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A new, God-inspired mission for 2020: Guiding ministry leaders to enhance worship, through the lens of an educator and musician.

In the matter of welcoming the coming of the Lord, if we don't depart from the Bible and seek what the Spirit says to the churches, will we be able to welcome the Lord❓

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Njut av nΓ₯gra bilder frΓ₯n fΓΆrra Γ₯rets Give Yourself Wholly-konferens i Ghana. # konferenser # salvation

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A special lunch...pastor offering a testimony, lunch, presentation...dealing w/ life while in a public position. Stable at Conno, Renfrew, PA. Wed 1/29/20 11:30am $35/person No 'tickets' but on Eventbrite

We are a blessed people who not only get to see the goodness of the LORD now, but forevermore. 's Good!

Almost ready to launch! We are so excited about this amazing App, made for all pastors around the world! Thanks to our clients to trust us in this wonderful project. . . .

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Another wonderful meeting with the amazing of Had the honor to share with them the story of The campaign - The aid provided by Israel to the civilians. An operation that crossed , and

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Pastors who preach God’s Word faithfully will be called boring only by those seeking something besides the faithful preaching of God’s Word.

Burk Parsons


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anonymous asked:

Do you agree that women can be pastors? I see many people who believe only men can be pastors but that rule in the bible only applied to that ancient time when the bible was written, not nowadays. As the world changes so must we change and adapt to the new realities in the world, wouldn't you agree?

More important than the women pastor thing: I don’t think the truth in scripture adapts to changing times. Whatever was true in scripture is still true. God doesn’t change. Culture can’t sway God. 

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Pastor @Ayo Adedeji #encouraging the #pastors and #ministers at the #early morning #prayer session 11/10/2019 @hofarlington #dfwtexas #mansfieldtexas #arlinftontexas #colleyvilletexas #eulesstexas #irvingtexas (at Household of Faith Arlington)

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Appreciating Pastors

I am not entirely sure when October was first designated a “month of appreciation” for pastors. Likewise, I am not sure how widespread the activity and participation are across different church traditions. I have witnessed it performed well. And I have heard horror stories of it being performed very poorly.

With that in mind, I had intended to let the month pass by without mentioning how arbitrary and occasionally hurtful this month can be to those who need appreciation equally throughout the year—and specifically during times of internal strife for the church. But in my studies of Philippians 2 I was accosted by the words of Calvin on the importance and appreciation of good pastors:

So intent is he upon this, that all that approve themselves as good and faithful pastors may be held in the highest estimation: for he does not speak merely of one, but exhorts that all such should be held in estimation; for they are precious pearls from God’s treasuries, and the rarer they are, they are so much the more worthy of esteem. Nor can it be doubted that God often punishes our ingratitude and proud disdain, by depriving us of good pastors, when he sees that the most eminent that are given by him are ordinarily despised. Let every one, then, who is desirous that the Church should be fortified against the stratagems and assaults of wolves, make it his care, after the example of Paul, that the authority of good pastors be established; as, on the other hand, there is nothing upon which the instruments of the devil are more intent, than on undermining it by every means in their power.

In an American situation where every corner in an urban city has a new startup non-denominational church, it might seem safe to safe that pastors are not rare. Our seminaries are sending out more pastors each year than ever before. But is it still the case that good pastors are rare? In this section of Philippians Paul has just finished writing to the church that he would send Timothy because “I have no one like him, who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare. For they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 2:20-21). This is a theme stemming back to Philippians 1 that while the gospel is being preached and thriving there is an element of selfishness among the ministers of the church. Assuming he is imprisoned in Rome, Paul is looking around at one of the blossoming cities and the ministers assisting him only to recognize that even among them there is a deficiency. This seemed to increase all the way up to Paul’s final days (2 Timothy 4:9-16). So here in Philippians, he wants the church to understand Timothy and Epaphroditus are unique and rare ministers of the gospel—as Calvin would call them “precious pearls from God’s treasuries.”

And as these good pastors are rare they are “so much more worthy of esteem.” Applying this text to the church of his dar and beyond, Calvin encourages the church to not take for granted the precious gift they have been given lest they be punished by being deprived “of good pastors.” Pastors are “ordinarily despised” when they are unappreciated, undermined, and unforgiven for their mistakes. The natural process is the wearing down of pastors until the spot be left vacant and the provision be made for God to “punish our ingratitude” with a selfish pastor.

So during this month, commit to perpetually praying and striving for your pastors that “the authority of good pastors be established.” While good in intent, a month of focus on pastors will not hinder satan who is attempting to “undermine it by every means.”

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Reasons people got mad at my dad as a Pastor

I see a lot of posts about problematic churches and pastors on here, and most of those are very understandable. However, I haven’t seen any quite like what I have experienced in my small American town. In that light, I thought you guys might be entertained by the variety of reasons the ex-members of my church got mad at the way my dad pastors. They left and took their biases with them, so we were left with the nice people, but it was like stomping on eggshells for a while.

  • Dad told them they couldn’t kick out a disabled person
  • He told them they couldn’t kick out a gay person
  • They couldn’t kick out a person they thought was ugly
  • He wanted to repair the holes in the wall
  • He wanted to move the nursery to the back where the kids wouldn’t run into the street
  • He wanted to run a background check on people working with kids
  • He wanted to know people for more than a *day* before letting them lead worship
  • He wanted to feed the school teachers
  • He did a barbeque at the park–not even really church related, we just gave out burgers to hungry people
  • He invited people to church *gasp*
  • He let anyone from town come in to church *gasper*
  • He wanted to do outreaches to help people in town with food and supplies without shoving God down their throats *gaspest*
  • He preached that God is love and we should be nice to people *oh, the humanity*
  • He wanted to lower the stage, which was so tall that his head hit the ceiling
  • He wanted to paint the sanctuary a brighter color, because it was dark and super depressing
  • He wears jeans while preaching and said we should be comfortable in church
  • He sometimes holds crying babies while preaching because babies like him and the moms need a break
  • He cooks and does housework
  • He lets people know when he’s having problems and needs prayer because he’s human
  • He’s let a couple people who had no place to go stay in the back rooms and work for their rent
  • He says everyone can and should read the Bible, and it’s not just for pastors
  • He says King James Version is not the only valid version of the Bible, and not even the most accurate, and lots of versions are good
  • He says churches should work together and that denominations aren’t kept separate in Heaven
  • He says his church is not the only one you can be saved at, and he’s happy if people are going to *any* church
  • He says people aren’t automatically unChristian for liking Harry Potter
  • He says politics =/= religion and people aren’t automatically unChristian for disagreeing in politics
  • He likes cats
  • He likes modern worship music rather than solely old, quiet hymns
  • He likes comics
  • He likes video games
  • He likes tacos and makes really good ones
  • He knows Spanish
  • He has people who aren’t lily white on the church team too
  • He listens to people when they tell him their beliefs and lets them rant about things he disagrees with without judgement

I might reblog this later with some more, but that’s all I can think of right now. Rebuilding this church has been very… Interesting.

After the sad news of yet another pastor’s death this week, I’ve seen a lot of posts and comments that either bridge the gap between mental health and the Church or widen it. Lots of questions and opinions out there, and I have a few myself. This post is just some of them.

Pastors and other leaders in the Church are people just like you and I. You ever been through something that shut you up? So heartbreaking and crazy that you felt like you were drowning and you couldn’t even speak to someone about it? And you probably carried that hurt on the inside of you for months, or years after.

Well, guess what? They go through this too. Just because they’re in a position of leadership doesn’t mean they have arrived at a place where things don’t affect them and they’re not tempted. The devil is always seeking to steal, kill, and destroy children of God. And i believe he tries even harder with the amazing men and women that point us to Christ.

So yes, wonderful Spirit filled Christians can get attacked by depression and suicidal thoughts. But that don’t suddenly cancel their callings to lead us. You can still help someone when you’re facing your own battles.

We need to stop making people feel like they have to hide their pain so they don’t seem weak. Let’s change our reactions for pastors sharing their struggles from negative to positive. Thank them for telling you. Staying silent is never the right thing to do. It’s the worst!!

Can unbelievers look at a pastor’s death and think “God’s not powerful to save him. So why would He save me?” Sure. But as we all know this is wrong thinking. We also know that lots of things happen we won’t understand until we get to Heaven. This being one of them.

So how about instead of demanding they step down, claim they aren’t “true” believers, and everything; why don’t we all PRAY for them and SIT with them. Let your fellow believers know that you are here for them and Jesus loves them. Then remind them that they CAN be completely set free from this pain and that it is ALREADY covered by the blood of Christ. They just have to get their minds free from the lies of the devil.

And until they can stand free once and for all, it’s ok to see a therapist and get medication. God gave us these professionals and medicine to help us. There is no shame in using them for time being. But just remember that most of all, JESUS CHRIST is our only/best healer. He’s the only one that can dig up these roots in us. Lean on Him for comfort, not humans or earthly medicine.

So, pleaseee cover your pastors and fellow saints with prayer and love on them. You never know what battles they’re facing!! More love and compassion. Ok?

If anybody reading this is struggling with mental illness, please know that we love you. God’s not punishing you. He loves you and wants the BEST for you. What you’re facing now doesn’t have to stay with you forever. It is nothing but an attack from the devil to destroy you and your future. But guess what? He don’t get the victory. God does! You can be set free from this and walk in the freedom. If you need someone to talk to, I’m here. I’ve never really faced depression myself but have many loved ones that have.

You are not alone.


Shout out to all the pastors that do the work and extra in the ministries! ❤️ video owner unknown please DM for credit. #pastor #church #worship #pastors #youthpastor #praying #churchmemes #churchs #christianmemes #christianity #faith #faithandfashion #christiantees #christianapparel #christian #bible #biblereading #congregation #jesuschrist #jesusloves #jesusteam #jesusfirst #god #godislove

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Hosea 4:3 KJV
Therefore shall the land mourn, and every one that dwelleth therein shall languish, with the beasts of the field, and with the fowls of heaven; yea, THE FISHES OF THE SEA ALSO SHALL BE TAKEN AWAY. #thebiblesays #churchflow #deacons #pastors #blackchurches #blackpeople #fish #fishing

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