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¿Aún no sabes por qué Loozend es la mejor solución?

Have a new trailer of the escape room game , for and , showing plenty of intimidating virtual reality puzzles and main character Katia in action.

フレンド募集! ゆるく楽しくできる人でお願いします 強さ、年齢、性別、機種はなんでもOKです ↓のメモ読んでいいなと思ったらDMかリプしてください。

シージ PC版 新設クランです興味のある方はDMまで 大会やクラン戦など興味のある方は大歓迎です

Are you looking for reliable , or ? If so get in touch here:

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New build completed, just in time for Classic.


瑪西亞孤兒院火災調查 EP:03-03-01 - 英雄傳說 VI:空之軌跡FC (PC)



You know what? Screw you. 

The 2nd episode was the damn best chance to finally crash the whole game’s system and create something really, really special (killing Persephone, romancing Hades or at least being more kind to him), but in the end you just broke any precious thing in the DLC. Alexios is not good, Hades is not evil. But you don’t care.

Note: the 2nd episode is my favourite. I want to cry today.


Paralives Game: Does The Sims (Finally) Have Competition? 🏆👀

In this video, Ouiza talks about the upcoming life simulation game, Paralives, which looks to be serious competition for The Sims series. She discusses what it could mean for Simmers, EA, and the life-simulation niche in general, and suggests ways that the Paralives developer may be able to tap into the various markets of different Sims players.


Episode 39 of Let’s Play Final Doom with @eldritch-enigma in which we beat the main game. There will be 3 bonus episodes where we beat the secret levels.


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Basit, sözsüz, gerçeklik ve hayal gücü arasındaki 1 saatlik kısacık hikaye; A Bird Story

To the Moon and Finding Paradise'ın yaratıcısından: Yaralı bir kuş bulan küçük bir çocuk hakkında basit, sözsüz 1 saatlik kısacık, gerçeklik ve hayal gücü arasındaki bir hikaye A Bird Story karşımızda.

A Bird Story, sadece basit bir hikayesini anlatmaya odaklanmış olan etkileşimli bir piksel animasyonu. Kendine has başlangıcı ve bitişi olan bağımsız bir anlatı. Bu arada oyunun Steam platformunda %75 indirim ile satışta olduğunu da hatırlatalım.