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We have been practicing Christian meditation every morning for 3 minutes. Today we talked about what it means to be mindful during meditation! What a great way to start the day.

Aham Prema (Iam love who's here to share love) Pic: Putu Wirawan

Soulmate is the one who see flower when the others see only anger Pic: Pinterest

You know my definition of ? Inner peace. You know my definition of ? Inner peace. You know what I want you to feel? Inner !

You keep writing your story. Make sure it's a story of love Pic: Pinterest

Flower is beautiful, loving deeds are much more beautiful Pic: Pinterest

Smile is a beautiful candle. It can kindle the other's candle Pic: Pinterest

Mind is like parachute, it will save you when it's opened Pic: Pinterest

In spiritual connection, there's no such thing as being lonely Pic: Pinterest

Only those who love themselves can love others beautifully Pic: Pinterest

thank you 4 the warm welcome! The Center is providing a unique opportunity 2 engage young professionals & performance art explore the interconnectedness between performance & social justice SHINE 4

Larga tua inveja pra ver se vc começa a crescer tb

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*Peacd detects sadness and comes to lighten the moment


Heavy heart like cold rushing water. #find #peace

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