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Hai it's Patton!❤💗😁

Various Sanders Sides art I've done over these past few days ! I'm taking asks/writing prompts for them and others on on my tumblr, so head to JesterFestivle over there if you'd like to scream about them with me ! :D

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Reach out and find your happily ever after! ✨🎆🏰 ••••••••••••••••• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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I did these myself they are the character patton from sander sides series that link above this is my Instagram and the whole story is on my insta and plz just ask if you wanna see the whole story on my insta

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All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust! ✨🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♀️ ••••••••••••••••• ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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For the millionth time watching the sander sides series. Coz I can't get enough of this duo.

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i drew sanders (from ages ago)! Sorry for crappy photo quality

Move over ,Soft boi coming thro (JK I love you both my Child and my Sanders sides father)

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A New Kind of Experiment Chapter 6: Selfishness and Hard Choices

Summary: Patton got an offer concerning the Human and goes to his good friend for help.

Characters: Patton, Remy, Logan, Roman, and Virgil

Warnings: none in this chapter, I think

Thanks to @sanders-trash-4ever for helping me with this! He is amazing and helped me so much with proofreading, editing, and being there is bounce ideas off of!



Patton swam into the Explorer’s base, waving hello to a few Explorers lingering in the lobby. They all snapped salutes to him in response which everyone did once he caught sight of his dark blue shirt that indicated him as a Field Scientist.

He did his best to ignore their reactions and made his way from the lobby, flashing the ID Remy had given him to the security guard who let him pass without a word. Patton swam down into the back of the Explorer’s base and stopped when he finally came across the door he had been looking for.

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Heres patton in the fortune teller au. They all used to wear normal ass clothes but then their friend (its deceit but i dont git a name for him yet) was like “wanna make money? Dress like someone they think would have magic. I dont have any magic, but do they care? No. Cause i have a bullshit magic necklace and i dress the part.” And they were like “gotta pay the bills somehow” and agreed to dress a little bit more like a magic user thing

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ok so i see a lot of these posts where Virgil and Logan are siblings as i think it’s cute, but imagine Logan and Roman as brothers. they’d totally be the siblings who never get along and always seem to fight, but they still love and care about each other. like maybe this one time when Logan and Patton come home from a date and Roman makes Patton’s favorite meal for them and says it was Logan’s idea, or another time where Logan and Roman find out that Virgil lives star gazing so Roman wants to ask him out to star gaze and Logan spends like, three hours finding the perfect spot for them. just, like, brotherly bonding between them because they love each other but won’t admit it

anonymous asked:

Okay in light of ur recent hot Roman sketch, I realize we also have a lot of Cute/Adorable Patton stuff. I see this and I raise u, Hot Patton.

*me, a lesbian, trying to figure out how to make men look sexy* manual labor? cars? yeah.

(aka: patton is the only one who knows how to do things like fix machines and cook and it ends up with him also being hot? probably)

consider the following

sander sides heart point au

(heart point is a youtube series by aphmau in which the main character’s life becomes like a game and the only way out if for someone to fall for her)

think about it

Roman as Aph (hopeless romantic who can’t figure shit out?)

Virgil as Ryo (someone look me in the eyes and tell me vee and ryo aren’t the same person)

Patton as Theo  (sweet best friend who really just needs hugs)

Logan as Cyrus (confused nerd who figures shit out first?)

and like Deceit as Beatrice (high key shady but lowkey  really just wants so ships to sail)


anonymous asked:

Imagine, if you will, FtM single dad Patton and little anxious kid Virgil. Based off of “Rockabye” (Acoustic Version) sung by The Mayries. Patton is kicked out of his house after coming out and his trashy bf dumps him after finding out Pat’s pregnant. Pat works day in and day out to support Virgil and one day, he meets Logan. Single dad Lo with little maniac energy Roman. Logan, I dunno let’s be cheesy, own a coffee shop and meets the overworked dad and it’s just Bam. Love at first coffee.

Okay, I just listened to the song and….literal tears! ~TT^TT~ I absolutely ADORE this idea! The Patton angst hurts my heart but luckily i’m good at taking angst and making fluff! So Lets take this wonderful idea of yours a step further lovely anon! [Disclaimer, long post ahead] Picture this:

- Logan was divorced from his wife Valerie because they grew apart. The union ended amicably and even though Logan got majority custody because the mom travels a lot for work (part of why their marriage didn’t work out) Roman and his mom do still have a healthy relationship even if they don’t see each other often. She and Logan actually make better friends than they ever did as husband and wife!! XD

- His coffee shop is right next to a University where he substitute teaches part time to help with the bills. And his coffee shop is called the Logos Roast (because he roasts people with logic and that is the ONLY pun he will ever admit to making XD). The coffee shop is popular with students and professors, so along with the sub work he makes a fairly comfortable living.

- Roman is all over the place, energetic, imaginative and on the autism spectrum (because I SAY SO) yet Logan loves him to bits!!! He encourages Roman’s imagination and love of the arts by reading him classic fairytales and myths from all different cultures and will play violin (yes he plays violin to relax because why not?) for him. It’s one of the only two things that’ll calm Roman. The other being his super soft & soothing stuffed dragon he takes everywhere. They both also share a love of astronomy, and sometimes Roman will make up stories with them.

- There’s a corner of the coffee shop with chairs and bookshelves for people to read in and Roman will often be found there either coloring or reading grimms fairy tales. Logan has to take his son to work with him somedays, and it’s tough helping customers AND keeping an eye on his son.

- He meets Patton one day when the stressed single dad comes in and orders a hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, whipped cream and cinnamon, holding his small six year old son on his hip. Logan is immediately smitten but notices the sadness in Patton’s soulful blue eyes, yet he still has this tired yet hopeful and bright smile. Logan says hi gently to Virgil, smiling in a way that the normally shy child actually opens up to a bit. Virgil has selective mutism (again why not? because i say so) and his Papa has been teaching him sign from a book borrowed from the library. Logan catches Virgil signing something and signs back (he took ASL in college). He gives Patton the order and writes a line of Shakespeare’s sonnet on the side. Logan also offers (with Patton’s permission and checking no allergies) Virgil a chocolate chip cookie fresh from the oven, his treat. Patton reads this, sees Virgil’s tiny smile,  and smiles so brightly. 

- Logan is head over heels!!! He is not good with emotions. He is all books and logic and organization and keeping a modicum of control in order to support his son and keep his once chaotic life (divorce be a bitch) under control. But Patton has now become the X factor in his life and honestly, he doesn’t want to subtract him from the equation. Not this bright beautiful soul.

- Patton comes to the Logos Roast at least twice a week now as a treat, especially because it’s by one of the places he works at. He and Logan start talking more and more, little by little and form a bond. Patton wont admit to himself how much he likes Logan though. Mind you, he finds Logan EXTREMELY attractive. But Patton thinks he has no time for romance and frankly has been guarding his heart like a dragon’s hoard ever since is ex abandoned him and their child. So while he’s willing to be friends with this kind and brilliant single dad (you bet your ass they bond over that and share parenting tips), he refuses to fall in love.

- Virgil and Roman even get to becoming friends, which both dad’s are very happy about. Even though Roman normally has a lot of energy and doesn’t have much of a filter, Virgil and him bond over mutual love of disney. (it helped that Virgil was wearing a Winnie the Poo shirt from goodwill under a patched up oversized Jack Skellington hoodie) Six year old Roman learns to tone it down around the shy and sound sensitive anxious Virgil, because he intuitively understands what it’s like to get sensory overloads. And Virgil happily listens to Roman rant about his favorite subjects and stories he makes up. They also both like to draw together when their dads are busy. Patton is so happy and proud that his bright but shy son finally found a friend!

- One day Patton comes in and he looks more tired than usual (which is saying something) and Logan can’t help but ask what’s wrong, and his tone is so sincere and gentle that Patton burst into tears. It’s been a HARD week for Patton, between balancing his jobs as a waiter at a diner by the waterline at hight, working part time at an animal shelter (which he actually enjoys), and working as a janitor on weekends. He hates the diner job most of all because his boss is also horrible and leers at him, stupid hips and chest; he didn’t used to mind his body most days,it gave him Virgil after all, but he HATES being seen as a girl AND leered at, and it’s not like he can afford a binder. Patton does his best to make time for Virgil and keep him in school, or at least tame him to the public library, but he’s tired and overworked and after five years on his own he just doesn’t know what to do anymore!!! And he’s so scared that social services might take Virgil away from him if they think he’s not able to take care of his son, and Virgil is all he has left in this world, he just cant LOSE HIM!!! Patton promised Virgil the day he was born that he’d give his son the life he deserved someday but it’s so HARD! He just can’t do it alone!

- Logan’s protective instincts kick in and he immediately tries his best to calm Patton down, even going around the counter to embrace Logan. this is the first time they’ve touched beyond hand brushes and they both just melt into each other. Logan asks is co-worker Remy to cover for him while he takes Patton around back. Remy’s been seeing their obvious chemistry for a while now and agrees happily. 

- With gentle comfort and encouragements, and after talking the man through some breathing exercises, Patton finally tells Logan his whole story. By the end Logan is FURIOUS at this douchebag and Patton’s family for abandoning him and Virgil (whom he now adores) for his gender, sexuality, and child. But he also now has even greater admiration for Patton, this forlorn yet hopeful and bright as sunlight soul who’s become the object of his deepest affections, more so than anyone else in his life! (well next to his son of course)

- Logan offers to help Patton. He wants to because not only has he come to care for Patton and Virgil both, but because he knows that Patton is capable of so much more in his life, of doing great things for himself and others, if he just had a little more support. Logan asks Patton to let him be his support for now, or for as long as he let’s him be. Logan emphasizes his last please with a kiss to the back of Patton’s hands. ANd as he hold them and they look into each other’s eyes, Patton see’s just how much Logan means this and means to him. He nods yes, and two days later, he and Virgil have moved in with Logan.

- Patton insists on “earning his keep” by offering to cook and help keep the house clean. Since Logan is actually a pretty terrible cook, both he and Roman are actually really grateful to have Patton’s help in the kitchen. Plus, his food is HEAVENLY OH MY GOSH!! Logan offers Patton a job at the coffee shop part time as the baker, and because of this he is able to quit his diner and janitor jobs. Patton couldn’t be happier. Even Virgil seems happier and is sleeping better knowing his Papa isn’t so stressed and sad anymore. Plus it helps that they aren’t sleeping together on a mattress in a cold one floor apartment.

- Overtime Logan and Patton grow closer and closer, and they get along really well with each other’s sons. Logan is a great sort of calm and quiet for Virgil, and Patton actually has the energy and effervescence (as well as the patience) to keep up with Roman. They can’t help but laugh and blush however when one day they come home from work to find a messy kitchen, a battery candle lit dinner, and their two eight/nine year old sons covered in food bits waiting for them. (the boys may have gotten the idea from The Parent Trap XD)

- Finally Patton and Logan officially start a relationship. Patton opens himself up again, Logan subtly yet significantly becomes better at displaying his emotions, and Logan even helps Patton through his dysphoric days. Logan always assures Patton that he sees him for the strong, kind, handsome man that he is and not as a woman. Yes, Logan is attracted to both men and women, but he fell for Patton’s soul, not his body. And Patton feels the exact same way, because okay, he admits it, he ADORES Logan! They balance each other out in way neither of them ever knew they needed. (plus their chemistry is, well, brewing quite nicely in other ways on nights when uncle Remy and his partner Dante offers to babysit the kids ;D )

- When they have a holiday dinner with Logan’s family over they all get to meet the Patton and Virgil they’ve heard so much about. Turns out Logan’s got a big family since his parents are polyamorous. So he has two moms, a dad, an enby and three sibling. All of whom welcome Patton with open arms. (give my boy a better family than his birth parents goddamnit!) During dinner, Logan makes a fumbled nervous but heartfelt declaration of love for Patton, gets down on one knee, presents a ring to Patton and asks if he will give him the honor and joy of becoming his husband? Patton of course says yes.

- They have a simple wedding with close friends and family on the university campus with a reception in the library. (it’s a fancy ass university and Logan pulled some strings). Patton wears a fetching suit, complete with his brand new binder that Valerie (because yes they met, logan did gush to her about him over phone calls, and became besties) gifted him. And to everyone’s slight surprise Logan decided to wear a silvery wedding dress with a midnight blue blazer over it, because screw gender constraints he wanted to look and feel elegant on his wedding day to the most beautiful man he’s ever met, and Patton is in joyful tears. and of course Virgil and Logan are the flower boy and ring bearer. 

- They become husbands, Patton feels loved for who he is, Logan is the happiest he’s ever been, Roman has a new Papa and brother, Virgil has a new Dad and brother, and they all found family in each other. While Patton may have started out scared an alone, he got back more than he ever could’ve dreamed for himself and his son. Safety, family, home and love. More than that, he was finally able to keep his promise to his baby boy. For that, it was all worth it.

THE END!!! I hope you enjoy it anon and everyone because holy heck did i cry writing this but ADlsjkfa THANK YOU FOR THE IDEA!!!!

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im sad, would you mind making some tiny sides hcs???

Awww, I’m sorry you’re sad, Nonny. Here are some extremely random Tiny Sides Headcannons to cheer ya up!

  • Tiny Virgil absolutely WILL NOT say when he doesn’t like a food. He’ll just quietly pocket it and try to secretly dispose of it. Unfortunately, his disposal sites are usually less than ideal. To date, Logan has found rotting broccoli, peas, and beets in laundry hampers, under Virgil’s bed, and on one horrifying occasion, in a heat vent.
  • Tiny Logan cried over the loss of the Opportunity rover. He was genuinely quite upset, nearly inconsolable, until Roman pointed out that one day, a brave explorer would go to Mars, find Oppy and bring her home, and wouldn’t that be a grand adventure? Tiny Logan hugged Roman and his sobs trailed off to hiccups, and finally that small smile graced his face as Patton helped dry his tears. They still had to watch Wall-E that night, but Logan’s eyes were hopeful as he looked out the window towards the stars. And if they shined a little brighter that night because a certain prince put a little extra effort into the background of their mindscape, well….no one had to know.
  • Tiny Patton has nightmares, sometimes. While “Momma LoLo” is his favorite during the day, when fear jerks him awake at night, it’s always Virgil he runs to first. Virgil takes his responsibility as Tiny Patton’s protector very seriously, and he does the most thorough Monster Searches. He also has a Monster Spray to keep him safe (which smells like lavender and vanilla, but that’s just a bonus). Once Tiny Patton is all tucked in, Virgil will stay by his side, guarding him until he falls back asleep. Sometimes, when Patton wakes up the next day, Virgil will still be in his chair, snoring lightly.
  • Tiny Roman is the shortest of the four when he’s child sized, so while all of them need stepping stools to reach the sinks and countertops, Roman has special ones of his own to make up the height difference. He refused to use his at first, but Patton had the bright idea to have Tiny Roman decorate his stools. Now Roman considers them the only stools suitable for royal feet.

punk!patton is adopted by single parent logan part 1/?

short little backstory: this is something I planned up while going to sleep last night because I’d run out of fics to plan (because I haven’t actually wrote those things down… and need to not get too ahead….), but I actually got inspired to write it down and share it? also shout out to the fic miraculously their own because it made me think about adoption fics, and thus this idea

tl;dr: i made a fic about punk!patton being adopted. that’s it.

warnings: really awful people, bad parents, bullying, swearing, physical/verbal violence, homophobic slurs, homophobia, transphobia, sexual assault threat, patton’s honestly a bit of an asshole sometimes, fatalism, possibly something else?

pairings: eventual moxiety, maybe eventual logince

  • patton is orphaned at three years old. he’s got fluffy brown curls, and these beautiful brown eyes, and a soft, round face, and so much soft pudge. he’s the cutest little thing. he seems like the kind of kid who would immediately be adopted
  • except he’s not
  • problem is, he’s just got so many emotions
  • and these prospective parents want the kids who are happy all the time, not the one who feels things so intensely
  • so he isn’t adopted
  • a few years later, he’s got these prospective parents who find him just precious. he’d been sitting in the corner of the playroom and reading winnie the pooh. the sweetest, quietest little boy.
  • and they set up a second time to come meet him
  • but when they arrive, he’s wrestling with the older kids and laughing and screaming and being a rambunctious child
  • those parents don’t come back after that…
  • fast forward to patton’s tenth birthday, and the older kids corner him after the celebration
  • “you know, once you hit double digits… it means you’re never going to be adopted.”
  • it just hits patton that no one wants a loud, excitable kid who’s over the age of ten, and he just kind of gives up
  • he loses himself in music and books and shuts himself off from the world

(the rest under the cut because this is obviously going to get long)

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human chapter sixteen

New chapter of Human is out! You can read it here or you can read it from the begginging here! Special thanks to @princelogical for beta reading this chapter and every other chapter! <3

Chapter Summary - The cat’s out of the bag. How will Roman react? Will his friends be able to keep their protective nature under control?

Characters - Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Logan Sanders, Roman Sanders, Thomas Sanders, Dr. Emilie, Deciet Sanders, Deciet

Summary - After moving to Pottersville and being forced into yet another new school, Virgil meets three new friends that turn his life upside down. Logan, the reserved, AP, nered starts to questions his feelings, Roman the overachieving theater geek starts to find comfort within himself and Patton is overwhelmed. Will the boys be able to deal with the stress of junior year or crack under the pressure?

Ships - eventual lamp/calm, Thomas and Picani

Trigger Warnings - anxiety, depression, self deprecating thoughts, past child abuse, bullies, somewhat sympathetic deciet, creepy gym teacher, teen angst, trans characters

Sleep it Off

I’ve got a helluva head cold, so instead of y'know sleeping, I decided, why not write a sick fic with Remy? With the premise my fogged mind decided to give me. “Like what if he tries to hide it at first but then it gets worse and the entire mindscape starts to get slow and feel sluggish until the others find him?” Sooo ye, this the product if that lol. Sned halp I’m dying.


It started off with a headache.

A small thing that was easily ignored. It’s not like it was the first time he had a headache, he could deal. Nothing was going to stop him from doing his job, no ma'am! Not today bitch.

Not tomorrow either.

Or the next day.

Or the next- look man, he had shit to do, places to see and people to be and all that…

Remy frowned, that phrase didn’t sound right… places to see and people to be-wasn’t it the other way around?

Remy raised a manicured hand and rubbed his tired eyes, but continued to stare forward into the Sand screens, sighing as he had to rewind them back for the few seconds that he had missed when is eyes were closed.

He been at it for days, constantly searching.

Searching for something, a disturbance, what that disturbance was he didn’t know and that unnerved him.

He kept sensing it from beyond the gate, at best it could be a stray Nightmare at worst a particularly gruesome intrusive thought.

Turns out…

It was both.


Fighting off the Nightmare was child’s play compared to the fight the Intrusive thought was giving him, and that’s wild to say, considering that the Nightmare had been the 12 foot version of Mothman and Godzilla’s love baby.

Thankfully a perfectly timed Sand Spear to its heart downed the creature effectively, but that of course was after he got tossed around like a freaking ragdoll-

Hissing Remy dodged the shadowed claw aiming for his throat. That was the annoying this about Intrusive thoughts. Once they snuck their claws into you, once their shadowy bodies clinged and coiled around you, once they whispered in your ears…you were practically done for. Unless of course, you had strong will power, but that could only take you so far.

Crouching into a side roll, Sleep narrowly dodged again. The thing’s shadowy form could stretch, allowing its claws to jab at him at any distance. It made things a little bit difficult- not that his job was ever easy.

Rolling once more Remy then pushed himself up, jumping to his feet and then bending back to avoid a swipe to his head-even though the movement was quick, the Guardian saw the swirling claw pass over the lenses of his sunglasses in slow motion- huffing he quickly threw his hands over his head, pushing on the grass below him to basically complete a backflip.

Once upright and now a slight distance away from the enemy, Remy smirked, lifted a finger and beckoned it closer.

The Intrusive thought, angered, rushed forward- only for Sleep to take a single step back- it ran into a wall of sand. Confused the Thought tried to go around in an attempt to rip the Guardian into pieces- except it ran into another wall…and then another…and another. And before it could even think to have climbed up, another wall was placed above it.

It was completely surrounded.

“What you thought I was rolling around for nothin’? Please, this jacket is too goddessdamn expensive for that. Everytime I rolled, I had my Sand spread out, enough to lift up into a cage. Nice trick don'tcha think?”

The Intrusive thought howled throwing itself against the walls of its Sandy prison.

“Thought so too”, Smirked Remy, “alright then, lights out buddy!”

Sleep clapped his palms together- the Sand walls moved, closing shut and completely crushing the being it once held.

“Welp, that’s all folks”, mumbled the Guardian to himself. The annoying buzzing had finally stopped, but his head still ached something rude.

Wincing a bit, he headed back to the Dream Tower.


Remy groaned.

He fixed the problem, so why does his head still feel like he got run over by the mob at Sb’s when Pumpkin Spice first gets out?

Speaking of Starbucks, when was the last time he actually went there? Last week? Week before? Why can’t he remember??

He’d been functioning on the castle’s brew, which wasn’t bad, just…not good.

Eh, fuck it.

Shower, coffee then a power nap, yeah- that’s a good idea, it’ll probably get rid of his stupid headache too.

One cold shower, a trip to Starbies and an iced coffee later…he was now on his bed with an even worse headache.

Grumbling to himself about ‘stupid fuckin headaches’, Remy downed the rest of his drink, tossed his cup in the bin by his door and proceeded to flop down face first into his pillow.

Maybe the nap would help?


It did not help.

He woke up, not even a half hour later, with his head pounding so hard he could feel his pulse though his eyes.

Placing a hand to his temple Remy winced and then groaned, “what-the-ever-loving-fuck?!

To make matters worse, his phone began to ring.

The sound was so loud it made him jump and scramble to shut it up.

It was the ringtone he used for Thomas but he honestly couldn’t bring himself to answer his Host. His body had near automatically curled up, hands pressed against his ears and his eyes squeezed shut. Remy honestly felt like his head was trying to explode, even the sound of his own breathing was too loud-

The phone rang again, Roman’s ringtone this time. A louder, much more bass heavy song.

The sound echoed, the reverb practically shaking his brain into pained mush, tears pricked at his eyes and he could do nothing more than whimper-

Remy’s sand then rose up immediately and just…ate?? the offending piece of technology.

Sleep found that oddly funny, the sand covered the phone…and then the phone was gone, like a magic trick…or like something getting swallowed up by waves off the beach. Funny, the sand was the wave this time. He wanted to laugh or cry or something! He didn’t know, everything…everything just freakin hurt.


Roman frowned.

“He’s not answering my calls either”

“Of course” mumbles Thomas, flopping down on his bed and throwing a pillow over his face. “Uggh! I’m so tirrreed!!

"Um, We could always go look for him for you sport?” Tried Patton, a sympathetic look on his face.

“You could do that?”

“Well, considering that we can’t really summon him since he’s an Aspect and not a Side, that would be the best possible way of bringing him here”, piped Logan from the Host’s door frame.

Virgil, who was on the floor, shrugged. “I mean, I guess, we probably should check the nearest SB’s first though”

Thomas chuckles “true”

The Manifestor removes the pillow from his face just in time to watch his sides sink down, hopefully they can find Sleep so he could actually get some decent sleep for once.


The Personalities pop up in the Commons before climbing up the stairs towards Roman’s room.

“Soo”, whistles Virgil, falling into step with the prince, “where exactly are we going to find him?”

“The gate, first”

“But its day? I thought he only guarded it at night?”

“No, he guards it at all times, he’s the Guardian of the Subconscious not a freaking night guard!”

“Woah easy Princey, go off on him not me-”

“No, no sorry, I just- he never ignores my calls, if he misses it, he calls me back immediately, we made a deal about it in case of emergencies…I think- I think something’s wrong”

The other three exchange a glance at each other.

Roman pushes open the door a bright light depicting the portal to his Kingdom, the Mindscape itself. With a bit of concentration the light disperses, showing the image of the Dream Tower’s entrance.


The moment they step in, Roman freezes.

Everything feels off.

The air feels slow and sluggish and no one is moving around. As a matter of fact, no one was there at all.

Frowning, he climbs up the stairs towards Remy’s room. Something was definitely wrong, the Dream Tower was always bustling with, Aspects, Figments and Emotions.

The others follow behind Roman as he picks up the pace-he almost trips.

There’s a tugging, he looks down…sand, Gold sand is wrapped around his ankle.



“The Sand’s not gonna attack us right? I’ve never seen it like this before”

“That’s because it’s worried about him, aren’t your shadows the same way?”

“Uh, sometimes? I think? There a hell of a lot less sentient than this sand is, that’s for sure”

Remy’s room…would make the Sahara Desert cry.

Everything, everything was covered in sand. Well it was more like wrapped in sand? The glittering, gold dust didn’t drown anything under it, the individual shapes of everything were clearly visible but it was a lot of sand.

“Will you two stop ogling at it and help us get him out of it. The infernal thing doesn’t seem to realize the more it covers him the less of him we can actually hold-” huffs Logan, as he keeps trying to brush the sand off of Remy. Every time he did so more sand would crawl over it master, hissing at the Teacher as it did so.

Patton places a hand on his shoulder.

“Logan wait- I think the Sand doesn’t want us to touch him”

“But that would defeat the purpose of it asking us to help!?”

“No I think it’s for a different reason. I have an idea-”

“Patton we-”

“Hear him out L, none of us know what’s going on-”

“Thank you Virge, Roman can you conjure me a thermometer?”

“Um, ok?” The prince holds out his hand and after a brief second of concentration, a new prepackaged thermometer appears.

Patton wastes no time in grabbing it and tearing pack open. Gently he turns Sleep’s head- the Sand hisses at him for this.

“Shh, I’m just trying to help ok”

If sand could look sceptical…though it quiets and let’s the Prominent personality slip the thermometer between Remy’s parted lips.

It’s kept under his tongue until it beeped-





“Ngh, where-?”

“Hey Sleep!”


Remy blinked his eyes open. His vision was blurry and his head pounded. Honestly he was consider going right back to-


Remy sat up with a gasp. Wincing as a cold rag fell into his lap. He picked it up. “What?”

“You ok there pal?”

Remy tensed, only just realizing that someone was in front of him, that someone being a very worried-


“Yeah it’s me-”


“You’re in my room, and you kinda brought the Sides here too”

Ever confused, Remy could only squint and mumble. “Wha?”

Thomas simply pointed down.

From the bed that they were on, Remy could indeed see Thomas’ main sides in all degrees of sprawled asleep on the floor. They did look quite peaceful though.


“Yeah…that was my reaction too-”

“You said I brought them here?”

“Uh, ye, about that…what do you remember?”

Sleep placed a hand to his head, wincing… “Um, your- your phone call I think and …Roman’s? But other than that, I have no clue”

“I-uh, I guess I could tell you what they told me?”

“Better than nothing, go for it”


“Pat said you had a high fever and according to him, the others were helping to lower it, but-”


“But you…kinda woke up? Roman said you were out of it, mumbling something about protecting me and a fence-”



“It’s a Gate, huge ass Golden gate that separates the conciousness from the unconsciousness, the literal division and final protection of your subconscious”

“…ok wow, I didn’t, um”

“I still can’t believe that you’ve been inside the subconscious, the damn Dream Tower itself and still haven’t seen the Gate”

“In my defense, I almost died”

“Fair. Now continue, what did my apparently fever drunk ass do next?”

“Um, well Virgil said you turned into a zombie, you like stood up and were trying to get outside, Roman had to hold you back but you kept shuffling forward-”

“Oof. Yeah…been there done that-”

“What? This happened before?”

Ohh yeah. One time I was sick and my girls at the Tower had to legit lock me in my room so I wouldn’t keep working”

“And here I thought you were lazy?”

“I’m far from lazy hun, I’m just always late. I don’t like hard work, doesn’t mean I won’t do it, I just don’t like it. Besides I’m cool do you think anyone this fine could look like this by being lazy? Please gurl, my work schedule could put Logan to shame”

“And yet-”

“And yet I’m always late, yeah- yeah. Look my sense of time and direction, are like, complete shit babes, but at the end of the day, I get my shit done and it gets done well. Quality over quantity and all that.”

Both Aspect and Host paused and then instantly started laughing.

“Ok,ok, what happened next? How did we all end up in here?” Asked Remy as he gained his breath back.

“Uh, yeah, um apparently while you were struggling against Roman, Logan had asked Patton how he thought this would have affected me-”

“And let me guess, I heard him mention your name and just popped everyone here huh?”

“Yeah, pretty much, basically”

Remy shook his head at himself.

“Alright, why are they all sprawled out? I doubt that Roman of all people volunteered to sleep on the floor”

“Yeah…about that. When you brought everyone here, you kinda passed back out. The others were trying to explain something about the sand in your room, when this Gold sand just appeared from nowhere and Moana-Ocean-style came up to each of them in like the shape of a finger and just.. shushed them. Like literally went ”Shhh"

“Oh, God-”

“And then before we could question it, it retracted, like it crawled back over you and turned into your bag- wait! Is that why you always have this bag with you?!”

“No duh? It’s my sand, just easier to carry it around in bag form-”

“H-how, how does it change color like that?”

“It doesn’t, that’s just the color it takes when it’s dormant and bright Gold when awake-”

“Cool, and what about your shades and Jacket?”

“That…is whole 'nother story, one I have absolutely no energy to tell tbh”

“Oh. Ok, well the guys kinda just drifted right off after your Sand became your bag, so yeah, that’s the whole story I guess”

“A mess, but good to know-” Remy chuckled only to cut himself off with a wince. His head was still hurting like hell, even throughout Thomas’ recounting- but now it just felt worse.

Watching Sleep in pain made the Host’s stomach coil. He didn’t like seeing anyone hurt, especially his Sides or Aspects in this case.

Gently he grabbed Sleep’s shoulders and helped lower him back onto a pillow.

“Ok, why don’t you lay back down-”

“Yeah, ok”


Remy lays back, settling himself on the bed…and then he pouts.

Thomas chuckles, already knowing the reason for that pout. He easily pulls Remy onto his chest, patting his back gently. The Aspect practically melts into it.

“And you call me clingy”



Thomas is woken up early next morning, by the sounds of hissing and mumbled cursing.

Sitting up, he bites his tongue so as not to laugh at the sight before him.

A disheveled Roman was carrying a very much asleep…Sleep, bridal style. The Aspect had his face burrowed in the crook of the Prince’s neck, seemingly relaxed, completely unperturbed by the events. Right next to Roman was Patton, who was holding Virgil quite similarly. Every second or so, the Emo’s foot or arm would twitch before he resettled. Honestly between Virgil and Remy, Thomas couldn’t tell who was snoring harder. The kicker though, was Logan, sleepily holding onto Patton’s cat hoodie,slightly swaying as he rubbed his eyes. The Logical side was obviously not a morning person.

Patton waved at his Host, while Roman gave him a nod, Logan mumbled something, but Thomas could not decipher any of the other’s sleepy jargon.

The Manifestor simply waved as they sunk down.

Once gone, Thomas flopped right back down curling up comfortably- what? He was sleepy.


AN:// Hi guys, I did a thing! I should probably take a nap tho XD. The Innerworks update is still coming, I’ve just been busy and tired, but it’s coming, just hang in there. But you can consider this lil ficlet a part of the Innerworks universe, it just takes place after the events in Innerworks….so canon lol.

tonight might be my night to reminisce

Summary: Sentimentality was not a concept Logan was hugely familiar with, but there was one exception. 

Or, Logan gets emotional watching the stars and his boyfriends are there to help.

Pairing: LAMP/CALM

Warnings: Description of a panic attack (I seem to do a lot of those, huh?), dissociation, brief mention of death of a family member and general existential thinking.

A/N: The title for this one is from This Manhattan Man by The Altogether and I completely recommend their whole EP!! It’s on Bandcamp and it’s excellent; I was listening to it nonstop as I wrote this.

Tag list: @mutechild <333

AO3 Link!


Sentimentality was not a concept Logan was hugely familiar with. He found himself to be focused mostly externally, cognisant of his surroundings and of things much more concrete than feelings. More aware of facts and numbers or of the sensation of fabrics against his skin and the warmth of others when they touched him.

There was one exception, however.

Without fail, watching the stars inspired something in him. He couldn’t explain what it was. It felt like a longing for something indescribable, a homesickness for a home he’d never had, an awareness of just how insignificant he was in the grand scheme of the universe. It hurt his chest, opened up something raw and hollow inside him, and yet at the same time it was intoxicating. It was Logan’s one opportunity to be purely emotional—to disregard his nature and feel, wholly and completely.

As Logan sat on the roof, the sleeves of his sweater pulled past his hands, he allowed himself to breathe.

He could hear from underneath him the sound of people just existing, each of them caught up in their lives and unaware of the others around them doing the same. There was music from a distant place that Logan couldn’t exactly pinpoint, quiet and blending with the windchill as it seeped through his bones.

Time was passing, seconds ticking by, and where was he? Truly?

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