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Why not???

Una se presenta por 3 motivos: 1. injustificado. 2. La rescindió de tu por motivos ajenos a tu desempeño. 3. por una falta grave cometida por el .

Cuna de Colecho!!🥰🌹 incluido en la Patrones Infantiles n°10 Especial Bebé. 😍

インスタグラム投票結果 A 561票 対 B1805票 「B」です。 コミュニティ、ツイッターでも投票を受け付けています。最終結果は明日決着が付きます。

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Patreon Backer Reward: Artist’s Choice, for Cyrix

“Out of Twilight”

$5 patrons get to make a sketch request each month!

$9 to $12 = 2 sketches per month.

$13 and up = 3 sketches per month.

Reward on my patron! My very first and at the $60 tier too! The character requested was to be one of my dnd characters. So here’s Rhashyn Raysyth. My nercomancing bard.

If you’d care to support me, here I am.

All the rewards are just discounted commissions really. They’re like a permanent discount.

Currently there’s no patron specific stuff yet aside from the discounted commissions, but its probably just going to be mature comics(horror or smut, but who knows). Once it hits a threshold, there will be monthly stuff like either a forsure comic page or tutorial.

If you’d like to follow me else I have.

Also can be found as Omtay on DA and FA.


We here baby, let’s get our HAPPY HOUR on and popping @tabogany come join us !!!! HAPPY HOUR 5PM-9PM
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Taboga NYC

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[BookYarn] Trop contente de trouver ce joli livre dans ma boite aux lettres ce matin 😻

Merci @socroch et @mangoeditions pour “Adorable Dinette” 😄
#crochet #projet #project #diy #crochetaddict #yarn #yarnaddict #crochetlovers #livre #modèle #patron #dinette (à Paris, France)

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anonymous asked:

Hi femalewarrior, I really like your blog and I think it's amazing how you manage to always be so positive and supporting ❤️ thank you so much for that. I was wondering if you could maybe sometimes give an overview over a few martial arts styles and what makes them special. There are so many, that for someone just getting into the topic it can be a bit overwhelming. Anyways, have an awesome day ☺️

I have decided to start a new Martial Arts 101 series on my Patreon where I will give an overview of different Martial Arts styles and forms so people can better decide which ones they would like to try. The first post becomes available to the public on April 30th, but consider becoming a Patron if you would like earlier access to these educational posts! 



Çalışmıcakmış. Patronu görünce nasılda fırladı😎 inst @farmasikatalogu @mennee61 @#farmasi #patron @songulbabacanofficial @ipekteksenfarmasi

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Zoe Mikel-Stites is creating Stories and Art | Patreon
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I have a potentially unlikely goal. I want to hit my next milestone ($150) by the end April. Hitting this milestone will let me start streaming (the startup costs are prohibitive, new hardware needed, etc), and man, I have wanted to stream my art for SO long. I think it’s an amazing invention of the internet, allowing normally solitary artists to connect with the people who like their work. 

If you do like my work, or if you just want to support someone working towards their dream, sign up and become a Familiar level patron for $1.