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100+ Background Graphic Sets

Hard to choose, here's a selection of the splendid work achieved on this weekend's colour course - clever companionable creative students! Other courses

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Medicine Reminder App

Hey Knitblr! Crocheters of Tumblr! Yarnblr?

Does anyone have a pattern for those amigurumi octopi that are shown to assist in the wellbeing of premie babies? 

It’s okay if you don’t, but feel free to share your favorite baby patterns! I’m gonna be a dad in June (that’s when wife is due, at least) and I want to craft!!

And anything that I make that doesn’t fit our kid is gonna be donated to either our local NICU or my mother-in-law’s NICU to go to kids they will fit!


Gacha is bad civilization

Today is the last day to roll for Hokusai. I rolled over 170 times and spent real money for her, but she did not come home. Curse you, FGO.

Before I spent my last 30 SQ, I made this scrunchie based on Hokusai’s hair accessories, specifically one of the ones in her third ascension art, as a tribute to RNGsus. I suppose I should have posted this pattern first

This is my first time writing a crochet pattern, so if anything is unclear, send me a message! I’m also not too familiar with crocheting in rounds (I usually spiral if I can help it, but most of the scrunchie patterns I’ve seen use this style), so if there is a better way of joining rounds, use that instead! 

Hokusai Scrunchie

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