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🌻🌻🌻Please accept the Blessings of Sri SriRadhaGopshreshtha 'Prince of GIVE'🌻🌻🌻Always chant 'Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare' and stay blessed!

A huge thank you to all who made the opening of our exhibition last night a great success. The exhibition rune through July 28.

په تېرو ۲۴ ساعتونو کې د په بېلابېلو ولسوالېو کې ۴۲ وسلوالو ته مرګ ژوبله اووښتې ده.

Cricket Bat Painted in Truck Art by: Truck Artist Inam Elahi (Lahore) For Contact: 03234482820 For Whatsapp: 03061403689 # colourful

Dreams and goals are important. They give a direction to life. So, keep your dreams, hope and above all, trust in God always alive in your heart.

افغان ځواکونو په خوست ولایت کې د عملياتو پر مهال ۳ وسلوال طالبانو له خپلو وسلو سره ژوندي نيولي دي.

خلک هیله مند دي، چې دا ځل طالبان د سولې په خبرو اترو کې د سولې لپاره واقعي هڅې وکړي. جګړه او تاوتریخوالی اوسنۍ ستونزې نشي حل کولای!!!

We held a Peace event in Islamabad to highlight harmony, non-aggression and non-violence as qualities that can lead the way to a peaceful society!

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The 0.001% Rule

The most effective way I have found to push myself into longer sessions and to deal with uncomfortable physical sensations (like itches) while practicing is to use this rule I made up of “microscopic advancement”, or the 0.001% rule.

When confronted with a challenge, I have begun to start focusing on every second, or few seconds, longer that I can deal with it. For example: having an itch - if I can avoid scratching it immediately, then I start to think, “okay… if I can bear not to scratch it for 5 seconds, how about 5 seconds longer?”

And once I get to that point, I think “how about 20 seconds longer? Surely I can do that. That’s only four periods of five seconds.”

Eventually, my ability to deal with these unpleasant sensations has grown to ten minutes or even an hour at times.

All sensations are impermanent, they arise and pass away. Learn this within the framework of your own body and apply it to your life experience and thoughts, as they are impermanent as well.

Original post here [^^] Grab a comfy meditation cushion from eBay
“Si te cuesta tu paz, ponte a creer que es MUY caro”- Mi Abuelita

“If it costs you your peace, then it is too expensive. Live by this in relationships, business, goals, and all aspects of life”. 

Daaaaaang grandma. Wish you would have told me this over and over the last 10 years of my poor decisions, BUT, thankful that you’re still around to nail that in me now though.

Daily Teachings of the Masters, June 18, 2019

See the light empowering you back to Truth.
It is not necessary to engage in trivial wars
about what hasn’t been completed up until now.
“It is up to you”, is a very good adage.

You define consciousness.
You are creating your life in each moment
whether you take ownership of that or not.

As you commit to awakening
you will discover that there is a pathway
already built in for you.

It is quite easy
as you realize
it is not about making a fuss or a stir.

It is simply about quietly focusing your attention
your awareness
fully on the light that is making its way to you now.

That will open the door that you are seeking.
That is how this transmission is being sent to you.
It is because you are learning how to Wholly commit
to your light.

"Why am I thinking this thought?"

is asking yourself this question at every turn a worthwhile endeavor? naval ravikant recently said this was akin to running the software of your brain in debug mode… my question is, is this something that will drive one’s mind crazy looking for answers that may not be there or will it provide a constructive mental framework to solve one’s issues and work through complex emotions? it has been quite helpful for me lately but i can’t help but feel like it may be a vain exercise in mental masturbation. yet how else do you reflect on your life?

Original post here [^^] Grab a comfy meditation cushion from eBay

Where does genius come from?

Where does it go?

How can I find it?

How do I know?

It worms it’s way through my lips

Down my throat

Into my head

And out my soul.

A well I didn’t know existed

Gurgles up

Sprung forth from my spirit

Fed by my inhibitions.