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Como es por estas fechas, la parroquia de Santiago Apóstol se prepara para la celebración de , de los . La parroquia, cada año con San Antón, se llena de personas con sus para su .

Como es por estas fechas, la parroquia de Santiago Apóstol se prepara para la celebración de , de los . La parroquia, cada año con San Antón, se llena de personas con sus para su .

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Por todo los que nos aportan y lo importante que son en nuestra vidas. Feliz !! 🐕🐶

Disfrutando con los antiguos vecinos del Barrio d San Sebastián En su exaltación al barrio y sus Fiestas, han contado con Francisco Rodríguez González, quien ha presentado a Antonio Galea Pardo,como exaltador Enhorabuena por la fuerza que dais a nuestras

"¡Feliz día de San Antón…!" 🍵😸 • • ...a mascotas y/o gamonaleros! 🐈😄 . [, de los , y cofradía centenaria de , repartiendo desde 1502]. »

Hoy es , el de los , un día especial para todos los que queremos a nuestras mascotas y animales. Nuestras muestran nuestro respeto y homenaje a las que encontramos en

Lands of Agon Series: Patron Dilemma #1 Become a Patron now and enjoy the fun! Find out more about the Lands of Agon Series Here

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Cemal Hünal ve Onur Şenay'ın rol aldığı Patron YARIN saat 20:30'da Gayrettepe-KATS Sahne'de! Biletler Biletix ve gişede! Biletix: Gişe: 0539 545 21 21

¡Feliz San ! ¿Ya has bendecido a tu ? Hoy es el día del de los animales y les traerá salud para este año. 😇👏🐶🐱🐰🐭

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a hierro, tequila y sangre, seremos dueños del paraíso

Hope you guys like this! If you wanna request one, ask away :)


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Holy crap I just remembered that we have literal star dust in our veins and the sun is a star and Apollo is the God of the sun and just akdiekcofjslsjxovo if my dude tells you to shine you really can’t help but shine. That’s why I always feel so warm and glowy whenever I feel him around or when he shows me somthing.


Asteria was an inhabitant of Olympus, and like her sister Leto was beloved by Zeus. In order to escape the amorous advances of the god, who in the form of an eagle pursued her, she transformed herself into a quail and flung herself into the Aegean Sea. It was there that Asteria metamorphosed into the island Asteria (the island which had fallen from heaven like a star) or the “quail island" Ortygia. This then became identified with the island of Delos, which was the only piece on earth to give refuge to the fugitive Leto when, pregnant with Zeus’s children, she was pursued by vengeful Hera. According to Hyginus, Leto was borne by the north wind Boreas at the command of Zeus to the floating island, at the time when Python was pursuing her, and there clinging to an olive, she gave birth to Apollo and Artemis.


Apollo is one of the most handsome, dazzling, and charismatic Gods of the Olympian Pantheon; he is blindingly good-looking and had many, many lovers, both male and female. Apollo shone so brightly he overshadowed Helios the Sun God, and eventually became known as a Sun God in his own right. One of Apollo’s most important daily tasks was to harness his four-horse chariot, in order to move the Sun across the sky. He is also the God of music, truth and prophecy, healing, plague, and poetry.

 Apollo pursued and conquered many women, both mortal and divine, though many of his would-be female lovers ran from his advances or committed suicide rather than submit to him.  Apparently Apollo was capable of absorbing the power of his lovers and Goddesses, Queens, and Princesses certainly didn’t want to become a lesser being even for one as beautiful as Apollo.  He had better luck with male lovers and is the patron of young men, teaching them music, sports and divination.

Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto, and has a twin sister, the chaste huntress Artemis.  Zeus was at it again, cheating on Hera his wife, with Leto.  When Leto became pregnant, Hera was furious and decreed that Leto could not give birth on land.  Leto fled the wrath of Hera and ended up on the isle of Delos, which was a newly formed island, and therefore not considered to be actual land yet.  With the help of Artemis who had been born the day before, Apollo was born. 

Eventually Leto returned to Delphi with Apollo where he killed Hera’s ally the Guardian Serpent, and absorbed its power.  Apollo could then manifest as a snake.

Apollo was a great healer, but he was also capable of unleashing epidemics at will.  During the Trojan War Apollo attacked the Greeks with the plague.  He can heal anyone except those he has killed himself.  Apollo is also the healer of the Spirit World, healing them whenever they are ill.

The gift of prophecy was given to Apollo because of his truthfulness, integrity and loyalty to those he loves.  He became the prophetic Deity of Delphi, where his priestess Pythia would channel his divinations of the future to the hordes of people who travelled from throughout the known world to learn their fate.

As a patron of music, Apollo possessed a lyre that was made for him by Hermes. He was often accompanied by the nine Muses who were known for inspiring art and music.  Apollo was a masterful musician and delighted the Olympians with songs played upon his golden lyre.

ANIMALS – Dolphin, wolf, griffin, mouse, cattle, deer

BIRDS – Swan, crane, kite, quail, vulture, raven, crow

CRYSTAL – Amber, sapphire

HERBS – Heliotrope, hyacinth, lily of the valley, sunflower, anise, mistletoe

MAGICK – 7 day vigils and petitions


OFFERINGS – Wine, incense, solar images


SABBATS – Litha, Yule

TREE – Laurel

ZODIAC - Gemini

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Hope everybody made it out to Gual-Mar to stock up on Henny and Patrón because it’s a party in the LBC tonight… be safe, Long Beach. 🥃

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Loki comin to the rescue

So basically. I thought and still doubt myself that banshees are a thing. But I saw one or one mimicking one last night. I don’t see color other than white and black when seeing a regular spirit, this Sheila was red and white. Banshees herald death, and my stomach dropped. I have so many people close to death. So many.

Not to mention Hades and Persephone have been ever more present.

Anyway. I started having a panic attack and the second I called for Loki I just felt a super heavy pressure. Best way to help me from panicking is to hug me really tight msoanwayicryinnow