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For the story tellers this is my story

🎶 Leaving on a jet plane, just a couple days 'til they'll be in your home again 🎶 Little Blue Envelopes are on their way! Check your mailbox or become a patron at to make sure yours finds its way to you! Ships worldwide. 📬🗺

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Gran Patrón Platinum is made from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave, is triple distilled and then rested in oak tanks for 30 days at Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. ⠀ -⠀ Photo Credit: ⠀ -⠀

Happy !! From 11am-10pm, every who orders the special will receive a prize! In addition to our 56 craft drafts on tap, we also have drink specials: $4 glasses of , shots for $4 and Grape Bombs for $4! 🧔🥩🍤🍺

【禁断症状👶】 今日1日ずっと考えてたぁ🔥 スワップと関係があるのでは⁉️ 今回も考えてるのは、 ワシだけだろう 👶

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Golfers - here's a great way to support your local Hospice and have a wonderful day of . Our 20th Anniversary Golf Tournament hosted by Martin Wild. ttp://

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Junio 2019

Over the past few days I’ve been looking over some bookshelves to store my own books, how nice does this little reading corner look? My amazing Beta readers are just finishing up the first full read through of my book. Next stop, editor!


😱😱😱#Repost @benwatsonmx #MXGP #Motocross #PATRON #MXGPRussia #mdracingproducts
Felt really good today.. had a great feeling on the bike and track. Unfortunately I took a big hit in the qualifying race and banged myself up a bit. Wont be an easy day tomorrow but I will give everything still!

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Books, books, and more books! I was looking through my TBR this morning and realized just how long that list has become. What books are on your list?