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I drew Sander Sides!! I’m so happy with how it tuned out!! Hope you like it !!! I DREW THE SANDERSIDES!!

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Well Im Posting It Here And On Tumblr Huehue I Love Sanders Sides And I Wanted To Draw Virgil And Patton Cus I Have A Pen And Im Able To lol xD

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Hey, Thomas! Absolutely loved the latest video, so much! Here are some drawings I've done of the Sanders Sides, hope you notice and like them! πŸ˜‰

merry Christmas I love the sander side vids so i decided to draw them here Patton and Virgil. don't think im that good a drawing but I tried my best and love the outcome.

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!πŸ€–πŸΆπŸŒŸπŸ˜ˆ /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!πŸ€–πŸΆπŸŒŸπŸ˜ˆ /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!πŸ€–πŸΆπŸŒŸπŸ˜ˆ /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!πŸ€–πŸΆπŸŒŸπŸ˜ˆ /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Blue hair would look so good on Thomas don’t you think?🤔✨ @thatsthat24 (By the way I started it before he dyed his hair purple 😂💜)

Deceit ships

Patceit/Moceit: Cartoons, giant kids, adorable, affectionate, blushing, pink cheeks, warm skin, cuddles, pillow forts, nose, cheek, and forehead kisses, couch cuddles, movie nights, cartoon references, protective, forgiveness, sweet kisses, candy, sugar rush, smitten, puppy love

Loceit: Smart, books, debates, confusion, dislike of emotion, hesitance, hair kisses, hugs from behind, small fights, sleepless nights, talking in the middle of the night, tea, stargazing

Roceit: Dramatics, drama queen, theater dorks, fashion sense, doing hair, painting nails, dressing up, playing dress up, acting, hot chocolate, sweet passionate kisses, affectionate, cheek kisses, picking up, bridal style, laughter, jokes, singing, duets, villain songs, neck kisses, musical references

Anxceit: comfort for nightmares, hesitance, soft kisses, gentle touches, sarcasm, meme and vine references, dark humor, shy smiles, small chuckles, quiet laughter, cuddles for body warmth, hair kisses, pecks on the nose, forehead kisses, quiet, night sky, the moon, leaning against each other, quiet hesitant whispers of “I love you”, uncertainty, sleep deprived, staying up all night, raiding the fridge


[Character Selected]: Roman! Let the quest begin!

I like the idea that Roman is like some knight character in some game you can play, and Logan is basically like those guide/tutorial entities that help him out (sorta like Navi in LoZ, which is kinda why I gave him elfish ears? I don’t even know sksk)

The comic is based on one of Thomas’s shorts in the February Compilation! (0:46-1:02)

Please don’t repost!


Logan and Virgil are a couple that run a flowershop. Patton and Roman run a tattoo parlour next to said flowershop. The four of them hang out a lot. Logan and Virgil, with the healthy relationship that they have, are talking one day and realize that maybe they both have crushes on the tattoo artists next door, but have no idea if the other two are even poly, let alone return their feelings.

Feel free to add on!

Taglist: @uhoh-feelings @itsvirgil @adultmorelikeadolt @vegetarianwater @saphael-malec102

Day eighty-eight

Or, the day I fucked everything up.

Night update: I couldn’t sleep. Just… lots of thoughts, lots of… I don’t know. Lots of bullshit.

I wasn’t really alive for most of today, so I’m not… well, I can’t say anything really happened, but according to Remy, Logan and Roman had yet another argument. This time about the topic of sleep.

Or… something like that.

Choice quotes, courtesy of Remy:

Roman: “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk behind my back.”

Logan: “oh, I wouldn’t talk about you behind your back. You would still hear everything I was saying. I would talk about you in another room.”

“Ideally, you would use your bed only for sleeping. …and one other thing.”

Patton: “bold of you to assume they’re having sex…”

Logan: “sunshine, please don’t.”

Patton: “I’m sorry. Copulating.”

Logan: “that’s even worse…”

Patton: “making love…?”

Logan: “Patton, dearest, please refrain from talking about sex.”

Apparently Roman also attempted to compare life to a gold and diamond Ferrari or something. And Logan immediately started commenting on how dysfunctional it would be.

Anyway, I asked Roman out. And he said yes. So… yeah. I’m even more nervous now. I don’t know what to do, I don’t know if he’s even going to like me that much now that we’re… actually going to go on a date, and… I just. It’s terrifying. I don’t know… what to say. How to explain.

I just have to plan the picnic for real now.

Mystery Work - Chapter 1
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Sanders Sides (Web Series)
Rating: Teen and up audiences.
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence (later on), Past abuse mention.
Relationships: Logicality, Prinxiety (A dash of Dremy).
Characters: Deceil Sanders, Roman “Götz” Berlichingen, Virgil Fèvre, Patton Lee, Logan Sánchez, etc.
Summary: Making it out in the real world is hard, especially when you don’t have high school to cling onto anymore. You really have to think about what you want to do with your life. Some people want to settle down with someone they love, and pop an important question. Some people want to follow a dream they never could have before. Four friends from high school decided that the best thing to do was to become roommates. Will they survive? More importantly, will their landlord be able to control these idiots before they burn the place down?


I am taking longer than needed for the Royality oneshot on that one song. I am trying to make it good and it some time skips, and I am trying to look up poems and winter outfits for Patton that are cute and I just want it to be good while I procrastinate my stories. But here is a snippet of what my favorite part so far:

“I um…you know…” Patton gave a nervous laugh and saw Logan running over, “I’m here with Logan! Yeah, he needed some pants and I came to help! Yeah, yeah that’s why-why I am here,” Patton swallowed thickly at the end and looked at Logan.

“Oh well, that’s nice,” Roman grinned at him, Virgil in the background taking pictures.

“Yeah…” Patton nodded and cleared his throat, “We should get going. I’ll see you on Friday for the final-or not, since you know-we and I-you-I’ll see you!” Patton left quickly and dragged Logan along with him.

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136: "Give me back my phone!" Prinxiety plz? thx.

prompt: 136. “give me back my phone!”

pairing: prinxiety, mentioned platonic analogical, mentioned platonic royality

requested by: anon

word count: 456

trigger warnings: none i can think of. 

a/n: this is just pure fluff, which i wrote in fifteen minutes on my phone in a car. enjoy.

One would think that Friday nights in college would be all parties and hanging out with friends for Roman, but instead, it was hanging out with his uncomfortably attractive project partner and his best friend.

He didn’t mind, really. His project partner was lovely, very smart, and his friend (Roman believed his name was Logan) didn’t really interact much with the two of them. 

Virgil, his partner, was googling the date of some painting Roman didn’t really care about, so Roman was scrolling through Instagram when a text from his best friend distracted him.

cookie monster (9:56 PM): rooooman. where are u?

roro (9:56 PM): i’m at my project partner’s place, remember?

cookie monster (9:57 PM): u mean virgil? tell logan i say hi!!! tell him patton de los santos says hi. i love logan!!! we have a shift together at the coffee shop n he lives w ur partner crush guy i know. good luck w virgil btw i believe in u!!! u need to ask him out im so tired of ur pining!!! jk it’s cute but pls roman

“Roman. Roman, stop staring at your phone!” Virgil exclaimed, taking the phone out of Roman’s hands. “This is important research, man. I’ll cry if I don’t do well on this ‘cause of you.”

“Give me back my phone!” Roman protested, grabbing for it. 

Virgil laughed and looked at the screen. “You’re friends with Patton de los Santos? He works with Logan. Ah, yeah, he says to say hello to Logan.”  

Roman made a noise of annoyance. “Are you going through my texts?” he asked, making another grab for the phone. “Stop that!”

Virgil laughed again, reading the rest of Patton’s most recent text. “Your partner crush guy…” Virgil turned to stare at Roman. “You like me?”

Roman grabbed his phone back out of Virgil’s hands, taking advantage of the other’s stunned silence. “I don’t like you much right now!” 

His partner blinked in what Roman assumed was confusion and shock. “You have a crush on me, Roman?” Virgil asked, half-smiling. 

Roman ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “Maybe? I think you’re really attractive, I guess. I like your style. You’re confident, but in that way that suggests you weren’t confident for a very long time, and now you’ve finally figured out how awesome you are,” he rambled, pausing only when he saw the blush creep up Virgil’s face. 

“I like you too, Roman,” Virgil said. “I like you a lot. I was so happy when we got partnered up.” 

Roman smiled. “How about we go for a movie next Friday, then?” he suggested, fingers crossed under the table.

“That sounds perfect,” Virgil responded. “But please get off your phone now.”

Crystal Queer Chapter 15

Master List/Previous Chapters

Fandom: Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides

Words: 1,453

Pairings: Logicality, eventual Prinxiety

Warnings: Steven Universe spoilers at the beginning

Tags:Β @areyousirius-noheisdead @ravenclawunicorn1 @anony-phangirl @hello-its-a-jo @the-prince-and-the-emo @musicphanpie-b @screamingyearly @royallyanxious @alyssadashrub @emo-sanders-sides-loving-unicorn @panders-sides @fun-with-colors @lockolocka @helloisthisusernametaken @a-caesura-to-breathe @pastel-princey @drawyoursword @dudlebuggs @jughead-is-canonically-aroace @thegnatnat @ccecode @galaxcyboy @hetaisawesome @broadwaytheanimatedseries @kitsuneprideleader @fandomsandanythingelse @sunnywithachanceofsunflowers @michealawithana @typical-torii @your-username-is-unavailable @tayisapiggay @witch197Β @brikcsandbones @am-i-heaven-or-am-i-hell

A/N: It’s taken so long for a new chapter, we’re so sorry! I co-write this story with the amazing @organizeddiscord she writes the parts of Patton and Virgil and I write for Roman and Logan. If you need a refresher for what happened in the last chapter, go check out our master list! (link at the top) posted to our shared blog for this story @crystal-queeries. Love you guys!

GoesTheDistance: Hey Patton are you on?

The Dom Cookie: yep

The Dom Cookie: hello roman :D

GoesTheDistance: Great!

GoesTheDistance: I had hoped I could talk to you

The Dom Cookie: of course kiddo. What do you wanna talk about?

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