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All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! ✨🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️ ••••••••••••••••• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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For the millionth time watching the sander sides series. Coz I can't get enough of this duo.

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i drew sanders (from ages ago)! Sorry for crappy photo quality

The world needs more Patton's and fewer Sander's and McCain's.

Move over ,Soft boi coming thro (JK I love you both my Child and my Sanders sides father)

One of my first sanders sides art. I can’t believe how good it actually turned out.

Sanders Sides Inspired Homemade Cupcakes I love how they turned out they have apricot jam in the middle and made with all the love I have for this series...

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empathicspirittalker  asked:

In regards to the pregnancy au, I was wondering if they had any sort of baby shower or did they something else to celebrate.

They went to Logan’s parents’ house and hosted a small shower there! Mama and Mom were very excited about the grandbaby. A lot of Patton’s family and two of Roman’s more accepting sisters came as well. (Virgil’s sibling sent him a letter of congrats, but wasn’t allowed to come.)

It was butterfly and moth themed!

w1ntergreen  asked:


Virgil had terrible seasonal allergies and he used to shut himself off in his room and sleep it all off for weeks on end. But now the others try to help him the best they can. Not much helps but they are there for him whenever he needs somebody to cuddle with and sleep.

Royality as Best Friends

Watch me kill @notveryglittery with pure fluff my doods

  • They’re honestly both so emotional and passionate, so they easily just cling to each other
  • Virgil and Logan are both like “Yeah I love you but I don’t say it because it’s an understood thing” meanwhile Ro and Pat are over here like:
  • They both also just build each other up. Give that unapologetic affection and appreciation to the other that they strive on
  • Patton also insists Roman is his hero. He kills all of the spiders for him
  • They also just yell like…a lot
  • It gives Logan and Virgil headaches but they love them
  • Patton is always Roman’s go-to when he needs encouragement for his creations rather than criticism. Roman is Patton’s go-to when he just wants to either cry or be distracted from the sadness rather than worked through it or asked a bunch of questions
  • Roman and Patton: *Are away from the other for one day*
  • Roman and Patton, when they see each other again: *Actually sobbing in the others arms because “I missed you so muCH”*
  • You thought that Patton only physically fights Virgil? He has literally tackled Roman just because he said his ideas were never good
  • “Patton please get off of me I can’t breathe with a fully grown man on my chest” “I’ll get off when you accept both my love and the fact that everything you create is gold”
  • Roman gets so much pasta as gifts out of the blue. Patton gets little poems slid under his door in retaliation
  • Also on that note: Gift wars. Shower the other in sentimental items until you emerge victorious
  • It always ends in a tie and a truce. It’s impossible to win that war
  • Crying over cute dogs together is bonding time
  • Sometimes it seems like the only person that can get through to one of them is the other. If Roman’s neck deep in insecurity, he only really gets better without acting is when his puffball is nearby. If Patton is stuck in nostalgia, he needs his prince to come to the rescue
  • Speaking of princes coming to the rescue, Patton is always pretending to be the damsel in distress in Roman’s realm when playing pretend. ALWAYS
  • Roman actually kept Patton’s sweater away from him as a surprise, and when Patton finally saw it he sobbed
  • “Patton, are you okay-“ “I love it so much Roman I love you-“
  • Extravagant yet casual touches. Roman will just drape his legs over Patton’s lap and Patton will just curl up on Roman’s chest sometimes
  • They’re also very vocal about feelings. If they want affection, the other will scream it until the other comes running. There is very few “I didn’t want you to know I’m sad so that’s why you didn’t notice” moments. It’s either “well you tried to hide it but I know you too well so it didn’t work” or “ROMAN I JUST WATCHED OLD YELLER AND I NEED HUGS
  • So. Many. Inside. Jokes.
  • That make absolutely no sense to anyone on the outside
  • “Hey, hey Roman, look!” “What?” *Holds up bread* “Eesh” *Both start dying laughing*
  • One time Virgil walked into the common area to see Roman tackling Patton to the ground with pillows. And he walked right back out
  • “I don’t even wanna know”
  • Nicknames of adoration everywhere
  • “Puffball” “Prince Charming” “Padre” “My hero!” “My sunshine!”
  • They have quieter moments too, though. Usually they’re just sitting on the floor coloring in this giant poster of a picture together
  • Reds and golds meet whites and pale blues. It’s beautiful
  • Patton: *shrieks*
  • Logan: I should go check on him-
  • Virgil: Nah, Roman just picked him up again, he’ll be fine
  • Roman is taller than Patton by a good foot, so he just…rests his chin on Patton’s head. Patton’s eyes shine with adoration when he does
  • Also, thank God Roman’s the world’s heaviest sleeper because Patton snores like a dad
  • That’s the only thing that keeps their slumber parties as frequent as they are. The fact that once Roman’s asleep, he’s dead to the world
  • They’re both “late night buddies” too. Roman stays up with all of his ideas, and Patton is up rewatching Parks and Recreation, so they’ll sit with each other until Roman starts to fall asleep at like…4 AM
  • Then Patton falls asleep with his cuddle buddy on him and Virgil’s like “And I thought I was bad”
  • They wake up at like 4 PM but it’s fine. At least they’re cute
  • Except Patton with his snORING LOGAN THAT CANT BE HEALTHY-
  • They’re just so…affectionate but soft and they understand each other. They’re a lot louder about it than Logan and Virgil, but the sentiment is still there. They love each other lots

I don’t usually go for the eye-bleedingly bright colors, but I was watching Season II of Osomatsu-san, and I wanted to try out the psychedelic style the second OP takes on when each of the Matsuno brothers faces the camera wearing different types of sunglasses. Again, didn’t include Deceit for Todomatsu because I don’t like either of them.

Their outfits are based on the Sanders Sides-inspired makeup video Thomas did with one of his friends. Characters belong to (and are) @thatsthat24

Christmas Lights

A/N: A fluffy Christmas ficlet for the amazing @blueunderworlds! I hope you enjoy it, Logan, I hope it cheers you up a little. 

Trigger warnings: Christmas, Sympathetic Deceit, Mention Of Falling, And Fluff. Let me know if I need to add anything

Ships: LAMPD

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Sanders Sides Percy Jackson AU!

SO! @moon-scribs and I have been working on this one for a while and we hope you like it!

  • Logan is a child of Athena 
  • Roman is a child of Apollo (The very extra son of a very extra god)
  • Remy is a child of Hypnos (Hypnos is the god of sleep)
  • Virge is a child of Aphrodite and Patton is a child of Hades (Bare with us for a second, we´ll tell WHY we did this below the cut)
  • Emile is a child of Epiope (The goddess of the soothing of pain)
  • Deceit Damian is a child of Hermes (Hermes is, among other things, the god of deception)
  • Thomas is a child of Iris (Y´know, the goddess of the Rainbow)

More about this under the cut! (Warning: Its ridiculously LONG)

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Steam Punk-y Robot AU

Here it is! I’m not truly sure where I got this from, but I love it! As you’ll see, Roman isn’t in this. BUT that’s only because I’m not sure of his role yet. He is 100% a human, just I’m not sure where he fits. If you got any ideas, hit me you with them! This is 100% a work in progress, but I’d thought I’d write it down before I forgot!


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  • Roman: what are you talking about?! I had nothing to do with it!
  • Logan: *stares him down*
  • Roman: okay yes it was my idea but I didn't expect Virgil to actually try to see if he could get high from bath salts!
  • Patton, sternly: kiddo...
  • Roman: I don't feel good about it!