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i drew sanders (from ages ago)! Sorry for crappy photo quality

The world needs more Patton's and fewer Sander's and McCain's.

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Move over ,Soft boi coming thro (JK I love you both my Child and my Sanders sides father)

One of my first sanders sides art. I can’t believe how good it actually turned out.

Sanders Sides Inspired Homemade Cupcakes I love how they turned out they have apricot jam in the middle and made with all the love I have for this series...

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Well Im Posting It Here And On Tumblr Huehue I Love Sanders Sides And I Wanted To Draw Virgil And Patton Cus I Have A Pen And Im Able To lol xD

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Hey, Thomas! Absolutely loved the latest video, so much! Here are some drawings I've done of the Sanders Sides, hope you notice and like them! 😉

merry Christmas I love the sander side vids so i decided to draw them here Patton and Virgil. don't think im that good a drawing but I tried my best and love the outcome.

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!🤖🐶🌟😈 /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!🤖🐶🌟😈 /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Halloween Cosplay of Sanders Sides!!!🤖🐶🌟😈 /Logan /Morality /Roman /Virgil

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Commissions are open!

Hey, everyone! I’m officially opening writing commissions!


$3 for every 500 words
($6 for every 1000)

Because I’m going through ko-fi, the safest and easiest way I know how to do this, I can only accept increments of $3. Thank you for understanding!

My writing is typically within the Sanders Sides fandom, however, feel free to inquire about other fandoms. If I’m comfortable/knowledgeable enough about the fandom, I’ll generally take the request.

For examples of my writing check out my masterpost! 💛

Things I will write:
- Varying AUs
- Stories with OC
- Original short stories
- Short stories within canon
- Poetry

All I ask is that, if it’s an original piece, you provide me with the necessary details and/or characters. Or, if it’s fanfiction, you specify whether it’s canon or AU and if any OCs are involved.

Things I will NOT write:
- NSFW/Smut
- Incest/ pedophilia
- Romanticized abuse
- Chaptered fics

Please keep in mind that I have the right to deny any request that I feel uncomfortable with or incapable of writing.

If you are interested, please contact me at or send me a private message so we can discuss details and go over everything!

The Real Ones Au Chapter 1

Today was supposed to be normal. Today was supposed to be a good day. Why the hell did destiny disagree with me.

Today started off well enough. I woke up early, so I actually had time to eat breakfast before running to class. My roommate, Patton, wasn’t up. I left a plate out for him with a note.

Running across the campus to a class that, pass or fail, could change the course of my life, is always a heavy thing to think about as you watch the seconds tick away as you run. Most of my assignments usually represent that…push for greatness I feel internally, and it bothers me to no end.

See, the thing is, I’m an emotional mess. Ever since I was young, I’ve been diagnosed with severe stress, fear and anxiety. So the fact that this course could be the end of my hopes and dreams can (and has) pushed me farther than I’d like to admit. 

I arrived early, sat down, and class started easily. We started, and the class flew past me before I could blink. I smiled to myself as I exited with my midterm marks, a well over passing grade. I was passing happily, better than I had imagined. 

I was interrupted from my cheerful thoughts by a loud, boisterous voice coming from a couple people away: Roman, the most annoying kid on campus. While sweet and endearing, he was by far the most reckless, annoying, loudest guy here. But, since he is Patton’s childhood friend, I sort of have to see him a lot more than I would voluntarily. 

“VIRGIL!!!! VIRGIL!!!!!!!! VIIIIIIIIIIIIRGIIIIIIIL!!!!!!!!!” He yelled at me. I sighed almost silently and headed over to the Crimson prince.

He was dressed in pure white, as per normal, contrasting heavily against my black hoodie and dark colour scheme. In most circumstances, we were complete opposites, myself being a darker, more pessimistic view of the world as we know it. Meanwhile, Princey was made of only hopes and dreams and optimism. That was annoying. Yet, as different as we were, we had found certain things to agree on, despite our disagreements in the past.

“Virgil!” He hugged me without thinking. I shrugged him off, moving out of arms reach.

“Yes, Roman?” I sighed as he launched into a dramatic greeting, which I ignored, my mind wandering away. It returned suddenly as Roman started dragging me away from campus, out into the town beyond the campus grounds.

We headed off into town, away from the campus crowds and off into the busy streets of the graduates and business men all on break. We head through these crowds to a certain cafe Roman and Patton both adored. 

It’s rather quaint and peaceful in there, with a calming atmosphere, with a tranquil pastel colour scheme. Its soothing ambience made it a favourite for those studying and those trying to get away from their stress. And, in Roman’s case, those who needed to calm down majorly. 

We sat down and began to chat. Or, more accurately, he began babbling about his day and I tried to follow. Something about his drama class…Logan did something somewhere else…Patton didn’t show up for his class…He speaks too fast when he’s excited. 

We spent almost an hour in there, conversing on our day. Our orders came and were finished, we kept talking. Then, finally, we left the place, heading off into the now-midday-heat, walking lazily back to the campus. 

A guitar startled us out of our conversation, and we started to search in the crowd for the origin of this melody. 

Of course, the source was a small looking teenager, most likely living where he sat at that moment, strumming absentmindedly, eyes closed. 

And then he opened his mouth and started singing. 

His voice was the most pure thing I had heard in my life. It was beautiful…I was entranced by this tiny teen against the wall with the old guitar in his lap, his long dark hair flowing in a faint breeze that shot by quickly before stopping. I stayed throughout his entire performance, keeping Roman stuck there with me. By the time he finished, he had an entire crowd around his small spot. 

He opened his eyes as he finished the tune, crystal blue meeting my own. He quickly averted his gaze and stood, leaving a small bag open on the ground, probably for donations. He kept his eyes low and hidden as we all applauded his skill and left donations. 

I forced Roman to stay after the crowd dispersed and headed over to the tiny kid. He sat back down with relief as the crowd dispersed, his eyes closing as his head fell back against the bricks of the building behind him. He looked exhausted after his performance. I still went over.

           “Hey, kid.” I smiled and kneeled in front of him. His crystal blue eyes opened quaintly, his voice was marked by a melodious, unworldly accent.

           “Hello, good sir.” He moves as if to greet me before crumbling in half, bowed in pain. He never showed a sign of this during his performance. How had it appeared?

           “Easy, kid. Stay down, I’ll get you into the hospital.” Thoughts of his earlier work wore heavy on my mind as I picked him up, and, with Roman trailing behind me, we headed off to the hospital.

           Our trip to the hospital ended with the kid heading into surgery and the nurses driving us back to the campus as the surgery ended. At this point, I had missed most of my afternoon class, so I just headed back to the dorm with Roman beside me. We both thought that the day was finally done, that the craziness was over.

           So then why were there two Patton’s in our living room, with a portal open to who knows where, and why does this clone have scales?

Imagine, new side makes an appearance. Turns out that his name is Naivety and everyone is shocked because they thought that it’s Patton’s trait. And Pat just stands there slightly shaking his head and smiling and says “I just didn’t want Nave to feel alone. He’s shy anyway.”

Just… Imagine their faces.

Virgil HC Idea:

Virgil wears eye contacts because he thinks he looks stupid with glasses on and one day someone (bf or something) notices the glasses in a dresser when the two plan on spending the night together in their room and that side goes back to Virgil asking about the glasses.

Gtg :P ttyl

Logan: So do you ever hear Deceit in your head anymore?

Virgil: Sometimes.

Logan: What does he say?

Virgil: Sometimes he makes plans to murder everyone within a ten foot radius. Other times, he reminds me to pick up bagels for Patton because Patton likes bagels.

The Broken Heart

So this is a story I literally just started to work on. This is a preview of what I’ve got so far, there’s more. I just wanted to see what ya’ll thought of it.

Patton stood at the kitchen, staring down at the stove. He looked tired, but he kept that big smile he always wore on his face. His clothes were dull, the normally sky blue shirt turned grey and ashen, his cardigan forgotten somewhere around the house. His sandalwood eyes that held so much mirth and excitement now turned to murky brown pools of oil, dark and drowning. If you stared too long, you could get lost in it, and would soon find yourself in a funk like him. His smile was cracking, his skin twitching with a need to drop that fake and painful smile. Tears gathered in the corners of his eyes, tears he could hardly stop. He wanted to be happy, so happy like always, but the facade could only keep up for so long.

He wasn’t stupid, he knew what the others thought of him. He was stupid, his jokes terrible and only earning a laugh now and then. Logan was the logic, that was who he was, he had a purpose. Roman was Creativity, he was the reason Thomas got into theater and making videos, the one that came up with more video ideas so he had a reason to be as well. Then there was his kiddo Virgil. He was their Anxiety, and although he would tell you at a time in their life that he had no reason to be with them, they had proved time and time again that Virgil was necessary to Thomas’ well being.

So where did that put Patton? He was the Morality of them. He was at the core of the feelings of Thomas yes, and he was their sense of right and wrong, but Virgil had pointed out better points of right and wrong than Patton had on a few occasions. So he wasn’t needed in their mind. And although he had an argument at one point that they couldn’t handle it without him, it had been proven in the last video when Deceit had taken his spot in the video. They hadn’t even noticed that it wasn’t him and that he wasn’t there.

That left Patton standing here in the kitchen now, trying to think of what to do and how to duck out. He had never tried it before, and he wasn’t even sure how to block off his room to the others. He had always had an open door policy for everyone, no matter the circumstance and it almost felt wrong to block everyone out. He took a deep breath, the sound shaky and rattling in his lungs before he turned and headed to the stairs.

He could hear Roman in his own room as he got up the stairs. He was obviously on another adventure, yelling about that he was going to defeat the witch that dare plague his village. Patton wanted to smile at the theatrics and maybe even give a small chuckle, but it just hurt his heart. Roman would be fine without him, he had his stories and his creations. Why was Patton needed? He continued along the landing and looked to Logan’s room.

Light in the Darkness Ch.2

Mun: Thank you guys for reading once more. I have a lot of plans for these guys and there will be fluff coming up in the chapter after this, along with a lot of angst. Special thanks to @residentanchor for continuing to encourage me to write this. I will not be opening a taglist for this, so please do not ask.

Chapter 1/Beginning Chapter

Next( you’ll get it when you get it)

Logan was rather thankful for the silent and uninterrupted journey home.  

The large demon quickly thrust the door behind himself shut, knowing full well that his return into Hell would be sensed by at least his other two demon lord companions. They were probably already journeying to see why he was so early in returning from his stroll of Earth.  He usually spent hours studying the plants and wildlife and how it has changed over the years.  He never came home early for anything, so no doubt they would be upon him soon.

Logan scurried to his own room, carefully set the sleeping angel on his bed, and grabbed the first-aid kit that he kept there to rigorously patch this angel up. He disinfected all of the wounds thoroughly before bandaging them up and then left the bundle of feathers under the covers to allow him an optimal location of rest. It could get rather cold in his home, so Logan understood that keeping this being covered was a requirement, especially since that blue polo had to be thrown away from the excessive blood stains now covering the fabric.

Logan’s eyes flickered to the general direction of his front door as two distinct knocks echoed out after one another. The first was undoubtably Virgil as he tended to be the more reserved and ‘chill’ one out of his companions. That meant Roman followed after because he always believed Virgil’s quiet knocks to not be loud enough to hear through the door.  

Logan walked to the front door, after closing his bedroom door behind himself, to invite the other two demon lords inside. “ You wish to inquire as to why I returned earlier than expected? you will be required to come inside, I’m afraid. This issue is to not be heard by untrustworthy ears. “

Virgil stepped in first, a curious glance directed at the older demon. With a flick of his tail and hands stuffed in his cloak he walked past. The one thing that confused any whom had taken notice of it is that this demon lord did not have wings. The reason was rather idiotic, or maybe it was smart, but word on that later. “ Log, you have a lot of explaining to do.” Blowing a strand of dyed violet out of his face, Virgil examined Logan’s behavior through and through and noticed his oddly confused stance.

Roman proudly waltzed into the living room, letting his prideful nature and succulent looks show through. They would not effect the near emotionless Demon of Wrath, but many demons and humans alike had fallen prey to those dashing looks. Roman’s large red wings opened to add flair to his pose, which he nearly always got into upon entering any room other than a toilet. Logan carefully shut the door behind him, even as Roman spun around on his heels and stared Logan down, hoping to keep his angel resting still. “ You never do anything early or late. You have always been the type of person to be perfectly punctual. You are also being rather cryptic…. which is Panic at the Everywhere’s thing, not yours. Explain, Microsoft-Nerd.”

“ If you would allow me a moment to collect the right vocabulary to explain this, I would.” Logan Fauste paused, taking a deep breathe while collecting his thoughts. “ My walk was interrupted….by an angel.-”  

“ An Angel?!! Did you get hurt? You better not have any holy water on your skin. I will seriously force you to bathe right now if you do.” Virgil piped up, the violet demon getting unusually loud and hyperactive for someone of the sin Sloth, from the area of the sofa he lingered upon.  

Logan took a moment to shake his head no and find the right words to explain with once more. “ Let me rephrase….I found an injured angel….an unconscious one at that. “ He began, punctuating his words very clearly with flashy white fangs showing. “ For some unknown reason…I took…pity?” He closed his mouth, showing a look of annoyance for not understanding his own actions. A pale hand clambered up to rub at the back of his neck in mild hesitance for what he was about to say.  “ I may have…brought him here to…mend most of his wounds.”

The two demons before him had two very opposing reactions to one another’s. Roman, as happy-go-lucky and exciteable as he could be, had an open-mouthed smile at the news while Virgil, as anxious and frightenable as ever, stared at Logan as if he had committed the most heinous of acts. “ You brought our enemy here?!!”  

Before Logan could further explain, a shriek cut through the house. The tall demon rushed back in the direction of his room, the other two following close behind.

Hello Sanders Sides Family

Okay this may or may not turn out long. I love reading all different types of stories involving the sides. I really do love all the creative differences and how you all can take a trope like the soul mate aus and make it completely your own. No matter how many I may read of the same prompt or idea you all manage to make it your own! It’s amazing truly amazing.

However, I notice how most people who write the sides (Logan, Roman, Patton) finally accepting Virgil. Virgil forgives them to quickly. So the others may work a bit to fix the damage that they done, but they don’t fully make up for it ((do you guys get what I’m saying?)) Like I love the fluff and stuff, but I feel the others should work for Virgil’s affections more. They caused Verge years of damage, yet Virgil immediately just accepts him. It saddens me….

I guess from my own perspective I just feel that Virgil should say that it isn’t okay. Sure he may forgive them for what has happened, but that doesn’t mean that it is okay. You know the saying Forgive and Forget I feel Virgil shouldn’t forget, because in a way isn’t that letting a chance be open for them to be mean ((not saying they will)) to him again and opening for him to be hurt.

Fool me once Shame on you

Fool me twice Shame on me

I didn’t write this to cause any arguments or fights or to discredit and or put down others ideas.

I’m more than open for people to discuss this with me. As how people like to see and portray the sides varies from every person. Also if anyone writes anything or knows stories written similar to this please tell me! I would love to read this!

@ravens-rambling because I want to see what you think.

-One By One-

A/N: This is the third entry of my Virgil angst fic called Dreamscape. Sorry for the sort of cliffhanger in the last part, but just know that it probably won’t be the last time I do this.

Genre: angst, with some nice fluff here and there

Warnings: panic attack, mentions of panic attack and implied character death, mentions of deceit

Summary: Virgil has been having a lot of trouble lately with his own nightmares, so when Thomas takes medication that causes him nightmares, Virgil tries to go to the other sides for help. But what happens when he leads them into something much worse than a nightmare?

The others watched in horror as Logan disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Logan!” Patton cried, searching he ground, where Logan once stood.

Virgil, was in a full panic now, but his fight or flight reflexes had kicked in, allowing him to stand.

“Where did that come from?” He asked.

Patton was sobbing, so Roman answered. “Probably from the woods.” He pointed to the fog covered woods. “I don’t know where else they would be coming from.”

“Then we have to run.” Virgil said.

Roman nodded and they started to sprint through the stalks of withered grass, heading away from the forest.

Then they realized that Patton wasn’t with them.

Virgil whipped around and saw Patton still sitting there, sobbing into his hands. “Patton, hurry!” He screamed. “We have to go!”

Patton looked up at him, just in time for another shadow creature to sprint out of the woods and crash into the emotional side.

“PATTON!” Virgil screamed, the force of it tearing through his lungs.

Patton gestured for them to run as he too disappeared into nothing.

Virgil was frozen. Already half of his family was gone.

Suddenly he felt a hand grab his arm and pull him forward. Roman was in front of him, pulling Virgil along as he ran.

“Come on Virgil!” He shouted. “We have to move!”

Virgil nodded and followed Roman.

Soon a village appeared in front of them, its lights like a beacon, drawing them closer.

Virgil breathed a sigh of relief. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that, once they reached the village, they would be safe.

They were a few feet away now, the lampposts lighting up the ground in front of them.

“We’re almost there!” Virgil cried.

Roman didn’t answer.

Suddenly Roman unsheathed his sword and swung it at Virgil.

Virgil ducked and shouted. “What is wrong with you Roman?”

Then Virgil heard the cry of a monster as Roman’s sword slashed through it.

The monster had been trying to grab Virgil.

Though the slash did nothing, as the monster reformed itself and pounced at Virgil.

Virgil, threw his arms up to protect himself. Though he never felt the creature hit him.

He opened his eyes and saw Roman standing in front of him, the monster latched onto his chest.

“Run, Virgil.” Roman managed before he too disappeared.

“Roman…” Virgil breathed, his chest aching.

Virgil made his way into the village, no longer caring to run. His entire family was gone, whether they were dead or alive, he didn’t know.

Once he was in the village, Virgil found an alleyway behind an inn to sit in.

When he sat down and his adrenaline faded, Virgil felt the tears start running down his face.

He didn’t know what to do. Now he just felt empty, useless.

He laid his head against the wall and whispered. “It’s all my fault. I should have just dealt with my nightmares. Now the others had to pay for my mistake.”

Virgil gritted his teeth as more tears leaked out. “It should have been me.”

“Oh no, it shouldn’t have.” A voice sounded through the alleyway, it’s tone smooth and soft.

Virgil scrambled to his feet, turning towards the dark alleyway.

For a moment, no one was there. Then a pair of yellow snake-like eyes opened, a smile appearing right after them.

“Deceit.” Virgil growled.

The Dark Side shrugged. “Am I really here Virgil? Or am I just another monster? Your monster?”

“Cut the act.” Virgil snapped. “What happened to the other sides? I know you’re behind this.”

Deceit stared at Virgil. “Have you really forgotten who you used to be?” He asked.

Virgil didn’t meet his eyes, he just stared at the ground.

“You used to be Fear, you controlled Thomas’s nightmares, made them as horrible as you wanted.” Deceit reminded him.

“I’m a different side now.” Virgil said defensively. “I’ve changed.”

“Oh we know.” Deceit said rolling his eyes. “A simple mission to derail the Light Sides, posing as Anxiety, that is all you had to do.”

He bared his teeth at Virgil. “But then you had to go and become Anxiety didn’t you?

You had to become one of them, become part of their little FamILY, or however that dolt Patton says it.”

“Don’t you dare insult Patton!” Virgil snarled.

Deceit smiled once again. “Well, either way, you are finished Virgil. And you made it so difficult for us, walking into the dreamscape while Thomas is having a nightmare.” He drawled, fixing his eyes on Virgil. “You’ve now entered, his realm.”

“Whose?” Virgil asked, immediately on alert.

Deceit’s smile grew larger. “You’re replacement.”

He then gestured dramatically behind Virgil. Virgil whipped around, only to fall flat on his back in fear.

“Meet Hatred.”

Hatred’s eyes were a solid blood red, and they watched Virgil’s every move, even though they had no iris or pupil.

His skin was gray and his hair was slicked back, showing of the horns coming out of his forehead, making him look like some kind of human dragon.

Pointed teeth came out in an overbite and stabbed his lower lip, their tips drawing blood.

Finally there was his outfit, it was a spiked leather jacket with ripped jeans, and combat boots. The exact same clothes that Thomas wore during his punk phase, when he hated the world.

“Why are you here?” Virgil asked.

“Thomas doesn’t have a sliver of hate in his body now.”

“Everyone has hate, Virgil.” Hatred grumbled, his voice deep and sinister. “Whether they hate a person, an ideal, a belief. No matter how small the hate is, I can materialize.”

Deceit shook his head. “I can totally see that we are on track with the matter at hand.”

Hatred nodded. “You’re right Deceit.” He clenched his fist and Virgil suddenly rose up into the air by the collar of his shirt.

Virgil choked as his collar constricted his throat.

“W-where a-ack you taking me?” Virgil managed.

Hatred trained his eyes on him. “I’m taking you home Virgil.”

Virgil watched Hatred’s face disappear into a blur as he blacked out.

Okay so small thing about me

My mom gave me a few flannels from her closet and I noticed they were specific colors/styles. Why am I speaking about this you may ask? Well, let me tell you, my friend.

Introducting, the post-purple Virgil Hoodie.

Oh well, what else? Didn’t you there were more, Jay? Let me continue!



Now you may be asking, but what about Roman or Deceit? Well… I don’t have one… 😅 BUT THAT MAY CHANGE SOON!!!

Moonlight Dance

Summary: Deceit takes Logan dancing again, but there’s something different about the dance this time…

Pairings: Loceit

Characters: Logan, Deceit, Patton, Virgil

Warnings: None

Sequel to: Things Get Complicated (Part One: A Dance With Deceit)

Logan was exhausted. He’d been spending the past several days taking care of Roman and helping clean up the mess in his room. At the moment he was the only who could actually do the work, seeing as Roman was still recovering his strength. Of course, that didn’t stop the prince from constantly insisting he was capable of helping.

Keep reading

Pain is Love

Summary: a secret is revealed.

Characters: sanders sides

Pairings: prinxitey

T/w: none I know of.

A/n: let me know if you want to be tagged.

Virgil has a secret. An dangerous one. Now I don’t mean like he’s a killer or anything but this secret can harm Virgil. He had risked his own life because of this. Virgil can literally take all the bad feelings off someone and then just endure it for however long the feelings last. He had pretty close calls, but nothing he can’t handle.

One incident changed everything. Let me explain. It was like any other day. Virgil was arguing with Roman and he noticed something about Roman that was off, but familiar. Virgil had experienced this feeling before. But this was the strongest he ever felt. Self deprecation. Virgil stopped arguing and hugs Roman for a while then went to his room quickly.

Roman stood there in shock and happiness? He was confused about the whole thing and he told Logan about the situation.

“Logan, I’m very confused.” Logan thought to himself and looked at Roman. “Maybe he needed comfort but he’s afraid to show it?” Roman shrugs. Then Patton ran into the room. “Guys! Virgil is sad!”

Logan smirked. “We’ll be there soon. I win. Again. Pay up.” Roman gave Logan a 20.

The boys went to check on Virgil and Virgil was rocking and saying that he was sorry. Confused, Logan asked what for?

Virgil just says. “For being a jerk!” Roman’s eyes widened. “I was feeling that when I was arguing with you v.” Virgil looks down.

“It’s a part of what I can do. I’m sorry.” Patton hugs Virgil, telling him over and over again he’s perfect. Logan just asked random questions about his abilities. Roman kicked them out and cuddles with Virgil. “I gotcha bud.”