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We consider no job too small and no turnaround too short - Our skilled operators can build each assembly from bare board to final assembly.

پاکستان بمقابلہ جنوبی افریقہ: ون ڈے سیریز کا آغاز 19 جنوری سے ہوگا

Recruitment are currently seeking a / engineer, with strong experience in Design and for an Offaly based client. Med Device experience is a distinct advantage Contact me on 087 9404148 or on for more details

We are serious about Manufacturing! Quick-turn small & medium volume 1-8 layer FR4 PCBS, medium & high volume single and double-layer FR4, CEM1, MPCBs to flex, flex-rigid, high-technology PCBs including aerospace standards compliance.

This was made for our Japanese customers. As can be seen from the picture, the size of this PCB is very large, which makes it difficult to produce. But I still give the customer a sample of 35PCBA. Our quality has been recognized by our customers.

Pakistan U16 team won the toss and they are bowling first against Australia U16 in 4th ODI.

Creación de componentes para librería eagle. 📏dimensiones ⚙️ 📋 Gráficos 📍 Nombrar pads 🗒️Descripción Usé para realizar el dibujo: Abrir PDF Copiar imagen Escalar Exportar como dxf Importar dxf en

is in discussions to play international cricket in Pakistan again! A great move for cricket. Full Article:

The experimental PLC IoT PCB with partial configurable features developed for budgetary solutions. Its based on popular ICs and capable for Micropython running.

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So what does this massively over engineered robot kit do?

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If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Seems simple, but it’s really meaningful for me, notably today. My decision to etch the PCB that day cause i’m in lazy mood to check my friend’s design. Also i trust with my friend’s capability in electronics. So i just agree with him without recheck.

Aand here, now i really disappointed to my self, how could i be lazy like this?? Haha

As says goes in my country, rice has been cooked into porridge, so just add another ingredients and enjoy 😂


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semiprofessional highspeed soldering 😂 whole process took me about 16 minutes

this will gonna be an epaper display socket pcb for some information around smart homes.. open windows, temperatures and door states will be shown there 💡next step is to program the esp8266 👨🏻‍💻 and of course: all the corresponding files of my IoT display can be found on my github page! (link is in my bio)

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Becky: Babe, why is Paige in the trunk with goggles on?

Charlotte: I don’t want her eyes to get dry.

Becky: we have??? a back seat????

A re-post because Hurricane Michael destroyed all of these beauties.

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How to set PCB assembly quality control points?

In order to ensure the normal process of PCB assembly, it is necessary to strengthen the quality inspection of each process and then monitor its operation.Because this sets up quality control point to appear particularly important after a few crucial working procedure, can discover in time so the quality doubt in paragraph of working procedure and try to correct, the root enters next working procedure absolutely unqualified product.The setting of quality control points is related to the production process. We can set the following quality control points in the processing process:

1. Check PCB materials.There is no oxidation of the pad, there is no deformation of the PCB, and there is no scratch on the appearance of the PCB;Inspection method: visual inspection according to the inspection specification.

2. Plug-in view.Whether there are any wrong parts;Whether there are any missing parts;The state of the components’ insertion;Inspection method: visual inspection according to the inspection specification.

3, paste printing view.Whether the thickness is uniform, whether there is bridge, whether there is collapse edge, whether the printing is complete, whether there is error;Inspection method: visual inspection or inspection with magnifying glass according to the inspection specification.

4. Check before reflow welding furnace after PCB assembly.Whether the film is missing or not;There is no shift;Whether there are any wrong parts;The mounting position of components;Inspection method: visual inspection or inspection with magnifying glass according to the inspection specification.

5. Check after reflow welding furnace.The welding status of components, whether there is bridge, monument, dislocation, solder ball, virtual welding and other poor welding appearance, solder joint status.Inspection method: visual inspection or inspection with magnifying glass according to the inspection specification.

After 15 years of development, FASTPCBA has now become an electronic processing and manufacturing service provider integrating PCB manufacturing, agent purchasing of electronic components, SMT manufacturing, testing and assembly as a whole. Through professional engineering team and mature supply chain support, the company can provide reliable support for fast implementation of customer’s products. So far, we have served more than 500 customers in more than 30 countries.

Visit company website for details.