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Ancient 'lost city' of the Khmer Empire uncovered in Cambodia

شش عضو حرکت مردمی صلح‌خواهان که قرار بود در یک گرد‌همایی در ساحه شهرک پل علم، مرکز ولایت لوگر اشتراک کنند، از سوی طالبان ربوده شدند.

امریکا کے نمائندہ خصوصی برائے افغان امن عمل زلمے خلیل زاد کا کہنا ہے کہ افغانستان میں امن سے واشنگٹن پر جنگی دباؤ کم ہوگا۔

The future Hopes! Afghan children after 18 years fighting: Taliban bombed, fired & shut our schools; but they can NEVER fire our willing. Taliban can't stop us from learning.

“The is putting out stories to the world that people would have never known,” Leymah Gbowee, Selection Committee Member, Laureate. 🔎Topic: Empowering Women to Power the World #⃣ Fest

I think I'll watch News. At least there is some civilised (😜) debate on and a few good laughs. Everybody, have nice and .

Do something wonderful, people may imitate it. - Albert Schweitzer

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Live long and prosper! 🖖🖖 It’s the Star Trek symbol… I don’t know how to explain it…

You can say that it’s for Inktober!

(If you save or use anywhere, please give credit… Even though you usually won’t but people who make actual art {not this} spend shit load of effort in it! Thanks for your attention. Don’t. Steal. Art)

JANGAN JADI UMAT YANG TERKECOH, akhir-akhir ini banyak orang yang berpikir serba TERBALIK.

Fakta yang benar dianggap suatu keburukan. Sebaliknya, FITNAH dan KEBOHONGAN malah dianggap sebagai fakta yang benar. Dan mereka selalu berbicara atas nama agama.

Simak video ini, selamat merenung! #PestaRakyatNKRI 🇮🇩


We live in a world of filled with negativities, don’t we? Since we like the idea of being different, so why don’t we try to bring positivities to reduce the number of negativities? It can be really tough to think positive when you’re having difficult times ; but think it in this way that whatever happens in our life, it is for our good or to learn a good lesson. We have a beautiful ability to control ourselves and we should do it POSITIVELY.



@thelegendsupreme good sh°t family I need more of this you played a track saying 85% with that mean beat #Peace (at East Lynn, Massachusetts)

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Good Morning Father God!

Fear not my child. I have and will always be there for you. When the enemy comes in; like a flood , I will lift up a standard against him.

Love, DrFaye


okay so I have a free 6th period for school [ normally I go to compsci during 6th period to learn programming ] but today I decided to go out and take a walk today. I was talking about how I felt while walking but I had my headphones in as you can clearly see and apparently the audio didn’t record bc of that !! big oof but it’s okay. basically I just talked about how I was feeling better mentally and emotionally- better but not completely perfect. And I love taking walks but often enough I push them off for when every thing in my life is going okay and perfect, but I realized that my life will never be in that state, so why wait for a moment that will never come? what’s stopping me from doing it now? I just felt so at peace and it was serene and quiet [ for the most part until some cars started passing by ]. it was just a neighborhood nearby, not much nature, but still there was much to appreciate mashallah. I was also thinking about the blessings we have to have these homes and security because there are so many who don’t have that. more to come inshallah <3 [ also super ratchet video but hey it’s real life ! ]


ineedyourlove by baha

You’re the artist of your life & you’re free to paint the canvas in any way.

Depending on the culture and family you grew up in, you’ll have beliefs as to how your painting should look.

Your current culture will constantly reflect your painting as “good or bad”. Your art will be judged as acceptable or not.

There are unlimited ways to live a life… You are the artist of yours.

Claim it. Make it your own free expression.





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