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Why Are Security Cameras Getting Hacked? Your Sloppy Password Management, Nest Says - Fortune


十二月 2017 ねこあつめ毎日合言葉-日本語

12/9 月桂樹 - (ゲッケイジュ) - bay laurel
12/10 銀貨 - (ギンカ) Silver coin
12/11 成吉思汗鍋 - (ジンギスカン, “Genghis Khan”) mutton dish
12/12 事始め - ( コトハジメ) - taking up a new line of work; the beginning of things
12/13 おばんざい - light Kyoto-style home cooking with boiled vegetables and marinated food
12/14 物見遊山 - (モノミユサン) - going on a pleasure jaunt
12/15 ダイヤル - dial
12/16 フライヤ– - flier/fryer
12/17 赤レンガ - red brick
12/18 パイロット - pilot
12/19 短日 - (タンジツ) - short day
12/20 骨董品 - (コットウヒン) - antique/curio
12/21 冬至 - (トウジ) - winter solstice
12/22 かぼちゃ - pumpkin
12/23 ごちそう - feast/treating (someone)
12/24 ヤドリギ - mistletoe
12/25 飾り付け - (カザリツケ) - decoration
12/26 時計台 - (トケイダイ) - clock tower
12/27 銀幕 - (ギンマク) - silver screen (movies)
12/28 年年歳歳 - (ネンネンサイサイ) - annually; every year; year in year out; from year to year
12/29 暦の果 - (コヨミのハテ) - calendar year
12/30 名残の空 - (ナゴリのソラ) - remains of the sky
12/31 松 - (マツ) - pine tree


Okay so I created my tumblr account on my phone and never logged out, why would I? But I thought it would be cool to have access to it from my laptop too, so I logged in on my laptop. It worked. 

Since my account is pretty new, I haven’t verified my email address yet. I don’t have access to the email address I used to create this account anymore so I wanted to change my email. Wich didn’t work. Why? Because I entered the wrong password. 

I tried like 100 times and also tried to change my password but it kept saying that my password was wrong. 

But how could I log in in the first place???

Cucu lagi main ke rumah neneknya saat liburan
  • cucu: "Nenek, password wifi nya apa?"
  • nenek: "kamu itu kesini kangen sama nenek apa cuma mau main hp??"
  • cucu: "Panjang banget passwordnya, nek. Nyambung semua apa pake spasi?"
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Создать случайный пароль по regex

Например, пароль только из цифр:

LC_CTYPE=C tr -dc 0-9 < /dev/random | head -c 7 | xargs

При использовании спец. символов их нужно экранировать:

LC_CTYPE=C tr -dc 0-9\!\#\@ < /dev/random | head -c 7 | xargs