pairs of eyes stare at you hoping that you would take back what you had just said to them.

“Uhm, Mrs. Solomons?”

The five women look over as you walk quickly to the doctor. “Alfie?”

“Mrs. Solomons,” the doctor says, “he’s fine. I just need you to sign a few forms for him.”

“Okay,” you say and take the pen from his hand. You sign your name and then move back to your original pacing area.

“Little Boy,” Katherine yells as she looks for the young boy. Ezra had run and hid in the basement of the house. He had hid in an old box that was next to a heater.

Silently the boy cried for anyone or anything from the heavens to come down and save him. An angel of death would have been welcomed as well. He just wants someone to save him.

Suddenly he hears the door leading down to the basement open. A sizzling noise can be heard as well.

“Ezra come to auntie,” Katherine says as the stairs creak and groan.

Ezra shrinks in to himself to try and vanish from the world that he was cursed to be put into.

“Ezra,” the woman bellows with a stomp. The whole room quakes from the sudden outburst. And Ezra cannot help the squeak that comes from his lungs. It was an accident.

Katherine notices the noise and traces to the echo.

“Ezra,” Katherine says. “I know you’re in there you cunt.”

Ezra sends a small prayer to who Papa had sent his and mama had sent hers. The clicking of Katherine’s heels give her away as she stands in front of the box. She looks at the little boy. His curls hiding his eyes but she can just make them out. The whites of his eyes are luminous in the dark.

“Little Boy,” Katherine says, “why did you run from auntie?” Her face falls and she takes the sizzling fire-poker and stabs Ezra through his side.

There’s no scream and he goes limp.

“Why’d you fall asleep,” Katherine asks, “we’re not done just yet.”

You walk into Alfie’s room to say goodnight. Visiting hours are up and you need to head home because your mother was coming to town tomorrow. You walk in and stare at the man laid in the bed. You can hear his snoring as soon as you opened the door.

As quietly as you can, you move over to his bedside and kiss his forehead. You remember doing this for his nightmares. How at night he would scream, scratch, and cry. “Goodnight Alfie,” You say as you turn back to leave.

“G’night Rhys,” Alfie says to himself as he hears the door shut.

You get in your car and head to the apartment you lived in downtown. It wasn’t a long drive from the hospital so you know that you can head back if you need to.

When you park the car you stare at the flat door. Beige and lifeless like the sand from the honeymoon. You remember how it felt under your toes as you ran from Alfie so he wouldn’t throw you into the ocean. You smile at the memory and then get out of the car.

You walk to the door and go to unlock it when your foot knocks against a box. A medium sized box. A package? Did you even order a package? You pick it up and notice your name Rhys Solomons written in a beautiful cursive. A small note stuck to the top.

You quickly unlock and walk into the apartment. You walk through the parlour and switch on the lights. Carefully you set the weighted box on the table and pull off the piece of paper.

In careful calligraphy it states:

‘You said no witnesses did you not?’

-K. Dobbins

You stare at the letters and then move to the box. Your heart drops. Your fingers tear through the sealed top and when your eyes land on what you had feared the most you lose all feeling. Your heart constricts and palpitates. You can’t breathe or feel any tears…all you can do is scream. Your lips tremble as tears finally begin to roll and you reach into the box.

Ezra’s head is cold and you can’t help but stare at his blue lips. You place your lips to his forehead and plant a kiss hoping he’d giggle but he doesn’t.

“I told you not this far Katherine,” you gasp through your sobs.

You are worth it

Originally posted by burntohell

Author note: I’m in Norway skiing, and it’s too fucking cold here. Hope you enjoyed this imagine, even tho it was kind of rushed.

Summary: You’re sent to make business with the famous Thomas Shelby, but you had no idea what the deal you were making was actually about.

Pairing: Thomas Shelby x reader

“So tell me, what’s the point with this so called deal?”

The words that left your lips made the man in front of you chuckle slightly. It must have been quite obvious that business was not something you were interested in, or had any talent for. Your brother wanted to show Mr Shelby that his company only wanted the best for Shelby company limited, but he also wanted to get out of the attempt alive, so that’s why he sent you. You had no idea what to expect, but when you came into the mans office you knew right from the start that this was a man that you didn’t want—or should mess with.

“Well apparently your brother didn’t tell you a thing did he?” The man said, his face still shining with amusement. That smile did not match his dangerous appearance at all, showing a boyish side of him that was quite sweet. You felt the heat rush through your veins, and you prayed that he wouldn’t notice the colour on your cheeks.

“Ehm, no why would he? He wouldn’t send me here if it was important,” you stated shortly, not knowing what kind of response you would get. Mr Shelbys face went from smiling to completely unreadable, placing a cigarette between his lips before lighting it, and breathing out the heavy smoke.

“Your brother wants 500 machine guns imported from Birmingham to Boston. He also asks for protection in the American docks. That it’s self is a pretty big request.”

The statement made you drop your jaw, watching the man in disbelief. Your brother is a fool thinking a man like Mr Shelby would do him that favour without demanding something bigger in return. A sigh escaped your chest, and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.

“My brother is dumber than any man I’ve ever meet. What do you need in return Mr Shelby,” you asked, preparing yourself to turn down the whole thing with both yours and your brothers life in mind.

The man just watched you with his amazingly blue eyes, finishing his cigarette that is still placed between his lips.

“You,” he said simply, still with his eyes gazing down at you.

At first you did not think he was serious, or maybe you just misheard him. But his straight face made it obvious to you that he wasn’t kidding.

“Excuse you, what did my brother promise you? Did he really promise you me in return for 500 machine guns?” You spoke with a loud voice as you pushed the chair aside so you could stand up.

He shakes his head slowly.

“Not exactly Y/N. I saw you at Mr Campbell’s Christmas dinner last month, and asked your brother if he could talk you into coming here.”

His voice was dark and raspy, probably from all the whiskey and cigarettes he’s been smoking through the years. But now when he mentioned it, you do remember the tall, handsome man that is sitting right infornt of you.

“So you are really saying that my brother can get those 500 weapons, and protection if anything goes wrong, and all you want in return is me? Why exactly?” You spoke with a confused voice that matched your facial expression. The thought that he wanted to see you made your heart ache a little.

“Because you’re worth it. But only if you want to. We could go to a nice restaurant in London, and maybe go and see a film,” now his face expressed his shyness. His head a bit low, trying really heard not to come off as insecure in any way.

A small smile takes form on your lips.

“Sure I would love to Mr Shelby. But I’m not doing this just to get my brother out of this mess, but because I want to. And I choose the film.”

Your demands makes him smile while he reach for your hand.

“So we have a deal?”

You take his hand without hesitation.


Right before you are about to leave through the door, Mr Shelby gets your attention.

“And by the way, you can call me Thomas.”

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3. Sex Education

4. Supernatural

5. Peaky Blinders

6. friends

7. Once upon a Time

8. Good witch

9. Disenchantment

10. Doctor Who

11. Gilmore Girls

12. Channel Zero

13. Riverdale

14. Chiling Adventures of Sabrina

ok loves! i’m almost completely done clearing out my inbox (just 2 requests left!) and could really use some new requests. i’m gonna try to reblog some new prompt lists tonight and i would really love it if you guys wanted to look through them or some of my older lists and send in some stuff! my request rules are always linked in my bio and i am always open to and hoping to hear your headcanons. my inbox is always open!

Y’all I just hit 2k and I fucking love all of you. Thank you so much for being a support system and a place for me to be creative since I was 14 years old. It’s been lovely 😊😊💕💕

Peaky Blinders is 100% the only show that I have ever encountered in my life thus far that has characters that actually feel real. I have thought characters were complex before, but I was wrong. This show has THE most well written, DEEPLY complex, and multi faceted characters who ACTUALLY change. Not just slightly. They ACTUALLY change in that subtle yet drastic way that REAL people do and I am INCREDIBLY EMOTIONAL ABOUT THEM ALL

List of fandoms Im in that the followers i don’t have didn’t ask for

  • Vikings(obviously)
  • Lana Del Rey(yep again obviously)
  • Peaky Blinders( this new season can’t get here soon enough)
  • Harry Potter( aren’t we all)
  • Harry Styles ( he’s my husband so)
  • TWD ( boy is this show going downhill)
  • AHS ( if Tate ain’t the definition of fine ion know what is)
  • Hamilton( and every other musical)
  • Sons of Anarchy( Jax got me dehydrated sisters)
  • Shameless
  • SPN( Destiel: to ship or not to ship?)
  • GnR (omgggg Axl In the 80s thooo)
  • The Last Kingdom
  • Queen
  • Mötley crue
  • Mad men
  • The Boondock Saints( cuz Norman Reedus nough said)
  • Versailles
  • Penny dreadful( I thrive on everything Eva Green)
  • Doctor Who( Clara deserved better PERIODT.)

Well that’s half of it at least

Choking On Sapphires 70

Title & Song: Killer Shangri-Lah

Characters: Alfie Solomons x Genevieve (OFC)

Word Count: 6600+

Summary:  Alfie and Gen take revenge on Nazi supporters in Manchester by making it rain blood and bullets upon a conspirators dance hall. They get to indulge in their blood lust together afterward. 

Warnings/Tags: Language. Canon-typical violence. Blood. Strong Antisemitism. Seducing the enemy. Gun and fist fights. Sexual content and themes. Protective Alfie. Jealous Alfie. Proud Alfie.

**Chapter song is Killer Shangri-Lah by Pshycotic Beats.**

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You’re in front of a large vanity in a hotel room in northern England. You’re getting in one last good scratch to your compressed down hair before having to put on the light colored wig again that Freddie had picked out and sent you. You couldn’t tell him what it was for exactly, but you told him it needed to be convincing. And it was.

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