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Good Morning World! Happy Monday, hoping for a positively productive week! 👩🏾‍💻 My pattern is coming along well too 👩🏾‍🎨

濃いめ配色のペイズリー柄が可愛い 80-90'sシルクブルゾン♫ 適度なサイズ感でイイ感じ◎

tried some blending methods instead of the typical solid shapes I've been drawing. It feels a bit more natural like paint. I like the effect.

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anonymous asked:

hiii! i'm not really a sims 4 player but your Lauren dress post recently crossed my dash and the pink floral recolor on your preview photo really caught my eye. i am hoping you'll point me in the direction of where you found the pattern used. thank you very much and much success in your future creating!

Hii sweetheart! This pattern is really cute, one of my favs, I found it in Pinterest (in this pin).

You’re welcome. And also thank you so much for your kind words, I hope you have a good day honey! XOXO

ios delegate

기본 예제 :


왼쪽 로보트는 delegator 이며 이는 어떤 기능들이 필요한지 전체적인 구조만 알고 있다.

오른쪽 로보트는 delegate 이며 실제로 어떤 기능이 어떻게 수행되어야하는지 자세한 내용이 가지고 있다.

다시 말하면 왼쪽 로보트에는 이러이런 기능이 필요하다는 전체의 내용만 기술되어 있다. (protocol) 실제로 이 protocol을 따르면 실제 기능을 구현하는 것은 오른쪽 로보트가 된다.

Someone just asked me if I have the time to do anything else but drawing patterns all day. Well, yeah I eat and shower and do chores every day. I also feed and walk my dog and play with him every few hours. Making these patterns is something I do for leisure after I’m done with basic tasks or urgent assignments. You know the time you spent obsessing over somebody’s latest vacation or what they had for lunch on Instagram? Yeah, I use that time to draw on my computer or iPad now. Oh, I’m also no longer creepy stalk other illustrators’ account and wish that I had their talents.



ESP 🇪🇸

Esto es lo que llevaba preparando estos días. Me apetecía hacerme un avatar para las cuentas de Twitter e Instagram para identificarme con él a partir de ahora. La verdad me ha encantado el resultado, además de que me ha motivado un montón ☺️.

Llevaba tiempo buscando una modelo para practicar, cuando la modelo la tenía delante del espejo 😅.

ENG 🇬🇧

This is what I had been preparing these days. I wanted to make an avatar for Twitter and Instagram accounts to identify me with him from now on. I really loved the result, and it motivated me a lot ☺️.

I had been looking for a model to practice for a while, when the model was in front of the mirror 😅.

Free 2005 Furby onesie pattern

Hey it’s me again!

I’ve recently added some 2005 lovelies to my collection and I’ve used them to do some sewing experimentq.

This is quickly done and rather easy to put together, it’s a slip-on onesie with no bottom but they look so cosy! I used scraggly fabric for mine because I was just testing it.

I used strechy fabric so be able to slip it on the furb easily. I you don’t I suggest adding an opening with buttons or a scratch.


Please don’t use this pattern for monetary use, I share my patterns because I’m aware the money’s tight in the community and I want to help.